Therapeutic Technology and Caring for Clients

Niagara Therapy

Established in Australia in 1969, Niagara Therapy designs, produces and markets physiotherapy devices that employ a technology called Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT). The company markets directly to customers through a ‘try before you buy’ sales model.

“We mainly help people that suffer age related health concerns like arthritis, diabetes, circulation, musculoskeletal problems,” explains Director of Sales and Marketing, Matt Adams. Niagara also provides its products to many sporting organisations, Olympic athletes, the equine industry and even some schools.

Since 2008, the company has grown significantly, doubling in size in the last six years alone. This growth can be attributed to many factors, one of which is the growing population of elderly Australian people looking to remain active while receiving therapy at home.

Perhaps the greatest driver of the company’s recent growth has been the adoption of a heavily client focused philosophy of ongoing support in the selection and use of its therapy products. “A company focus has been on client care, meaning, from 2008, our focus has been on making sure clients are maximising the benefits of the therapy and getting outstanding results, which leads to a lot of referral business as people tell their friends and family,” explains Matt.

He identifies business from referrals as the greatest direct driver of the company’s recent growth. It stems from Niagara Therapy’s commitment to sticking with its customers long after the initial sale is complete through a system the company calls the Client for Life program. “Our success has really come on the back of us looking after our clients through the Client for Life program,” which includes regular follow-up to make sure clients are using the product efficiently and, when possible, regular customer visits.

Niagara Therapy offers a diverse range of CVT therapeutic massage devices, including chairs, adjustable beds and portable devices. Matt points out that regardless of which device best suits a client’s lifestyle, the true value of the product is the implementation of the Cycloid Vibration Therapy which provides three-dimensional vibrational massage.

“We have different ways of delivering the therapy, but the uniqueness is the therapy called CVT which improves blood circulation, loosening muscles, stimulating the lymphatic system, and that helps age related concerns,” Matt explains. Such age related concerns can include diabetes, arthritis and muscle stiffness and soreness.

The company does not rely on traditional marketing methods to spread the word about its products, instead driving sales through word of mouth referrals. To introduce its products to new clients, Niagara Therapy then provides in-home demonstrations. “We demonstrate the therapy equipment in home, and our motto is, ‘You’ve got to feel it to believe it.’”

These in-home demonstrations give potential clients the opportunity to experience the effects of CVT and see the incredible results for themselves. “Within twenty minutes of someone undergoing the therapy, they’ll get a twenty to thirty per cent improvement in mobility, flexibility, pain relief, and that’s what sells the product.”

One of the great differentiating factors of Niagara Therapy, compared to providers of other therapeutic massage devices, is that the company continues to invest heavily into research of the effects and benefits of CVT. “There are toys and gadgets out there,” suggests Matt, “but we invest heavily to comply with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) with very strict manufacturing compliance.”

The company’s CVT products are class 2A registered medical devices on the A.R.T.G (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, ensuring clients get the highest quality therapy and can rest assured that the massage products will work as intended.

Investing is only one of the ways the company works to ensure that each client has the best experience possible. Niagara Therapy also takes pride in staffing the company with the best employees, including a heavy focus on service and product training. “We invest heavily into recruiting and training the very best staff to represent the company and we’re very mindful that we work in a sensitive area of the market place when dealing with age related health concerns, so our compliance and regular training is significant to ensure that we maintain our impeccable reputation in the market place.”

Though Australia’s elders represent a major percentage of the company’s client base, Niagara Therapy has also built relationships with clients in other areas, such as sporting and rehabilitation. “We’ve donated a lot of equipment to the Australian Institute of Sport that they use with their athletes before and after competition to loosen up,” says Matthew. The company’s products are also utilised by Australian Football League teams that use the technology to repair, recover and regenerate during heavy training, as well as National Rugby League and local sporting teams.

CVT products are currently used by many of the biggest stables in the industry to provide therapeutic massage for racing horses. One of the company’s claims to fame in the equine industry is the treatment of well-known racehorse Black Caviar, one of Australia’s best. CVT products are currently used by many of the biggest stables in the industry to provide therapeutic massage for racing horses.

Speaking of the therapeutic massage industry as a whole, Matthew recognises that many clients, especially the elderly, have difficulty getting out in order to receive treatment. “Physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists require clients go to them, which people only do when they’re feeling really bad,” he suggests, but with Niagara Therapy’s portable and in-home technology, clients can receive high quality therapeutic support comfortably from their homes. “With our products, you’ve got an in-home physiotherapist who’s on call, 24/7.”

With its in-home range of products, clients are able to regularly partake in twice daily, twenty minute sessions of therapy, which have been shown to provide dramatic benefits and compounded positive effects of therapy when compared to irregular visits to providers outside of the home.

In order to better support clients in choosing the appropriate therapeutic device and experiencing the maximum benefits of it, in 2008, Niagara Therapy implemented its Client for Life program which represents a culture and philosophy of client support and service excellence. “When we go out to demonstrate, we go out and have a meeting with a prospective client. We make sure we follow up the next day to answer questions and provide a customised instruction sheet on how to best use the therapy.”

Unwilling to simply deliver a product and say “good luck”, the company has made the commitment to tailor support for each client while providing ongoing service and communication. Employing several dedicated client care specialists, Niagara Therapy is able to contact each client with seven days of initial purchase to ensure clients are satisfied and respond to any questions they may have, as well as a thirty day and six month check in. The company’s service care representatives are able to include ongoing visits for clients across Australia. “It’s really client care follow up and customising the therapy program to ensure we can assist with each client’s health concerns and usage questions.”

As a result of this program, the number of testimonials, referrals and happy clients has risen dramatically, leading to massive growth for the company across Australia and New Zealand.

In order to address this ongoing and projected growth, Niagara recently opened its bespoke facility to incorporate sales, marketing and manufacturing into a single custom-built facility. “It’s been a goal for five or six years. It’s more efficient to have everyone under one roof, but also, from a staff morale point of view, it was a no brainer.”

After looking for a pre-existing site that would meet all the needs of the company, it was decided that Niagara Therapy would purchase and develop a plot of land to meet the its specific needs. “We see it as a long-term investment into our company and also in our employees, who are now working out of a world-class head office and manufacturing facility.”

Moving forward, Matt expects more big things for the company while maintaining its focus on client satisfaction. Niagara Therapy has set some impressive goals for the future, including continued growth across the nation. From a turnover of sixteen million dollars in 2008, to this year’s revenue of thirty two million dollars, the company’s revenues have doubled in only six years. “We’ve got a very ambitious goal to grow to $50 million turnover in the next five years, which we will accomplish by looking at even better ways to service our clients,” explains Matt.

Although it has a proven successful customer care system in place, Niagara Therapy will continue to improve its service delivery methods and innovative products, so that customers will continue to share the value of the company’s products with friends and family members.

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