Experts in Large-Scale Projects

Glascott Landscape & Civil

In business for 25 years and with hundreds of years of combined experience among its staff, Glascott Landscape & Civil Pty Ltd has earned the respect of countless clients as it continues to deliver high-quality large-scale commercial, residential communities, infrastructure, parks and playgrounds, streetscapes and other projects.
Taking on projects ranging in value from $50,000 to $20 million, Glascott Landscape & Civil maintains the same high degree of service and commitment to its many customers, staff, suppliers and contractors as it did back when it was formed by Managing Director Matthew Glascott back in 1989. Studying at the respected Ryde College of Horticulture, the young Glascott was working for another landscape company for a number of years when, aged 24, he decided to set out on his own and fulfil his vision of creating a world-class landscape and civil company. “Initially, I wanted to go into landscape architecture, but having the entrepreneurial spirit, I went into starting my own business at quite a young age.”

With a staff of just three at the time, Matthew focused his experience initially on residential landscaping, then added commercial sector works, government, open-space parkland, and civil works. Steadily building on its reputation over the years, Glascott Landscape & Civil today has a full-time staff approaching 200, along with casual workers and the support of highly experienced subcontractors.

Deciding early on that he wanted his company to specialise in landscape and civil projects rather than just soft landscapes, Glascott and his team have the skills and expertise to take on a wide range of large-scale landscape and civil construction projects. Continuing to grow, the company expertly manages projects across New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Victoria, taking on significant works for developers, builders, government bodies, architects and contractors.

Proper Planning Every Time
No matter the size or scale of project, all works are professionally handled from inception to completion, ensuring customer satisfaction and on-time, on-budget delivery. These factors, says Glascott, are a result of the company’s “holistic approach to management,” which sees a core group of specialists in a variety of disciplines overseeing every project from concept to successful completion. This holistic strategy to management ensures clients that their project will adhere to the highest standard of quality possible, whilst meeting timeframes.

In order to successfully complete projects, the team at Glascott – through many years of first-hand industry experience – will determine the resources necessary to get the job done, determine a program and expertly follow it to completion. “We are able to determine how long a job will take through programming and our experience,” explains Glascott. “We are given a timeframe, and we have to work our program within that timeframe.”

In the fields of infrastructure, commercial and residential works, ovals, parks and playgrounds, as well as heritage, environmental and rehabilitation developments, Glascott Landscape & Civil brings a unique offering with its capability and experience to deliver large-scale projects. With offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra, the company is able to handle all aspects of landscape construction no matter how complex or demanding the job specifications may be. In addition to being ISO certified with a three star rating, the company adheres to strict Occupational Health and Safety practices on all its worksites.

With a wide range of capabilities, Glascott Landscape & Civil has the experience necessary for all aspects of landscape construction. With specialities in earthworks, demolition, electrical, plumbing, concrete works, paving, drainage, irrigation, stone work, garden preparation, and planting, the company also tackles extensive remediation works, rehabilitation, stormwater control measures, and creek and drainage reconstruction. Unlike many smaller companies, Glascott Landscape & Civil also provides management for both traffic and pedestrians, along with environmental control measures. In addition, once each project is completed, clients can benefit from professional maintenance services through Marsupial Landscape Management, a specialist partner of Glascott.

For all projects, the company will, as a matter of course, work closely with subcontractors, suppliers, and all relevant authorities, and will abide by statutory and regulatory requirements to ensure best practices are met. Earning a considerable amount of repeat business over the past 25 years, Glascott Landscape & Civil has established long-term relationships with customers based largely on its superior service, adherence to safety and minimising worksite risk, and completing projects within the allocated time and budget.

Glascott also works within an environmentally friendly mandate as it strives to continually improve its services and reduce waste wherever possible. In addition to being flexible and adaptable, the company and its staff are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any changes in timeframe, budget, or need. The team at Glascott is able to identify and manage any risks whilst providing evidence from start to finish that all projects have been constructed according to the requirements for both clients and authorities.

Skilled at Large, Challenging Projects
Professionally and effectively determining the needs and specific complexities required of each and every project, Glascott Landscape & Civil is particularly adept at handling very large – and often very complicated – landscape construction and infrastructure works. One example is the famous landmark Cockatoo Island. Located in Sydney Harbour, the company took on the $4 million project for the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust (SHFT). A major rehabilitation and remediation project of a heritage site, Cockatoo Island was known for many years in Sydney as not only a former shipyard and defence establishment, but a gaol. According to the company, “public access and interpretation was a high priority. The development of the northern apron with a broad grassed area contrasting to a dramatic sandstone cliff face provides the setting for a broad range of public facilities from international concerts to day to day cultural visitation.”

