Seeing Things Differently

BMD Constructions

Established as a family-owned business in Queensland in 1979, BMD Group has grown significantly, becoming one of Australia’s largest privately owned construction, design and land development companies.
BMD Group is a national group of companies, with multiple capabilities across the transportation, resources, energy, marine, rail and urban development sectors. With the capability and experience to deliver on projects that range from $1 million to exceeding $1 billion, BMD Group has positioned itself as a leader in the national construction and property industry, though its divisions, BMD Constructions, BMD Urban, BMD Consulting, Urbex, and Jmac. BMD is an equal opportunity employer and has 1,700 staff located throughout Australia.

BMD Group is truly is a national organisation. Though the company’s head office is located in Brisbane, BMD has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, recently in Perth, and multiples across Queensland.

Colin Mitchell, General Manager – Strategic Market Development explains that, “The Constructions business has a presence across all states and markets, with projects varying from roads and highways, to ports, airports, tunnels, oil and gas, rail, defence and mining.”

Built upon a relationship based business model, BMD Constructions has expanded its capacities to include major infrastructure, offering civil and industrial construction services, expertise, experience and the resources necessary as a sole principal contractor or in joint ventures. Their offering is based on certainty, collaboration and performance.

BMD is ranked 36th in 2013 BRW’s Top 500 Private Companies List and 3rd in the 2013 Brisbane Business News Top 100 Private Companies. BMD is renowned for their capability and performance, setting new industry standards for quality and innovation, securing and delivering a number of large contracts and projects simultaneously and being recognised within the industry for excellence in project deliver.

BMD Group offers a collaborative approach to working with local communities, clients, local suppliers and workforce. Mr Mitchell explains that, “At BMD we see things differently. We see our strengths in the quality of our people and our genuine relationships with clients, partners, and communities. We see our success linked to our ability to deliver certainty through consistent performance.”

Recognised for its strong environmental management performance and construction excellence, BMD Constructions maintains third party certification of its integrated quality, safety, and environmental management system, adopting measures and practices that promote continued improvement of health, safety, environmental and quality management, which is clear in the company’s outstanding performance records.

Hay Point Coal Terminal
Known for its commitment to quality and proven project success, BMD takes on large projects and ensures their successful completion, and was the winner of the 2014 QLD Mining Contractors Awards, Category 2, Time Saving Initiative Award for the work done on the Hay Point expansion project at the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance owned Hay Point Coal Terminal.

“BMD Constructions delivered the project successfully in a challenging physical environment and coped admirably with complex regulations which showed a critical understanding of risk and the importance of excellent project management,” Mr Mitchell shares of one judge’s reasoning for awarding BMD with the Time Saving Initiative award.

This was the third expansion to the Hay Point Coal Terminal to increase the capacity from 44 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) to 55 mtpa. The overall expansion included the replacement of the existing jetty, a new third berth, trestle, surge bins and out loading conveyors.

The Hay Point Expansion Project, valued at $175 million, ran from December 2010 to September 2013. BMD Constructions was originally contracted to deliver the client’s pre-reclamation quarry and reclamation contract as part of the overall expansions. This included the reclamation of 10.2 hectares of land and processing and hauling 1.3Mt of material. BMD Constructions was awarded additional scope of $125 million as a result of superior project performance, safety initiatives and management, having completed over 650,000 hours LTI free.

Working with BM Alliance Coal Operations Pty Ltd and Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd, BMD worked to maintain production levels and compliance, developing a methodology to achieve, and even exceed value, time, safety and environmental targets. Mr Mitchell also notes that, “As a part of BMD’s strong commitment to environmental management, the project team assisted with the relocation of approximately 600 protected plans and six squirrel gliders,” a clear indication of the company’s commitment to environmental wellbeing.

The additional work required the construction of the complex concrete foundations, washdown slabs, underground conduits, services installation, and site facilities maintenance and management. Upon completion, BMD was recognised for three years of construction that was delivered to the highest technical standards, while hiring over 100 local employees and putting local businesses first.

Legacy Way Project
The work on the Legacy Way Project which commenced in January 2011 in Brisbane has helped to further differentiate BMD Constructions from the competition. The contract, valued at $1.5 billion, expects construction to be completed in 2015.

The Legacy Way project, being undertaken for Brisbane City Council, is a 4.6 kilometre toll road tunnel connecting the Western Freeway at Toowong with the Inner City Bypass at Kelvin Grove, to form part of Brisbane City Council’s TransApex transport plan which is designed to reduce traffic congestion and increase connectivity in Brisbane.

Transcity, a joint venture between BMD, Ghella and ACCIONA, was awarded the contract to design, construct, operate and maintain Legacy Way for a ten year period. The project has delivered many innovations in construction methodology.

The project entails the design and construction of two parallel twin-lane tunnels that are linked by cross passages every 120 metres. The project has utilised two 12.4 metre diameter double shield Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) to excavate spoil and line the tunnel, using 38 700 pre-cast concrete segments to line the tunnel walls and over 1 200 concrete piles, with over 185 000 square metres of asphalt laid project-wide.

The project performance has been record breaking for tunnel excavation recording 49.7 metres in a twenty four hour period. Transcity has been internationally recognised for these outstanding results as the winner of the Major Tunnelling Project of the Year Award in the $500 million category.

BMD Operational Values
At BMD there is an absolute focus on “Zero Harm” to ensure the safety of anyone who is present on worksites. The company offers a number of initiatives to uphold safety and wellbeing, continuing to improve its processes to ensure there is a consistent understanding of safety across all operations.

The company is managed by a group of highly experienced industry professionals who assemble teams of the best people, delivering solutions for a diverse range of clients, industries and projects. BMD Constructions has the structure, depth, and flexibility to ensure quality outputs and continued project success, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of safety and excellence. BMD is also proud of its family heritage, ensuring that sense of family extends to all employees across all operations to promote a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Mr Mitchell emphasises that BMD is particularly proud of its employees and their accomplishments. To ensure long term employees are recognised, BMD established its 20 Year Club in 2009, an annual celebration that brings together and recognises employees who have been with the company for over 20 years – a club with membership of over 45 employees. Paired with its low turnover, this volume of senior employees is a testament to the company’s commitment to creating a positive culture and work environment for its employees across all of its divisions.

Moving forward, BMD plans on sustaining and growing the business, continuing to align with clients’ expectations, and investing in its management systems, culture, people and commitment to Zero Harm. The company will continue to establish genuine relationships with clients, partners, and communities to deliver successful results and consistent performance on every project.

Making Sense of Management

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