Optimal Industrial Noise Control Solutions


In a work environment, reducing noise levels is a priority to prevent distraction and increase safety. For the last decade Flexshield has provided quality noise control and soundproofing products and services as well as a comprehensive range of safety and operational solutions, and has become a market leader in its field.

Since 2003 Flexshield has been at the forefront of industrial soundproofing in Australia. The company offers an ever-growing list of clients an extensive range of innovative soundproofing products along with high-quality service and support sustained by unmatched knowledge and experience. Flexshield has grown to become a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of noise control and soundproofing products, acoustic enclosures, attenuators, baffle silencers, modular acoustic panel, flexible noise control barriers and more.

Flexshield also manufactures, supplies and installs an array of safety and operational solutions such as flexible PVC curtains, dust and fume control products and complete welding bay fit-outs. An example of Flexshield’s ingenuity is its manufacturing of the world’s strongest welding screen, WELDFLEX, as well as the SONICLEAR strip and swing doors. Other products designed to promote workplace health and safety include bird and insect screens, clean rooms, control rooms, grinding screens, weather protection, welding tents and mats and fireproof doors.

Initially launched as a family business by Mark Evenden and his sons Ronnie and Michael, Flexshield began with government projects and gained momentum, branching out to include additional industries including manufacturing, construction, mining, oil & gas, water treatment, power generation, education and trade training centres. The company services all of Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the South Pacific.

“As Australia becomes more densely populated, there will be more of a need for noise control,” General Manager Ronnie Evenden says. “We are there to deal with any noise related issues. We can conduct noise level readings, assess issues, discern the causes and provide a solution.”

Flexshield’s products are backed with comprehensive National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited test results to ensure peace of mind for its clients. “The company serves all of Australia either directly, or through a team of authorised representatives,” says Evenden. Its products are designed and developed according to clients’ individual and specific requirements and are also available in kit form for easy installation and cost-efficiency.

Evenden believes that it is the company’s principles and standards that have contributed to its rapid growth over the past decade. “We are a ‘do what we say, do what we’re going to do’ type of company,” he shares. “Not all projects are going to be the same, but we roll up our sleeves and work toward a win-win situation. Our clients respect that. All our products are tested and certified, and this gives our clients faith that they can believe what we say in our proposals and have confidence that we will meet our promises.”

Industrial noise control is the backbone of Flexshield’s product line. As Australia’s leading manufacturer, supplier and installer for industrial noise control and environmental noise control products, the company’s engineering expertise in this area has led it to develop a number of innovative soundproofing products. In a workplace, such products can help reduce hearing loss, social isolation, and loss of quality of life, as well as absenteeism and decreased productivity – ultimately, they can even lower the chance of workplace injuries and accidents.

An example of noise control products are Flexshield’s acoustic / noise control walls to effectively divide factories and workplaces, creating “quiet areas” between manufacturing / production areas and, for instance, an office or dispatch area. Such products can be used in mining camps, where a soundproof wall is strategically placed between the living quarters and the noise source, such as a power station. Noise control can also help prevent excess noise disturbing neighbouring residents and animals, and enables companies to operate with minimal impact to their surroundings. The barriers can be designed to reduce traffic noise in built up areas.

An exciting upcoming development for Flexshield is the use of flexible temporary barriers for construction sites. Evenden says the company is presently working on the research and development to get them operating on various sites. They are available up to two metres high and are engineered to meet wind load and specs up to four metres high. “It’s an exciting project for us at the moment,” Evenden says.

Flexshield has also developed an acoustic foam called Sonicsorber. The sound absorption polyester foam consists of acoustically tuned, fireproof, sound-absorbing facing and environmentally friendly acoustic polyester-wool. The facing is fireproof and has a high temperature resistance, up to 550ºC. Sonicsorber was designed because traditional fireproofing materials have little to no acoustic properties. In contrast, Sonicsorber has been engineered to maximise sound absorption at low to mid frequencies. The foam is also designed to be exceedingly durable in both hot and humid conditions, giving the product a long service life for clients compared to conventional glassfibre-based and non-hydrolysis-resistant acoustic foam materials. Sonicsorber can be used for applications such as generator enclosures, marine engine rooms, acoustic lining for HVAC ductwork, acoustic infill for silencers and louvres, and in commercial and industrial buildings such as factories, sports halls, pump rooms, and control rooms.

Flexshield offers a complete range of flexible curtains, welding screens, flexible screens used for factory zoning and flexible swing doors. These flexible screens and doors are an excellent and cost effective choice for controlling workshop and environmental hazards, and Flexshield’s clients use them for the control of welding flash, dust, fumes, noise, weather protection and much more. Customisable to suit the diverse size requirements of all clients, these products provide a complete flexible zoning solution all the way from consultation and design through to manufacture, supply and installation.

Similarly, WELDFLEX sheet curtains are designed to serve as an industrial strength replacement to the traditional welding sheet curtains often used for welding protection. WELDFLEX curtains help to protect both bystanders and welders from the harmful radiation emitted during the welding process, and WELDFLEX can be utilised in a number of industrial applications, including engineering, workshops, welding bays, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, and trade training centres.

A notable acoustic curtain project of Flexshield’s involved the design and manufacture of a simple acoustic enclosure for an air compressor at a manufacturing company. While the compressor wasn’t actually operating above the permitted noise levels, it was causing high levels of stress and discomfort for workers, and answering phones was nearly impossible. With Flexshield’s acoustic enclosure, noise levels were brought down so low that the air compressor was inaudible.

Even with its diverse array of high quality products, Evenden says that Flexshield does face a few challenges due to global competition. “There is an influx of cheaper imported materials; the whole world is contracting,” he says. “There have been times when we’ve lost projects to offshore competitors because the internet brings people closer. We’re striving to bring the quality of product up so it is market leading, while maintaining its cost-effectiveness.”

In spite of these challenges, Evenden feels that Flexshield is in a good position due to its strong relationships and the quality of its product line. “We work with suppliers and clients on where they need to be and where we want to be. If an issue needs to be resolved urgently Flexshield can meet the demand and sometimes solve the problem within hours. Working with suppliers is important, as well as the relationships between us and our clients.”

Beyond Australia, Flexshield is now expanding into New Zealand. The company recently opened an office in Auckland and has begun to make inroads. “Right now, New Zealand’s economy is exceptionally strong and we have high expectations in that market,” Evenden shares.

Since 2003, Flexshield has offered a wide range of noise control products that serve a number of needs. Evenden feels that the growth and success of the company has been fuelled by a simple motto: “Whatever your noise control issue, we have a solution.”

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