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Spectrum Fire & Security

Spectrum Fire & Security specialises in designing and installing fire and security systems to protect people and property. The company also tests for compliance and provides service and maintenance for existing systems. From its headquarters in Auburn, New South Wales, the company develops cost-effective security solutions with a customer-focussed style.
Spectrum Fire & Security sells and services a range of fire detection systems including conventional heat, smoke and flame detection with audible alarm devices as well as emergency warning and evacuation systems. It also carries fire prevention and suppression systems that include sprinklers, water mist foam and hydrant reel systems.

The company provides preventative and corrective maintenance, 24/7 support, inspections and emergency service and repair for its equipment and systems.

Prevention is the most ideal fire protection. Within a building, passive fire systems – such as fire doors – are a cost effective approach to containing fire and smoke. The use of fire-resistance rated walls, floors and doors prevents or slows the spread of the fire by compartmentalising the building. This helps limit building damage to the room where it originated and provides more time forpeople within the building to evacuate or reach safety.

“Our field staff and project managers are well acquainted with a broad range of products and systems giving us the capability to offer expert advise based on your specific requirements rather than trying to fit your requirements into the specifications of a system from any given brand,” says the company’s website.

Spectrum Fire & Security is not limited to a small selection of brands or products and this is part of what gives it an edge over the competition. The company creates an integrated solution for any facility and its wide selection of products can be called upon to provide clients with customised solutions.

Security products and systems are an integral part of business in order to counter security threats and intrusions specific to a particular site. Solutions start with a Spectrum design and site survey in order to identify the client’s exact requirements. A system plan then identifies the most suitable components to protect the assets. The plan will consider the operational demands and budget requirements.

Service and maintenance schedules are then set up to ensure that the security system maintains peak efficiency. Spectrum Fire & Security’s qualified technicians work within any system, budget or schedule to provide this essential service to its clients.

“In accordance with Australian standard AS 2201.1, we recommend that all security systems be checked on a regular basis to make sure that it stays in optimal condition,” says the company. A lapse or malfunction in a security system due to infrequent servicing can result in damage to property and assets that in turn can lead to the loss of time and money for any business.”

Security measures that Spectrum Fire & Security offers include access control, CCTV, intruder alarms, monitoring systems and workforce management.

Access control is used to manage the movement of personnel in and out of the facility. This is accomplished through access cards, pin codes or even fingerprints. Regardless of the size, complexity or required security level of the facility, Spectrum Fire & Security has the answer to any business’s needs.

CCTV and intruder alarm systems are available from analogue to digital and wired to wireless. “A CCTV system is a component frequently used in commercial security to secure and monitor your business, to safeguard your assets and to protect your staff.” To protect assets and provide a safer environment for the people who work or live in a building, Spectrum Fire & Security can also monitor and detect unauthorised entry into properties.

Workforce management control systems allow companies to manage access to site entrances and the monitor the activities and location of staff, contractors and visitors. Shifts can be managed, non-attending employees identified and access disabled for specific personnel or to certain areas. The systems are smoothly integrated with other security components to create a complete network system.

For a business that deals in fire and security, health and safety is of prime importance. The company motto, ‘Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for’ sums up the philosophy perfectly. “At Spectrum Fire & Security, we value the health and well-being of every person we come into contact with. This includes our employees, contractors, clients and the communities and environments in which our business operates.”

The company was formed in 2006 when several successful fire protection businesses from across Australia amalgamated. Through this grouping, the now stronger nationwide organisation has developed an impressive depth of expertise in every aspect of fire protection.

Spectrum Fire & Security is owned and managed by TSC Group Holdings and partnered with Cofely Australia – a global leader in energy and environmental services. “Our clients benefit from our collective strength in Australia and New Zealand, in all areas essential to their buildings and facilities – including HVAC and refrigeration through our ties with our sister companies Trilogy Building Services and Cowley Services.”

Partner company Cofley Australia is the Australian arm of GDF Suez Energy Services which is a world leader in providing building maintenance services and energy solutions to the building and energy service markets. GDF Suez Energy Services has over forty years of experience in thirty countries. The importance of the partnership that Spectrum Fire & Security has cannot be overstated.

“As part of this partnership, our customers will benefit from our collective wealth of world-class technical expertise as well as access to bundled building services. We will also be sharing best practices and processes between the Spectrum Fire & Security and Cofely businesses, giving our customers access to the latest in technological developments and innovations.”

The range of clients to which Spectrum Fire & Security caters is as varied as its services. In the commercial sector, it serves retail, multi-tenant, heritage and multi-story buildings. The health sector includes public and private hospitals, medical centres and aged care facilities. In the education sector, it serves schools, universities and technical colleges. It also provides fire and security services to the data centres, telephone exchanges and call centres, power stations, refineries, manufacturing, warehousing, mining and oil and gas sites. Finally, local, state and federal levels of government have also relied on the company.

Spectrum’s more than three hundred experienced and qualified personnel provide service to thousands of sites across the country. To further maximise efficiency, it is rolling out a new mobile device across the group to stay connected to its field staff. The device should allow for faster, more convenient and transparent customer service.

Its commitment to constant improvement of its top class service in ensuring the safety of people, assets and property provides peace of mind for clients and building occupants. In pursuing complete customer satisfaction, Spectrum Fire & Security strives to be Australia’s one-stop shop for fire and security systems.

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