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Varley Specialised Vehicles

A division of the Varley Group, an Australian owned and operated business formed more than 128 years ago, Varley Specialised Vehicles possesses a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources to complete each client’s project, big or small, on time and to specification.

The Varley Group was formed by George Henry Varley in 1886 as a small plumbing and boiler making business serving the industrial maintenance and ship repair sectors. Over the past century Varley has grown significantly to incorporate a diverse portfolio of products and services for a broad range of market sectors. Today, Varley operates on an international scale, providing engineering, design, production, and support for a number of products for clients in defence and aerospace, ship repair, specialised vehicles, rail services, power services, and electrical vehicles.

Speaking with Engineer, Karlo Giebeler, it is clear that Varley’s roots as a family business continue to shape the direction the company takes and the way in which it strives to build authentic relationships with clients to facilitate the design process. “Varley is a family owned business and the company employs 500 people working across manufacturing and other divisions,” says Karlo, who suggests that it is the people who make up Varley, and the support of management, which has driven the company’s continued growth and success providing world-class products for a diverse range of industrial clients. “It’s about the knowledge the people possess on the shop floor, right up to the top.”

The engineering and design staff at the company continue to drive innovation by working with clients to create world-class designs. “The engineering and designing staff are well experienced,” says Karlo.

In the Specialised Vehicles division, Varley’s design team utilises the most leading edge technology to produce 3D CAD models designed with the client’s expectations in mind; in particular, when designing and producing products for the defence industry, the importance of meeting strict QA requirements is paramount for the company.

Working with 3D modelling software, Varley offers a unique, collaborative design process that encourages client participation and input through each stage of the product, ensuring satisfied customers that are sure to return. “We’ll bring in some sketches and 3D modelling,” explains Karlo. “We completely design the product in 3D modelling, right up from the nuts and bolts.”

In this way, the company is able to provide clients with the high level of documentation required in many industrial applications. Screen sharing technology, the ability to share products with clients virtually and remotely, allows ongoing participation and real-time feedback for clients.

Varley Specialised Vehicles has made it a focus to be able to provide each client the best possible support throughout the entire process of design and production. Clients drive away with a true custom turnkey solution and the peace of mind of knowing that the company stands behind its products and values the long-lasting relationships it has built.

The group’s reputation for consistent excellence in design and diverse specialised vehicle production is only part of the equation when discussing the company’s ongoing growth, success, and long-lasting relationships. Varley’s dedication to providing after delivery support ensures that each customer is happy with their investment and is adequately trained to use the equipment.

Varley provides customers with a range of services that includes life of product support, regular preventative maintenance, and scheduled servicing programs designed to offer clients a single, comprehensive point of support for all their service needs. “We come up with personalised maintenance schedules as aftermarket support has become one of the most important parts of the whole job,” says Karlo.

The company completes its comprehensive range of parts, repair and warranty support services through its many locations across Australia, including Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, and Ballarat, and also through its far reaching network of service agents nationally and abroad in New Zealand. Varley is able to provide after delivery support for all components and systems for each vehicle with flexible scheduling, including holidays and planned down-time.

From preventative maintenance and minor repairs, right through to major repairs and complete refurbishments, Varley takes pride in supporting its products and the clients who depend upon them.

With a rich breadth of experience, Varley’s repair technicians are able to support clients through unfortunate collision situations to ensure that each vehicle produced by the company is back on the road and back at work. With a reputation for quick turnaround, the company is able to offer custom fabrication services to repair major components, OEM parts, electrical harnesses, hydraulics, pneumatics and system repair and replacement.

Varley’s refurbishment service includes structural upgrades, corrosion removal, and complete fit out upgrades. Whether your vehicle needs to be stripped down to the bare chassis and rebuilt, or simply upgraded to meet today’s highest standards, Varley is able to meet each client’s unique needs.

One of the major drivers of Varley’s ongoing growth and the development of such an impressive legacy has been the company’s focus on partnerships and relationships across the industry and with clients. “Creating technical solutions and cost savings for clients during the build of the product, and support for the lifetime of the vehicle is our focus,” he explains.

Working with its partners, Varley Specialised Vehicles has developed an impressive suite of custom designed and produced specialised vehicles. “Whatever we can put on wheels, we will do it,” says Karlo.

The company has the capability to create mobile solutions based on a range of modified vehicle bodies from light SUV’s and vans to trucks and expanding semi-trailers. Varley produces vehicles for the industrial and mining industry, education, broadcast and commercial customers.

Some of Varley’s most interesting and advanced work is the innovative, purpose-built products the company has developed to mobilise a variety of health services. With Varley’s help, local governments and businesses are able to transport specialty practitioners to remote communities around the nation. Recent builds have included renal dialysis rooms, bone density and mammography screening, blood donation centres, and dental clinics.

Varley Specialised Vehicles have become well known in the emergency response sector for producing first-rate vehicles for the nation’s ambulance and law enforcement services. The company have also added rapid response appliances and command truck expanders to state rescue, hazmat, and command unit fleets.

One of Varley’s major areas of focus is the Fire Service industry. The company offers a complete range of fire service products that includes the innovative SCBA Seat, a brand new hose reel series and a comprehensive catalogue of pumper and tanker vehicles designed to meet a variety of customer requirements. Varley have built highly mobile Ultralight solutions right though to massive Industrial Capability models and supplied Aerial trucks. With long lasting partnerships and a history of working closely with clients Varley have designed and produced some of the best specialised fire service equipment in Australia.

“We are supplying the vehicle, the equipment in consultation with the customer, and often all the rescue equipment and hardware,” Karlo says. “By working through design, manufacture, support, and beyond, we are able to offer savings for the customer while guaranteeing the quality of our product.” And by offering an entire service solution, Varley is able to create something that offers exceptional value for the client.

Looking toward the future, Karlo is excited for what the company has in store, and anticipates continued growth into new industries and markets, both within Australia and abroad throughout Australasia.

The company has invested significantly in green technology and in producing an impressive range of electric vehicles, with plans to be leaders in Australia’s expanding EV industry. Already, Varley has produced the incredible Varley evR450 supercar and an electric charge bus system, which provides a significantly reduced ecological impact compared with traditional technologies. For Varley Group, the future is here, and it’s looking bright.

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