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Sealing Solutions

Sealing Solutions is a privately owned and operated Australian company established in 1995 that specialises in the supply and refurbishment of mechanical seals and other sealing products to the food and beverage industries across Australia. The business has flourished over 19 plus years with a strong commitment to a ‘service you can trust’ mentality.

The business was founded by, and is still owned and managed by, Tony Eldridge and Luke Carlon. According to Luke, “we basically built the seal refurbishment model that changed the way mechanical seals were supplied in Australia.”

What makes Sealing Solutions unique from inception to today, he adds, “is our people. Our staff have a combined total of 122 years with Sealing Solutions, which is unique in our industry.” Every staff member is an important part of the company process, with an emphasis on service from reception right through to after sales service. “Our experience across our sales, technical and operational team members is what we believe provides a sound base for continued growth and stability. This is backed up with long standing associations with quality suppliers that are themselves experiencing continued growth.”

As the name implies, Sealing Solutions offers a complete range of mechanical seals, gasketing, packings and extrusions. The company is the Australian distributor for Vulcan Engineering, the world’s leading single spring seal manufacturer, which also manufactures an unparalleled range of food, beverage and dairy seals. Sealing Solutions is also the Australian distributor for CinchSeal, a US-based manufacturer of air purged rotary shaft seals. These are an ideal sealing solution for screw conveyors, mixers and blenders and other rotating equipment that handles powders, slurries and liquids.

With the help of an air or nitrogen purge, Sealing Solutions’ screw conveyor seals, cartridge seals and maintenance free split seals for blenders and mixers are “a unique solution to reduce product loss and maintenance costs,” says Luke. “We also design custom shaft seals for OEMs that manufacture bagging equipment, mixing equipment, rotary air valves, sifters, driers, etc.”

To support this, in 2010 Sealing Solutions purpose-built an environmentally friendly sales and service facility in Carrum Downs that provides the following services:

• Substantial area for inventory – with a wide stock of common and customer specific parts

• Manufacturing facility – lathes and mills for quick turnaround of metal components

• Cleaning facility – ultrasonic cleaners, sand blasting and parts washers

• Seal face and component lapping – lapping machines, hand lapping plates and monochromatic light for checking seal face flatness

• Technical department – design, drawings and technical support

• Sales – integrated with the technical department so customers can receive the support they need quickly and efficiently

• Quality Inspection – “Every aspect of our process has some form of quality inspection involved.”

Seals come in a near limitless number of shapes and sizes, and the Sealing Solutions product range includes: Elastomer and metal bellows, single, multi and wave spring seals, available in both component and cartridge configurations; OEM specific component seals; split seals; seal support systems; water flow management products; and gland packing and gasketing.

An important part of the Sealing Solutions service is refurbishment. This is a professional process, which combined with the company’s technical know-how equals an ‘as new’ seal in performance with the same new seal warranty applied. “We are the largest privately owned seal refurbishment centre in Australia,” says Luke. “Refurbishment is not an add-on, but an integral part of our business.” Sealing Solutions tracks and monitors the customer’s seal’s progress through every stage of the repair process.

Sealing Solutions has specialists in prompt and complete evaluation of seals in its customer service department. The design and testing departments can undertake CAD design of seals, component testing, cartridge seal pressure testing and failure analysis.

For the food and beverage and dairy industries, Sealing Solutions manufactures, supplies and refurbishes OEM equivalent seals and components, many of which have been re-engineered to outperform the originals. The company deals with “everything from simple seal components to complete seal kits, which can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements. We are active members of the Dairy Industry Association of Australia and we can supply FDA compliant seals. No other seal company provides the database, equipment listings and stock holding to thoroughly service this industry.”

Refurbished seals and components are hygienically cleaned and finished in the company’s service facility. “We offer homogeniser wear and seal replacement components including impact rings, passage heads, valve seats and vee-ring sets.”

Luke points out that the Australian food industry is undergoing massive change and is under enormous pressure to compete internationally. “We have cost pressures with our high cost of wages and inputs, and the increasing internationalisation of companies and brands presents competitive challenges both within companies as well as their competitors.” However, he believes that “Australia is still in a unique position to provide the highest quality food and dairy products to an ever expanding marketplace.”

Sealing Solutions continues to grow. In December 2013 the company formed a partnership with Applied Industrial Technologies to distribute its range across its 29 branches throughout Australia and eight branches in New Zealand. Applied is a company with 90 years experience as an engineered industrial supplier representing over 20 manufacturers’ products.

Applied NZ currently has a contract with Fonterra NZ (a massive, global, co-operatively-owned company with its roots firmly planted in New Zealand, collecting some 22 billion litres of milk per year, which also includes its own dairy marketing company and processing company) for the supply of its bearing range “and we plan to expand this business with our seal range,” Luke explains.

The company is also forging ahead with the use of multimedia for training and other purposes. “In January this year we implemented a new CRM system with the assistance of Squirrel Business Hub. Squirrel founder Kylie Harker has been of great assistance with its implementation, and we are working with Kylie on a number of other marketing projects. We are developing a series of seal training videos that will be available on our own YouTube channel. This will assist us in rolling out training across Australasia and tailoring training to meet customers’ specific requirements. We will also be revamping our website with a view to making it more dynamic and current. We are very excited with these new developments that are due for completion by mid 2014.”

A recent Sealing Solutions success involved Archimedes Engineering, which required seals for its 75mm shaft size screw conveying calcinated magnesia at up to 130 deg C in an open air environment. “We supplied 20 of the 7550 CinchSeals with the ability for wear parts to be replaced in situ without any disassembly of the auger arrangement,” shares Luke. “Everything was dispatched on time, three weeks from placing the order.”

Another recent project of note was the upgrade of the Bega Strathmerton processed cheese plant ribbon blenders and augers. This was a massive project over six months that Sealing Solutions completed on budget and on time in 2010. Purpose designed and built split CinchSeals® were fitted to 83 shafts on seven ribbon blenders and auger carts that transport the blended cheese to the cooking stage of the process. The seals ranged in size and design from 50mm up to150mm, and the total cost of the seals was approximately $295,000. To date there have been no seal failures with regular inspection of seals as part of the SOP.

Also in 2010, the Murray Goulburn Cobram site instigated a project to target cost and energy savings with the amount of water used on site. Here, Sealing Solutions provided the cost analysis data which was scrutinised and approved by MG to install Seal 101 liquid monitors across the site’s pumps using seal flush water. This has resulted in accurate control and reduction of seal water usage.

Luke explains that food and beverage, though important, is far from the only sector in which the company is active. “We also have on our client list major chemical, manufacturing, refrigeration and pump OEM companies,” he says. “We have achieved this by providing exceptional service at competitive prices. We work closely with our clients to reduce maintenance and inventory costs. Many of our clients have reduced their seal expenditure by establishing a programme of seal refurbishment that we actively monitor and co-ordinate.”

The mechanical seal industry is going through a period of rationalisation and major restructuring, Luke says. “It is a time where new technologies and new ideas represent a major shift within the industry and we at Sealing Solutions are excited to be a part of it. Australian owned industries are proving that they can be competitive in a global market. Sealing Solutions are a key player in the modern Australian seal industry.”

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