Home Style Living for South Australia’s Elderly

Bonney Healthcare Group

As the Australian population continues to age, the care of the elderly has become more important than ever, and considerations for high quality health care, housing and family care are at the front of many peoples’ minds. The Bonney Health Care Group has offered Australia’s elderly excellent aged care since 1991 when the group began operations at Christies Beach.

Over the past twenty-three years, family owned and operated Bonney Healthcare Group has come to be known as one of South Australia’s premier aged care service providers, showing a clear focus on the level of resident care and satisfaction. Paul Bonney entered the family business in 1983 as administrator of the Christies Beach location and now serves as managing director of the company.

The group is committed to understanding the needs of its residents and offering unparalleled, individualised service designed to promote the health, wellness and happiness of its clients.

Through the Bonney Family Trust, the company made the three acquisitions which make up its corporate holdings. Following the initial Christies Beach location, in March of 2004, the group developed Klemzig Residential Care Services and, in 2006, Hahndorf Residential Care Services. Through this measured growth, the group has been able to maintain quality care for residents. In 2007, Bonney Healthcare Group became registered as the company it is today.

The company is guided by six core values that it uses to inform its decision making process and to develop service programs for residents: compassion, integrity, accountability, diversity, empowerment and excellence.

It has built a reputation as an innovative, resident-centric service provider for Australia’s elderly. This core philosophy, dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of residents, is expressed in the company’s organisation model and encourages the direct input of residents and relatives in regards to the programs the company offers and the methods of implementation it applies.

Through the direct involvement of residents and their families, Bonney Healthcare Group is able to accommodate the various and individual needs of each of its residents. This is achieved via a diverse array of feedback forums, including quality assurance meetings, resident / relative meetings, menu committee meetings, family case conferences, care planning meetings and the praise / complaint / suggestion system.

The result of this holistic approach to understanding and meeting the needs of residents has resulted in a measurably improved quality of life for them.

It is the work of the amazing employees of the company that enables this to happen. Staff work tirelessly to provide enriching programs and service for residents across each of the group’s three sites.

Bonney Healthcare Group brings in external healthcare professionals to provide regular training and increase skills across many areas of expertise including clinical care, specialised nursing care, medication management, pain management, palliative care, nutrition and hydration.

Each individual working with the company has worked to develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills. Key personnel also develop portfolios of care, a sort of differentiation of expertise designed to encourage excellence in care. These initiatives have created a supportive and rewarding environment for staff that minimises turnover, ensuring a consistency in care for residents.

Its innovative approach, along with digital record keeping and the application of cutting-edge technologies, has attracted the attention of many industry and government groups and the company takes active, leading roles in many local, regional and national aged care forums.

The Hahndorf site offers country style living amongst the beautiful rolling hills of Adelaide. The site’s expertly designed facilities offer sunlit rooms and internal courtyards designed to create the feeling of safety, comfort and home. To further the homelike atmosphere, residents are always encouraged to bring their personal items, even furniture, with them so that they may make their space truly their own.

The purpose built one hundred and one bed high care facility offers comfortable, top level care for residents with a focus on comfort. Sporting both single and double rooms in a relaxed atmosphere, the site gives residents a home designed to meet or exceed the requirements of a modern aged care facility.

Residents are provided with a highly skilled and experienced team of nurses, care-givers, physiotherapists, activity coordinators and domestic staff to assure that all care requirements are met.

The site’s courtyards and elegant function rooms are available free of charge for residents and their families to use for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, or simply for regular get-togethers.

Klemzig Residential Care Services offers an eighty-six bed high care facility that has provided aged care services for South Australians since 1982. Located on a quiet cul-de-sac close the central business district, Klemzig provides convenience for residents and their visiting friends and families.

The Klemzig site is home to a culturally diverse group of residents with ongoing active involvement in the greater community of the region.

The group’s first site, the Christies Beach Residential Care Services, includes ninety-eight beds. The Christies Beach location, displaying spectacular views of the sunset and the sea, has grown significantly over the years to include a specialised secured behavioural unit and a peaceful palliative care wing to provide a greater range of services for residents and their families.

Across its three sites, the group features a number of reasons why potential residents should choose Bonney Healthcare services. Much like living at home, residents are treated to a number of in-house services designed to provide a comfortable setting, including home cooked meals, complimentary laundry services, function rooms for family events, manicured grounds, on site spiritual services, around the clock visiting hours and on-site hairdressing.

Residents may choose to engage in any number of lifestyle activities that encourage engagement and physical activity. Each site offers exciting programming like concerts, bus trips, high teas, happy hour, community involvement, exercise groups, low vision and stroke support groups and even personalised activities like beer craft at Hahndorf.

Being part of a community is vitally important for physical and emotional health. At each of the three regional sites, residents are often able to remain active members of their communities. The locations all offer residents fifty-two days of social leave each year without losing their place at the facility.

Finally, Bonney Healthcare Group’s nationally recognized outstanding quality of care ensures that residents and their families can rest assured that they are receiving only the best services available.

Each of the three locations is fully accredited to national aged care standards with registered nurses on site twenty-four hours a day. Caregivers are able to offer services in more than twenty languages giving residents the comfort of hearing their first language.

Counselling services, pharmacy delivery, and onsite physiotherapy, dental and optical services all provide guests with easy access. Even whole health services like massage, podiatry and palliative care are available as required.

But perhaps the greatest service provided is the open dialogue and encouragement of communication that Bonney Healthcare Group encourages between residents, their families, and care givers, building a relationship of trust and understanding that promotes authentic, resident centred care.

With its highly trained and well supported staff, a wealth of experience and a true focus on resident care, Bonney Healthcare Group has been able to build a reputation as being the aged care service provider of choice in South Australia.

For more information about Bonney Healthcare Group, please visit http://www.bonneyhealthcare.com.au/

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