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Almanac Event Management

“As one of Australia’s leading providers of personalised event management solutions, whatever corporate event you are planning, Almanac Event Management can handle every aspect of the event, removing all anxiety and stress.”

The Sydney based business specialises in a full suite of services: event management, corporate event management, conference management, and party management. Furthermore, because Almanac Event Management’s parent company is Australia Business and Conference (ABC Travel) Travel, the team can also provide event-related travel services. “Almanac is your one-stop shop for complete Event Management and travel service across the globe,” Mr Nicholson summarises. “Not only are we able to organise events, we are also able to do the travel side, which is something that a lot of event management companies aren’t able to provide. Having the travel agency behind us differentiates us from other corporate event agencies.”

The company’s complete solution has attracted a roster of high profile clients. “Our unique approach to event management has won us many loyal clients over the years,” Mr Nicholson shares. “We’ve been dealing with some clients for over 20 years now.” The team has also been with the company long term. “I’ve been here for eight years; my colleagues have been here 10 years. We don’t employ someone new every year. [Clients] can deal with the same person year after year.”

In addition, Almanac Event Management is an Australian owned, family run business. In fact, Mr Nicholson believes that this is one of the key reasons for the company’s success. “We are not in it just for ourselves,” he explains. “Because we are a family based company, we don’t just come in from 9:00 to 5:00; we are here to stay. If we need to work overtime or on the weekend we do. We provide that excellent customer service.”

Almanac Event Management has executed a long list of impressive events, from overseas conferences to dramatic product rollouts and one-of-a-kind parties. One notable recent event was carried out for Corporate Express, an international office equipment and stationery brand. The team had handled Corporate Express’ annual product launch exhibition for years, and this year the client wanted to see something new and fresh. “They wanted this year’s event to stand out,” Mr Nicholson recalls. After brainstorming, the team hit upon an eye-catching, out-of-the-square idea: a fashion show featuring garments made out of Corporate Express products. The results were nothing short of sensational. Outfits included a flapper-style dress fashioned out of highlighter markers; a shimmering dress made of CDs and USB drives; a vest constructed out of Post-it notes; a food and beverage dress consisting of chip packets, hot chocolate packets and coffee beans; and a dress made out of luggage tags. The highlight of the fashion show was the outrageous toilet paper wedding dress, which is now on display at Corporate Express’ head office. “This outfit looked so stunning you wouldn’t believe your eyes when you saw the carefully hand sewn toilet paper and beads which made up this dress!”

And the outfits were not the only thing Almanac Event Management took great care with. “Almanac carefully selected and booked the most suitable models to parade these extraordinary costumes. [You could] see the time and effort that was put into making sure each model had the right look in terms of hair and makeup style.” In addition, “this launch had the added excitement of background music playing and colourful spotlights beaming around the room, with a fancy stage constructed by Almanac solely for this event.”

The expo was such a success that Corporate Express asked the team to take the show on the road, to every state in Australia as well as to New Zealand. Almanac Event Management was responsible for the entire production at every location, from organising and managing the models, hair, and makeup artists, to accommodation, flights, set design, stage construction and audio-visual requirements. To ensure that everything went off without a hitch, the Almanac senior event management team flew with the exhibition to assist with all that happened on-site. “The event was an enormous success as a result of Almanac’s professionalism, dedication, imagination and complete attention to every particular detail of the event,” Mr Nicholson says.

Almanac Event Management also organises the Kuring-Gai District Medical Association’s (KDMA) annual conference. The team takes care of every possible requirement including flights and transfers, venue hire, entertainment plans, destination management, online registrations, accommodation, international awards night, tours and team building activities, and media advertising.

Last year, the team took KDMA members to Kenya, where they stayed eight nights at different Fairmont properties located throughout the country. Most notably, the travellers were able to watch the great migration and participate in a game drive in search of the Big Five: lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. The team also planned visits to a giraffe centre, Kazuri bead and pottery factory, the Karen Blixen museum, and a Masa Mara village. “We got to hand feed giraffe and get up close to the hippopotamus and zebras,” Mr Nicholson remembers. Throughout the trip, Almanac Event Management made sure that no stone was left unturned. “You would be in the middle of nowhere and we would have all the facilities set up; tables and chairs and a full, hot buffet breakfast along with toilet facilities.”

This year, the group went to Russia for ten days. Described by many participants as “the trip of a lifetime,” this luxurious journey included five star accommodations and visits to Russian cultural and architectural gems such as St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, Church of the Spilled Blood, and Peter and Paul Fortress. Almanac Event Management even rented out the famous Yusupov Palace for an exclusive tour and gala dinner, followed by a private ballet performance in the palace’s theatre.

“The guests were just blown away,” Mr Nicholson recalls. “It was something that they would never have experienced if they did it on their own. They go as a group on these exotic trips because they know that Almanac will organise it in the best [possible way]. It won’t just be done halfway; it will be done to the fullest extent.” KDMA members also enjoyed the sense of security that Almanac Event Management offers. The event was booked a year in advance, and when the August 8th departure date drew near, some travellers were experiencing “a bit of unease” in light of Russia’s recent acts of aggression. “But none of them pulled out because they all knew that Almanac would be able to provide the safest option. And they all knew that if it wasn’t safe to enter that country, Almanac would pull the program.” In the end, “we got a lot of positive feedback about how safe everyone felt.”

Almanac Event Management has also been taking care of LJ Hooker’s corporate events for a number of years. “We organise everything from flights and transfers, the venue hire, music, set design and concept to accommodations, roadshows, and media advertisements,” Mr Nicholson reports. LJ Hooker’s recent international conference in Phuket, Thailand brought together 900 delegates for three days of conferencing – and lots of fun. Delegates enjoyed a royal gala dinner with elephants and fireworks, a sunset dinner on the beach, and an evening of good-natured competition on a private island. “We called it the LJ Hooker Olympics.” Competitive events included childhood favourites such as egg and spoon races, jump roping, three legged races, and Frisbee. Afterwards, all of the participants made outfits out of newspapers, then showed off their creations in a comical fashion show. Spa treatments and massages were also available for those looking for less boisterous entertainment.

The LJ Hooker conference, as with many of Almanac Event Management’s services, comes with a personalised touch. “Because I have been doing this for years, they all know me by name,” Mr Nicholson explains. “I know them by name, I know their requirements. One reason that we have clients coming back year after year is that we can give everyone what they want; we know exactly what the needs and wants are for a particular client or delegate. I know the information from having done this year after year.”

To be sure, Almanac plans on continuing to offer its personalised, one-stop shop service for many more years to come. “We are always looking to expand our business and get our events out there,” Mr Nicholson shares. The company continues to take on new clients – and maintain existing ones. Its reputation for professionalism and competence, as well as for unique and creative ideas, puts the business at the top of an exclusive international list. “We are one of the best event management agencies, not only across Australia but around the world.

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