Independent Practitioner Network

Independent Practitioner Network Pty Limited (IPN) was one of the originators of the concept of corporate general practice within Australia. Its background lies in a select set of medical centres known as Foundation Healthcare which was established in 1999. This was renamed as IPN three years later and listed on the ASX, in turn acquiring Endeavour Healthcare and Gemini Medical Services (which itself resulted in Kinetic Health, the merger of Gemini with Prime Health Group, that calls itself “a national network of wholly owned medical clinics, a vast array of occupational health services, and the expertise and capacity to deliver in remote as well as metropolitan locations”). Prime Health Group is nowadays also a part of IPN.

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Loot Homewares

Dorothy was right. “There’s no place like home.” A house may be made of bricks and mortar, but a home is a reflection of the people living in it. A home is a special place full of memories and the promise of tomorrow. Over the past few years an influx of renovation shows like ‘Changing Rooms’, ‘Renovation Rescue’ and ‘The Block’ has led to a boom in the numbers of people giving their homes a makeover. Yet many consumers do not want to do anything too drastic or expensive, such as knocking out a wall; they simply want to give their home a fresh new look.

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Workout World

Thirty. Just a number. Or so it seems – to most.
Yet ask an historian, archaeologist or economist what thirty means to them, and you may get the following responses: The duration of the Thirty Years’ War which saw the growth of secularism in 16th century Europe. The number of uprights forming the Sarsen Circle at mysterious Stonehenge. The number of years in which major periods of economic growth and technology progress.

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Team Taxi Trucks and Couriers

Team Taxi Trucks and Couriers has grown steadily since its launch in 1981, and today it is one of the largest privately owned transport companies in Queensland. Founder and owner Steve Skinner says the company’s background included a mix of courier work and supply of transport services to the construction industry throughout the state, which was in very substantial demand.

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Rapak Asia Pacific may just be one of the most interesting packaging solution providers active today. With its innovative bag-in-box solution – one which not only provides a truly green packaging solution that is easily recyclable and produces a very small footprint in the landfill, but also ensures an incredible longevity that competing solutions just cannot provide – Rapak is not afraid to push the envelope and aim for clever solutions.

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Suzanne Grae Corporation

No question about it: retailing in today’s Australia is tough. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good place to be or that no-one is keeping their head above water. Take Suzanne Grae, for example.
Suzanne Grae started life as a country girl in the New South Wales town of Dubbo, according to the company’s own website. “That was in 1968. Now she is a member of one of the most successful fashion families in Australia alongside Sussan and Sportsgirl.”

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Primo Smallgoods

Supplying all major retail chains in Australia, as well as the catering industry, QSRs and restaurant and café distribution channel, Primo Smallgoods is the largest Australian manufacturer of ham, bacon and smallgoods. While the company has built its reputation on its bacon, it has become even more well-known for its specialty products including prosciutto, coppa, pancetta and sopressa. In fact, Primo Smallgoods has gained notoriety for its chorizo, as the commonwealth’s largest producer of this distinct product.

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Moran Health Care Group

Think about doing something for 60 years and you might say to yourself: “That’s just about an entire lifetime for one person.” Then think of how many fragile lives could be cared for in that time period. How many memories shared and family moments cherished. Think of a family name that has been developing and building aged care facilities just about that long and you may think of Moran who is currently at the top of its game in this industry.

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When we talked to Auckland based Jaychem, high on our agenda was gaining an insight to a relatively modest – albeit thriving – company who is recognised for its manufacture of quality and innovative human and animal health pharmaceuticals.

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INOX Fabrications

In the food and beverage industries, it is crucial that all stages of the manufacturing process maintain a high degree of cleanliness to protect products from contamination. While many consumers will never see the inside of a processing plant, the stainless steel machinery used to cool, store, dispense, and handle food must still be designed and manufactured to exacting standards for the safety of food companies and customers alike.

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Making Sense of Management

Management is the art, or science, of getting things done through people. Sounds fairly straightforward – except for the fact that people are not robots waiting to do our bidding. People have their own minds, motivations, and goals. So how do managers keep operations – and the people behind them – running as planned?

April 20, 2018, 10:45 PM AEST


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