Flower Power

The Lynch Group

“We have been in this for a long time,” National Commercial Manager Rodney Richards remarks. The third generation family business provides high quality compelling floral offers to many supermarkets and independents, so consumers may not always recognise the name; but what they do recognise is the consistent quality that comes with every Lynch product.

The Lynch Group is also a strong supporter of Australian growers and specialises in exporting Australian wildflowers throughout the world. The company also grows its own flowers and continues to expand its capabilities in this area, driven by a growing international demand for Australian wildflowers. “People love Australian natives,” Mr Richards reports.

The Lynch Group supplies high-quality flower products from all around the world. “We bring varieties to Australia that haven’t been seen before because we have access to worldwide breeders and worldwide growers,” Mr Richards explains. “We follow the worldwide trends and try to be the first to bring [products] to market.” Indeed, the company is recognised as the industry leader in Australia when it comes to new and unique product offerings.

The company’s ultimate goal is to deliver an experience to all its customers. “While on one hand we supply flowers, plants and associated products, what we really do is create the experience and emotions that those products express,” the company website explains. “Whether it is for a birthday, an anniversary, for love and romance, to say sorry, to say goodbye or for any other special occasion, we are always looking for ways to put a smile on our end customer’s face and for them to totally enjoy their experience when they purchase our product.”

To ensure the best customer experience possible, the team supplies only the highest quality product. With so much emphasis placed on quality and freshness, it is no wonder that the Lynch Group is backed by ISO & HACCP Quality Standard accreditation. The company operates state-of-the-art distribution and processing centres throughout Australia, giving it the ability to deliver fresh products to every capital city in the country. “Our Quality Team is known for being at the leading edge of postharvest techniques and works closely with scientists and floral care companies to preserve products effectively. Notably, the company’s innovation extends beyond the product itself to include important components such as packaging. For instance, the Lynch Group holds the patent for a special non-spill container, to which no other company has access. We deliver product in water,” Mr Richards points out. “Others may do it but we do it the best.”

John Khalil – General Manager Lynch Group International, and his team in China, have been widely recognised for its positive relationship with Yunnan Province. In fact, the company has recently won one of Australia’s most prestigious awards in China, at the AustCham Westpac Australia China Business Awards. The company earned the Business Excellence Award for Primary Industries Sponsored by Australia China Connections for its ongoing commitment to educate and train local farmers.

The team has also ramped up its online retail presence, having just invested significantly to re- launch its site, www.freshflowers.com.au, which now has the capability to deliver product throughout the nation. “Customers are driving that because they want the convenience to purchase online,” Mr Richards reports. Now, these customers can have fresh flowers delivered directly to their doorstep with just the click of a mouse – no matter where they live.

This new online presence also allows the Lynch Group to capture a wider scope of business. Brick and mortar sales attract more “self-consumption” business, while online retail draws more business from gift givers. “What we are doing is moving into gifting. Freshflowers is the new channel for birthday, anniversary, sympathy, or get well [gifts].” To make gifting easier, the website even has a Help Me Choose option, which assists buyers in selecting the best arrangement for their special occasion and budget.

In addition to capitalising on the online market, throughout the continued growth, the team strives to maintain its company culture and core values. These values – Passion for Excellence, Openness, Honesty and integrity, Teamwork, Respect and Trust, and Quality Focused – have played an integral role in the company’s century-long history. By maintaining the guiding principles that have brought the company this far – while simultaneously embracing new ideas and opportunities – the Lynch Group has a good shot at achieving many more decades of success.

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