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It’s not a welcoming statistic, but it is the new reality: at least sixty per cent of adults and a quarter of Australia’s children are overweight, an indication that Australia and its New Zealand neighbour are two of the heaviest countries in the developed world…

Researchers are not optimistic about future obesity rates in Australia, predicting the obesity phenomenon will continue into the next decade.

But there is a viable recourse for those determined to take responsibility for their own health and wellness – those who don’t want to be the next obesity statistic. Fitness Australia confirms just how real the fitness movement is; in 2012, the fitness industry in the country was valued at over $1 billion.

The aim toward fitness is not only a concern for the obese, however. Those who are already fitness enthusiasts and want to maintain a fit lifestyle are seeking the best in fitness equipment from the myriad of fitness equipment suppliers in the country. For home gym shoppers, online fitness equipment purchases offer an easy and cost effective way to stay in shape from the convenience of home. A home gym also eliminates costly annual gym memberships.

As a family owned and operated business established in 2002, Gym and Fitness has evolved into one of Australia’s largest gym equipment retailers. With a strong online presence and three showroom locations in Melbourne, Adelaide and the Gold Coast, Gym and Fitness has an experienced retail team of twenty-five. All staff have a strong background in the fitness industry and are either certified fitness trainers or fitness enthusiasts qualified to address any customer fitness concerns.

“All the staff are very knowledgeable with regards to the equipment,” says Evan Gooding, a certified fitness trainer himself and Managing Director of Gym and Fitness. “What we try to do is establish what the client is after, what their goals are and push them in the right direction.”

The company has fit out capabilities for commercial or corporate facilities, home gyms, studios and schools. It also offers different financing options and all products are covered by warranty. Its research and development team is closely aligned with both manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the delivery of the most innovative equipment throughout Australia. “The suppliers that we work with are great in inputting new concepts and the latest in trends. They’re quite informative and keep us up to date,” explains Evan.

Through strong relationships with its manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, the company ensures that the customer receives the best possible price on all equipment – whether online or in store. It strives to deliver the most competitively priced products on comparable products. Evan explains that he receives monthly price lists from suppliers that indicate the competitors’ online prices.

Each of Gym and Fitness’ online product pages features a price match request; if a customer sees a cheaper advertised price elsewhere, the company will make every effort to match it. “We try to come to some kind of arrangement where we can help the customer out,” he says. “We try to be on the mark for the best competitor’s price online.”

The company ships its products Australia wide, ensuring the lowest freight costs due to its high volume, daily shipping, and use of multiple freight carriers. For those not close to one of its showrooms, the company will ship from one of its many warehouses located throughout Australia with all shipments guaranteed delivery within two to seven business days.

Evan explains that while many gym equipment retailers are closing their physical locations in preference for online retailing, Gym and Fitness has decided to take a different approach and open more showroom stores. He notes that although there are benefits to online shopping, there are also some drawbacks. “Some suppliers won’t supply to us unless we have a showroom… the benefits of that have been tremendous. We have better products that we’re advertising online; we have better products in our stores; and, yes, you can go in to the store and try it before you buy it. You can work out any piece of equipment that’s in the store.”

Asked which of the two options generates the best results, Evan shares that both options are equally popular but that the stores are definitely starting to generate strong interest. “People want to feel, touch and try the equipment beforehand.

“We still get about 2,500 people a day visiting our website,” he says. “I believe we’re still in the top 2,000 websites in Australia. We’re doing pretty well when it comes to website traffic. I don’t think that there would be any other fitness retailer in Australia that would come close to those figures online. So online is always very successful. It’s there for the convenience.”

With a myriad of fitness equipment suppliers in Australia, what sets Gym and Fitness apart from the competition is that, “We’re not a niche.” Many competitors focus on targeting specific areas such as functional training or the cross fit market, for example. “We’re trying to be a one stop shop, but at the same time offer really high end products and also make the lower end products available for everyone’s budget needs. I think we’re quite ahead of the game because we’ve been online.”

He believes that, “It would be very hard for others to be that competitive with us because we have the online dominance. If we had a showroom in every state we could steer customers into every store.”

One of the key principles of any successful business is keeping customers happy through stellar customer service. Reputation is a real make or break scenario and a poor reputation opens the doors to competitors. Happy customers spread the word through either referral or word of mouth, something that Gym and Fitness has acknowledged from its inception.

“I think it’s important in any industry to make sure the customer is looked after,” shares Evan. “If we didn’t have that, I don’t think we’d be as successful as we’ve been today. We try to pride ourselves on great customer service and providing great products at great prices. We do everything we can to keep the customer happy.”

Evan explains that his expansion plans are based on strategic growth and that he would love to see Gym and Fitness in every state. “We don’t want to grow too quickly and then not be on top of it… I think we’re quite smart in controlling our growth. I think there’s a market for it.”

Through its partnerships with some of the world’s top suppliers, the company offers something for every fitness need. “We try to have exclusive rights to a lot of our products.” The company’s exceptional products include: strength equipment, cardio equipment, boxing and mixed martial arts gear, footwear, nutritional supplements, aerobic equipment, exercise balls, mats, accessories storage and custom packages.

“We have some great suppliers when it comes to strength and cardio,” says Evan. “We have Force USA for our strength items – which come with great warranties. Many items have been independently tested in Australia. No other suppliers are offering that sort of warranty or reputation.”

The company also stocks items from Boules Fitness which provides Sole and Spirit treadmills and cardio items. “Spirit treadmills were in the top two in 2010 in America for the most popular treadmill brand. We do have access to that type of equipment.”

Gym and Fitness has five thousand products online to meet the fitness needs of any customer. As Evan says, “We’ve been in the game a long time. We’re very competitive.”

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