Local Expertise for its Local Community

MPH Carpentry and Construction

Few building companies have the capacity, skill and experience to take on projects of any size and, working from the ground up, see them through to completion. MPH Carpentry and Construction, a locally owned and operated construction company out of Australia’s Northern Territory, can do just that.
The company has come to be recognised as an industry leading construction and project management company which offers a diverse range of building solutions for commercial, industrial and residential clients alike.

Starting operations in 2004, the company has grown over the last ten years to employ nearly thirty employees and has diversified its offerings from small scale residential works to major commercial, industrial and public projects.

“Growth has been a deliberate strategy, and certainly not by luck, but by investing back into the company,” says Operations Manager Joel Olzomer. Describing the driving forces behind the company’s impressive ongoing growth, he says, “It’s about investment back into the community, the company, into the staff, into our plant and equipment and the ability to diversify the sort of work that we take on.”

This ongoing growth also represents a continued physical growth; the company has long out-grown its original location. “We’ve gone from quite a small location to a larger commercial location and a lot more space now for our equipment,” he says. “We’ve got a very prominent location right in the heart of the light industrial area.”

From its new location, MPH is able to offer its clients a one-stop shop of sorts, providing building services for each project from the ground on up. The company completes each aspect of even the most complicated projects, from foundation and plumbing to cabinetry and carpentry. With the breadth of services MPH offers its customers, it’s no wonder that the company has completed every sort of project, from small residential works, through to large school, health and commercial works. “We can pretty much do it all from the ground up,” says Joel. “We have skills and experience in all areas of construction.”

The team offers a number of assurances for customers, with its Contractor Accreditation Ltd accreditation for works up to twelve million dollars and long-term membership of the Housing Industry Association.

The company is driven in all that it accomplishes by its strong corporate philosophy of quality and service. The company also has made a commitment to the communities it serves to operate in a sustainable manner, taking into account the development of new materials, technologies and processes to encourage responsible construction. MPH ensures its employees, and individuals working on its behalf, are aware of this commitment to protect the environment, prevent pollution and manage any adverse impacts of its operations.

MPH Carpentry and Construction encourages an injury free workplace with the support of a qualified occupational health and safety specialist working to ensure that all of the company’s projects are closely managed to promote safety. Protecting its workers is of prime importance for the company, which believes that it’s people have the right to work in an injury free environment.

Joel identifies the people of the company as another driving force in the group’s ongoing success in the industry. Through its recruitment process, MPH identifies and employs highly skilled and motivated tradespeople and office staff and encourages employees to develop new and valuable skill sets. “We have a plumber doing his carpentry apprenticeship and an electrician who’s doing a carpentry apprenticeship,” he says. “We have a broad range of skills, so not only trade positions but also in the office in project management, health and safety and contract administration. So, it’s quite diversified.” By having such a diverse range of skills in-house, the company creates innovative solutions for clients as the need arises without have to send clients outside of the company.

This high level of customer service is pervasive throughout the company, with a focus on high quality project results and happy customers. In order to accomplish this, MPH provides each client with transparent communication and access to all levels of management within the organisation.

“You will see the director out on site. Whether it’s a big job or a little job, he’ll be out there talking to the team and keeping an eye on things. Customers are always happy to be able to freely talk with the project manager or the director of the company.”

MPH offers distinct division for its commercial and residential clients, operating as independently managed sectors of the business. “We have a team focused on the smaller residential projects, and another team on the major commercial projects,” says Joel. This distinction ensures that each client, whether large or small, always receives the highest quality service tailored to meet their needs.

MPH Carpentry and Construction employs a highly skilled team of project managers, site managers, plumbers, and carpenters to complete large-scale commercial and industrial projects, with a well-known history of client satisfaction.

The ongoing Tennant Creek Youth Accommodation project represents the company’s ability to complete major projects to client satisfaction and includes a number of challenging and complex structures. “At the moment, we’re building a youth accommodation centre, which is a sixteen bedroom complex, each with its own ensuite, and a large living area and commercial kitchen. This project is five hundred kilometres from our base.”

The project, including two eight bedroom living quarters, showcases state of the art building procedures. MPH is also working in close collaboration with Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation to create beneficial employment outcomes for the local indigenous staff and Tennant Creek community.

Joel points to the company’s other recent Tennant Creek project, the construction of the Tennant Creek Emergency Department as a major defining project for the company. “The hospital is a very technical and high-risk environment, and over a sixteen week period we delivered a new emergency department.”

MPH’s recently completed Laramba Student Accommodation project is a great example of the company’s focus on innovative constructing technology and regional community support though the employment of local indigenous tradespeople. The project included student accommodation facilities for visiting health care workers in the remote community.

MPH residential construction has a long history of building high quality structures for home owners, employing the latest technologies and techniques in order to encourage sustainability and efficiency.

“About fifty per cent of our work is remote – outside of town,” he says, discussing the company’s history of completing complex projects in rural, and often remote, areas. “There are challenges to working remotely, and a big part of working remotely is try to work with the locals and source as much workforce, material and equipment from those remote communities.”

Working with local labour providers to employ regional tradespeople is but one representation of the company’s ongoing commitment to community development and giving back to the communities that have supported it for so long. “Our preference is always given to local suppliers, and we know that local might be more expensive, but we think that, in the long term, it’s a worthwhile investment by supporting the local suppliers.”

MPH also supports more than a half dozen sports clubs, including baseball and soccer teams, as well as golf, football, and cricket.

In honour of its ten year anniversary, and ten years of the support of the communities in which it operates, MPH is gifting ten thousand dollars to one not-for-profit community organisation.

Moving forward, Joel says that the company, “will continue improving our management systems and have those certified in terms of health and safety, quality, and environmental systems, and we will continue to come up with community involvement strategies to help develop the local economy”.

The company has also been working with a local consulting firm for the last eighteen months to develop and implement its long-term business plan which will inspire ongoing growth and development into even larger markets. This should represent a significant progression for the company, though Joel reinforces that MPH’s focus has been, and will continue to be, customer service and measured and sustainable development.

MPH has built a reputation for its dependability, flexibility and, most importantly, its focus on the experience of each and every customer. “In construction, things come up, and it’s how you deal with it that makes a difference,” he explains. “We’re about solving problems and doing the best by our customers.”

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