Fruit Growers Victoria

Fruit Growers Victoria is a not for profit, unlisted public company. It functions as a peak industry body and, as a cooperative, is owned by its 300-plus members. The organisation conducts trade and provides services, and any profit it makes must be put back into those services.

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Strictly speaking, Chemplus is a franchise. Operating some 64 (at time of writing) retail pharmacy outlets around Adelaide and surrounding areas of South Australia, it consists of independent business operators working under an umbrella that gives them an identity and a range of ‘back-of-house’ benefits.

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Black Truck Sales

It’s a sign of the times. Talk to any auto dealer these days and the conversation quickly turns not to torque and top speeds but taxation, in particular the carbon tax and its dreaded implications. Black Truck Sales, a progressive truck and machinery dealer servicing southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, is no exception.

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Airport Doors

Airport Doors founder Gregory Czapp survived four years in a concentration camp during World War II before emigrating from Poland to Airport, West Australia. In 1958, he launched a door manufacturing operation and named it after his new home. It was a small and perhaps inauspicious beginning.

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Southern Cross Care

Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) Inc is a truly modern organisation with a uniquely rich history. A not-for-profit aged care services provider, Southern Cross Care was launched in Adelaide in 1968, and today provides a continuum of care to its residents and the broader community through service provision and the promotion and advocacy of adequate and appropriate social policy and community support.

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Two years ago, Victoria based shoe maven, Kerrie Munro and family, were approached by major footwear retailer Figgins Holdings to purchase its Midas brand. Two days later, Figgins had also passed over to the family its Mollini brand.

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Padman Health Care

In November of 1984 Florence Padman was a Registered Nurse with an impressive teaching career under her belt. She was also the mother of a toddler and wanted more freedom over her work schedule. Armed with her health care experience, and her husband Viv’s business background, the couple made the leap into the residential aged care industry.

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Malouf Pharmacies

When Dr Dennis Jaffe noted that, “Family businesses are the backbone of enterprise in South Australia,” he could have reflectively postulated that such remains true – of all Australia. As an internationally renowned leader in organisational and personal issues encompassing the field of family business, Jaffe recognises the intrinsic value of the family business – the movers and shakers of the Australian economy.

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Master Butchers Co-Operative Ltd

‘We have had enough!’ That is the current catchcry in Australia and around the world at mega corporations wielding too much power in the marketplace. People are coming together to take back control, and Warren McLean, General Manager at Master Butchers Co-operative Ltd (MBL) agrees.

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“All the pleasures and riches in the world are insignificant when we do not have our health to enjoy them with, so a choice for health and wellness begins within each of us.” These are the words of Diane McLaren. Indeed, maintaining one’s health is the most basic of social virtues. With the demand for health care consistently rising in Australia, the need to meet this demand is paramount for all health care providers.

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The Business of Climate Change

Current climate change projections call for average global temperatures and sea levels to rise, with attendant increasing risks of flooding and variability with regards to weather… the coming changes could minimise the ability to utilise land and secure resources, challenging and changing the business landscape as well as the physical one.

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