Kordia Solutions Australia

Kordia Solutions Australia is part of the Kordia Group, and has its beginnings in 1962 in New Zealand, eventually becoming Broadcasting Communications Ltd and then Transmission Holdings Limited (THL) in 2003. Kordia operates as a commercial entity and is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE), fully owned by the New Zealand government.

Providing Critical Coverage

Advantech Corporation

Advantech started as a very small company and with time and dedication to advancing technologies grew into a sizeable enterprise with more than 30 offices worldwide employing more than 5000 people.

A 30 Year Journey, From Good to Great


The company has taken 15th spot in the ‘BRW Fast 100’ organised by BDO (an accounting and advisory network in Australia and globally) and featured in three of the last four years in the ‘Fast 50,’ a “who’s who of Australia’s 50 smartest IT resellers” listed by CRN Australia, a leading magazine in IT industry.

Online Is It

Leda Security Products

Leda’s design department specialises in handling all types of vehicle access control. From design and installation through to service, Leda is extremely competent in providing solutions of all types. We spoke with owner David Matthews about the business of security in today’s world.

Leaders in Security

3D Printing Technology

So it’s appropriate that a project that actually started in 2009 but is only now being talked about in excited whispers, a project that appears at first sight to be both irrelevant and barking mad, may turn out to be a watershed in the use of 3D printing technology with repercussions for every industry and business segment in the world:

Print Your Own HousePrint Your Own House


The Sentric consultancy, based in Victoria, uses a technique known as co-creation to align its customers’ strategic intent with their business and ICT operations. In a manner similar to a building architect who uses techniques to assist clients to visualise and contextualise their dream home, Sentric uses similar principles to assist the business to understand the capabilities they need to build, and the ICT enablers they need to deliver, to achieve their strategy.

Managing Strategic Intent

Clearwater Filter Systems

The company was founded in 1989, the brainchild of co-founders Phil Dash and David Hook, with a focus on supplying filter systems for the home market. The company’s original product was a single cartridge system installed underneath the customer’s sink, but the business quickly expanded into the commercial market, providing water cooler systems for office environments.

Smart Water Filtration Solutions

Bracton Industries

The Bracton Group comprises four distinct companies: Bracton Industries, which produces a line of beer line cleaners and associated products used extensively in the nation’s hospitality industry; Bracton Beverage Systems, which manufactures and represents world-leading beer dispensing equipment;

Beyond the Bar

Australian Security Industry Association Ltd

This is, after all, not the business of spying and secret agents; security is better defined by the association in terms of its members, who are involved in electronics (manufacture and installation of access controls such as swipe cards, surveillance cameras, alarms, biometrics, airport baggage and passenger screening);

Safety First

The Maser Group

Today he has over 50 staff with offices in Australia, New Zealand and the UK whilst he resides in Sydney – but travels extensively to attend exhibitions and conventions to ensure he keeps up with the fast moving trends in high-tech telecommunications.

Bright Spark

Making Sense of Management

Management is the art, or science, of getting things done through people. Sounds fairly straightforward – except for the fact that people are not robots waiting to do our bidding. People have their own minds, motivations, and goals. So how do managers keep operations – and the people behind them – running as planned?

January 18, 2019, 3:31 AM AEDT