There’s an old English expression: “where there’s muck there’s brass.” Today, waste is a buzz-word, recycling and re-use are talked about with only varying degrees of information, and the carbon tax and a sheaf of other regulations and legislation looms over every kind of business. A handful of companies can help, not just making money from muck, but advising and helping clients to comply with all the incoming regulations – and, in the process, just possibly secure the future.

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Western Mineral Fertilisers

Nearly fifteen years ago, Stephen Frost began to import biological fertilisers for use on his farm. Like many other farmers in Australia, Mr Frost was becoming frustrated with the deterioration he was seeing in both his pasture and his animal’s health. Deciding to take action, he began to research the best way to restore his farm to the high-yielding, sustainable business it once was. “The cost of farming had become more and more expensive,” he explained, “and the outcomes weren’t very positive. So, on my own behalf for our own farm, I began searching and found some very fundamental fertilisers that I imported.”

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Webster Limited

Twelve months ago, Webster Limited conducted a strategic review of its whole business and then set about implementing the results of the review.

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It’s one of the oldest and best names in Australia. It’s owned by a US company. And it’s run by a European. A recipe for disaster, surely? Another nail in the coffin of Aussie culture? Not at all. In fact, quite the reverse. Because in this case, the US company is committed to sustaining the brand and Herman Verhofstadt is dedicated to keeping it proudly Australian. So much so that he will jump at the chance to become a citizen as and when the offer comes.

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RCS Consulting

If you are the type who runs for cover as soon as someone mentions “consultants”, it’s quite safe – you can come out from under the sofa. For although Terry McCosker runs RCS and does consulting, he practises what he has preached for many years: how to run a farm more profitably.

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Pacific Reef Fisheries

“We want to be Australia’s biggest and largest aquaculture facility growing sustainable product for the Australian and the overseas market.” says Maria Mitris, the Operations Manager of her family’s business Pacific Reef Fisheries. Consumers can’t get enough of the exquisite flavour of Pacific Reef Black Tiger prawns, which like all farmed Australian prawns are antibiotic and hormone free. From the high tech hatchery at Guthalungra to the impressive farming operation at Ayr, Pacific Reef has total control of quality growing the tastiest, freshest prawns consumers love. Pacific Reef Fisheries is a family owned and funded business capable of farming a staggering 700 tonnes of Black Tiger prawns per year.

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Lock Focus

Every day, all of us open and close our homes, garages, sheds and office cabinets over and over again, rarely giving a second thought to the locks we use to secure our valuable possessions, protect our families, and guard our documents. As one of Australia’s premiere lock manufacturers, Victoria-based Lock Focus Pty Ltd has been providing superior-quality and innovative products to Australia, New Zealand and Asian markets for almost 40 years.

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Costa Logistics

Chances are that Costa Logistics brought to you many of the food items in your kitchen – or at least as far as the store where you bought them. Chances are also that some of those items will have been supplied by the company’s parent, Costa Group. What began as a fruit shop in Geelong as long ago as 1888 soon became a ‘Covent Garden’-style retail operation and has since grown into a vertically integrated grower, packer, seller and value adder of various categories of fresh produce, the largest fresh produce company in Australia with a turnover of around $700 million.

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“I’m proud to be associated with what is a fabulous iconic brand,” says Steve Gunn, the CEO of Blundstone. Blundstone is an internationally recognised brand designing and manufacturing premium quality footwear for 140 years. Situated in Hobart, Tasmania, Blundstone is famous for the superior comfort and durability of its footwear. During times of disaster, Blundstone actively helps communities to move forward, building on an already proud history. The Blundstone story begins on a mix of adventure, luck and fate.

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Australian Weaving Mills

Australian Weaving Mills Pty Ltd, (AWM) known for its trusted Dri Glo Australian made quality towels, is supporting Australian farmers with the launch of new Australian Cotton towels. The premium cotton is grown in Glenn Rogan’s farm in St George QLD and the towels are manufactured in Devonport Tasmania. The range is truly unique as from crop to consumer, Dri Glo Australian Cotton towels are Australian owned, Australian grown and Australian made.

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Making Sense of Management

Management is the art, or science, of getting things done through people. Sounds fairly straightforward – except for the fact that people are not robots waiting to do our bidding. People have their own minds, motivations, and goals. So how do managers keep operations – and the people behind them – running as planned?

April 20, 2018, 10:57 PM AEST


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