A unique iconic destination, the company was faced with not only the magnitude of the work, but with helping to transform an industrial island into a high-profile site welcoming visitors on a daily basis. “They [the SHFT] were restoring Cockatoo Island from an industrial site and bringing it back to an open space for the public,” says Glascott. “That took many years of remediation of the soils, renovating buildings, adding buildings, and making it a safe, open-space parkland for visitors to enjoy. The main apron of Cockatoo Island is a campsite now and enjoyed by many hundreds of people on a weekly basis throughout the year.”

In addition to the remediation of over a century’s worth of contaminants from industrial use in soil, the project saw the construction of new pre-cast concrete walls, the creation of in situ concrete and timber decking for shared pathways, and the re-construction of seawalls. As a heritage listed site, relics were salvaged and processed on the Island. As a result, the project received the AILA NSW Award for Design in Landscape architecture in 2008.

Substantial Department of Defence Project
At present, the company is working on a very large, $19 million project for the Department of Defence, involving the relocation of defence units at Moorebank, “where they are building a whole new area to accommodate and train and educate the Defence Department,” says Glascott of the 12-month-long project.

As the largest Defence infrastructure project since the second world war, the Moorebank Units Relocation project, located in the Southwest of Sydney, will see the company responsible for considerable detailed earthworks, such as supplying and placing topsoil, along with mulch and all grass types, edging, and supplying and installing a range of trees and plants.

“We’re particularly proud of being awarded this project, not only because of the size and scale but because it’s for our Defence Force,” said Matthew Tancred, NSW Manager of Glascott Landscape & Civil in a statement. “Our team worked tirelessly to deliver the requirements to win this project, and we’ll continue on this path until its completion. We couldn’t be more excited to help deliver such a significant infrastructure project.”

In addition to handling the soft landscaping challenges, the company is also responsible for managing the successful completion of hard landscaping works, including all pipework, meter sets, pump sets, valves, boosters, irrigation control systems, and a weather station. In addition, Glascott is also in charge of the remediation of wetland basins, a green wall, and decorative gravels. Expected to take about a year to complete, the project will also see Marsupial Landscape Maintenance provide ongoing stewardship of the site, as the modern facilities are completed for the Department of Defence.

First of its Kind All Abilities Playground
With vast experience in playground development, Glascott Landscape & Civil thrived on the challenge to construct a new “All Abilities Playground” at Bruce Bartlett Reserve, Collaroy. Constructed for Warringah Council, the playground is a first of its kind on the northern peninsula and has created a unique destination for children of all abilities to come and enjoy.

Council had outlined a vision of creating a regional playground where all kids can have fun, regardless of their physical abilities. The playground has various equipment items that can be used by children with limited mobility, including round-abouts, spinning seats, a liberty swing, large rocking see-saws, a water play area, outdoor musical instruments and an interactive play wall. Accessible picnic areas, raised timber decking platforms, exposed decorative paths, sandstone edging and timber and stone artworks also form part of the playground.

Glascott also constructed the new Shade Sails, installed the new water service and water play pumps, facilitated the integral installation of custom made artistic elements, including balustrades and handrails, along with feature walls and custom fencing plus large scale coloured rubber wetpour softfall to play areas. Soft landscaping included feature trees and mass planting areas.

Officially opened by Warringah Council in November this year, the playground sets a benchmark for All Abilities Playgrounds. Glascott are proud to have been involved in this project and to create a special place for all kids and families to enjoy.

Meeting Client Needs
To broaden their service offering, the company established a new office in Victoria earlier this year. “We recognised there was a good market for a large commercial landscape contractor in Victoria,” comments Glascott. “There’s a lot of government work done there, and a lot of our clients also have offices in Victoria so it was part of our business plan to open an office in Victoria.” The office, headed by one of the team’s long-time staffers who was returning to Melbourne, is indicative of the loyalty fostered by the company.

While skills in areas such as landscaping and horticulture and construction are important, the company also values loyalty, and new employees must be a good fit for Glascott’s family style of business. Taking great pride in its values – integrity, real, team and commitment – the company seeks out honest, good people, those who can work in a team environment without hierarchy. This is, says Glascott, integral to the company’s culture and its very DNA as it moves toward the future.

“We are a company that has hundreds of years of experience within its ranks with our employees,” he says. “My longest-serving employee has 25 years, many of my senior staff have over 10 years of service, and my site foremen have over 10 years of service. We are a company that has a wealth of experience in the landscaping industry, and that can only benefit any client with our services, the way we go about a job, and the quality of work we do for the client.”

Making Sense of Management

Management is the art, or science, of getting things done through people. Sounds fairly straightforward – except for the fact that people are not robots waiting to do our bidding. People have their own minds, motivations, and goals. So how do managers keep operations – and the people behind them – running as planned?

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