Energy Efficient Solutions


Ecosave offers free energy and water savings assessments, guaranteed savings, fixed fee proposals and funding solutions for its clients. Since 2002, Ecosave has delivered savings to more than 3,000 sites on at least 600 projects throughout Australia and the world. Recent clients include the City of Sydney, Bupa Aged Care, Telstra, National Australia Bank, North Sydney Council, Queensland Health, Stockland and Charles Sturt University. Based in Sydney, Ecosave also has offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, New Zealand, and Philadelphia in the United States.

The company offers a number of specialties and services for its clients. For energy projects, Ecosave’s Guaranteed Energy Savings Project (GESP) extends and improves upon the standard ‘audit and install’ approach to create a fully integrated, end-to-end service backed by a performance-based contract. Ecosave manages the upgrade from start to finish and guarantees the implementation of savings for its customers.

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a low risk method of implementing energy and water efficiency projects across either one large property or multiple properties. The consumption savings proposed in an EPC are guaranteed for the full term of the contract, usually between seven to fifteen years. The longer payback period and robust risk management enable larger energy and water infrastructure upgrades and the installation of new plant equipment, including onsite generation.

Ecosave’s Utility Management Solutions take data logging and monitoring to the next level. Ecosave engineers are hired to manage the consumption of clients on a monthly basis. Solutions include Bill Management, Building Monitoring, and Energy & Water Management. Organisations will have visibility over their consumption, with easy access to information via web-based display. This powerful management tool helps Ecosave identify ongoing opportunities to drive down consumption costs.

The company believes energy and water conservation helps the environment and the broader community. As a company, it actively pursues measures to conserve water and energy, and is committed to quality, practicing what it preaches. In 2008, Ecosave achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification, is strongly committed to safety, and, due to rigorous internal Health, Safety and Environment policies, has had no incidents or accidents over the past year.

CEO Robin Archibald discusses why companies should work with Ecosave if they’re looking to save money. “Our company is unique because of the guaranteed savings that are provided when it comes to capital costs and implementing projects,” Mr Archibald explains. “We are a customer service-focused organisation who puts our clients first, regardless of who they may be. We provide technical solutions and the most savings for the least costs, and are mindful of the needs of company facilities and budgets.”

For example, the Ecosave Service Agreement program helps clients get their projects up and running in a unique way; investments are cash flow positive, enabling companies to continue to save money during the repayment stage. This is beneficial for companies that are looking to implement energy and water efficiency projects but may not have the capital to do so.

“We’ve secured a total of seven projects in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States where we deliver savings as a service rather than capital,” says Mr Archibald. “A Monthly fee is paid by clients and structured so the savings are better than the fees; it’s a way for clients to get the benefits of new equipment without investing capital. It helps remove barriers for clients, particularly in the industrial sector.”

Ecosave helps to maximise savings and minimise risks through guaranteed savings, fixed price proposals and end to end service for its clients. The company takes a holistic view of consumption across an organisation by finding savings and efficiencies in all areas of energy and water use, and Ecosave’s team of qualified experts boasts Mechanical, Electrical and Mechatronic Engineers, Energy and Water Efficiency Specialists, Environmental Scientists, and Project Managers.

All of the savings Ecosave proposes for its clients are guaranteed; if the guarantee is not met, the company finishes additional work free of charge, or refunds enough of the project value to achieve the guaranteed payback. The fixed price proposals the company offers dictate one cohesive fee for the entire project from start to finish, so there are no hidden costs for its clients.

Mr Archibald explains that Ecosave’s clients are guaranteed end-to-end service. Clients are assigned a project team comprising the engineers who will work on their project from beginning to end through the assessment, solutions design, installation, commissioning and measurement, and verification of savings using international verification standards. Ecosave also guarantees the implementation phase, including all of the proposed solutions, with a year-long parts and labour warranty. If a solution fails or does not operate as intended, Ecosave will fix or replace it based on the terms of the warranty. If certain criteria are met, Ecosave offers detailed, free energy and water savings opportunity assessments of its client’s sites. Because the team’s fixed price projects are offered with guaranteed savings, these solutions must be comprehensively designed and specified, so savings are calculated to a high level of accuracy.

In addition, the company recently began a watch and building analytics program. When buildings are upgraded, buildings analytics are used to save companies money on their operations. Equipment is modified and changes are implemented to deliver on these savings.

“A key part of what we do is find the most savings for clients for the least costs,” shares Mr Archibald. “We rely on the skills of engineers and make sure they know about the latest technology. It’s a key part of the value we provide for our clients.”

Today, Ecosave has a staff of 70 and an annual revenue of $14 million. Ecosave staff members, known as Ecosavers, all go through an initial two to four-week training period to learn about aspects of the company and undergo regular training sessions on weekly basis. Ecosave also has a graduate training program with 15 engineers who specialise in energy efficiency. Many make the transition from university graduate to experienced Project Engineer within two years. “It can be hard to find the skills we need in our industry, so we rely heavily on internal training,” Mr Archibald explains.

Ecosave recently concluded a $7 million energy performance contract for the city of Sydney, and the guaranteed savings the team provided enabled them to capture more clients in the government sector. The company now has upcoming projects in the city of Yarrow and energy performance contracting bids for the state government in Victoria. Ecosave has also expanded into the United States by acquiring an automation business that has a track record of energy savings and has been operating in that country for 12 months, and has also established operations in New Zealand.

The company has also branched out into the industrial sector by implementing a large project for meat processing company Primo Smallgoods, the largest producer of ham, bacon and smallgoods in the Southern Hemisphere, with processing sites throughout Australia. Primo Smallgoods undertook an extensive range of energy saving measures with Ecosave and by working together, Primo secured funding of $1.2 million from the Clean Technology Investment Programme (CTIP). Primo also undertook Energy Efficiency Opportunity (EEO) assessments at an additional four sites to identify energy savings opportunities; these opportunities will also assist Primo in completing its annual EEO reporting as required by the Federal Government. Primo’s Energy Efficiency Projects are saving the company $1.4 million and 6,194 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually and with the CTIP funding, these projects will be paid off in under two years.

At Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company, the team wanted to save money while meeting mandatory compliance requirements to improve water and energy efficiency. Since 2006, Ecosave has assisted Telstra in this mission. Solutions have included lighting refurbishments and retrofits, installing voltage reduction units, installing CO sensors and variable speed drives in parking lot extraction systems, and water fixture upgrades.

Along with the work the company does with its clients, Ecosave is also committed to sustainability within its own offices. The company’s fleet vehicles are rated five star by the Australian Government Green Vehicle Guide and the company offsets the carbon generated from all of its flights. Ecosave also has an extensive recycling program, chooses lighting refurbishments instead of replacements, and sources materials by seeking suppliers and products with strong environmental credentials to keep procurement as sustainable as possible. Transport emissions are minimised by scheduling the delivery of materials either directly to the client’s site or in bulk to the Ecosave warehouse. The company also donates one native Australian seedling for every ton of carbon dioxide emission and kilolitre of water a project saves.

For over a decade under Mr Archibald’s leadership, Ecosave has saved its clients millions of dollars by analysing their water and energy usage, a formula that is sure to guarantee the success of the company in the future. “We’re a company that focuses on delivering cost savings through energy and water reduction,” he shares. “Our company is a solutions provider that helps companies overcome barriers to deliver savings.”

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