Changing the Way You Approach Business


SHIFT2014 is this year’s must-attend event for Australia’s forward thinking business leaders and managers, SME owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders. Sponsored by Rotary District 9675, SHIFT2014 is a one day powerhouse of inspirational content from the nation’s leading business minds.

The event’s purpose is simple: to help attendees evolve along with the rapidly changing business landscape in order to make the most of every opportunity. “We are in the midst of a redefinition of the way organisations function, connect with their customers and create profit,” SHIFT2014’s media release explains. “This new world of opportunity requires us to rethink what we do and how we do it.”

Adjusting one’s business approach to accommodate this evolving landscape can prove absolutely essential to future success. “If you accept that today and tomorrow will be the same conditions and the same approach, then you have already lost a plot,” says Garry Browne, Rotary District Governor 9675 and leading Australian CEO. “Because every moment there is a change, and we have to accept the fact that we have to be adaptable. We have to shape and frame the conditions and mindset. That is going to allow for a great success.”

SHIFT2014 will be held at the Sydney Olympic Park Sport Centre on Saturday, 1st March. The full ticket price is an affordable $325.00. In fact, the low cost of attendance is one thing that sets the event apart. “This sort of opportunity is not readily available,” Mr Browne points out. “Rotary is trying to make it affordable to everyone. That is very important.”

Many of the speakers have also volunteered their support to the non-profit event to help as many people as possible access SHIFT2014’s valuable information. Anybody looking to re-evaluate the way that he or she approaches business is welcome to attend. “Anyone who is really challenged by change or who is trying to instigate and initiate change in their organisation would benefit significantly from this event,” Mr Browne adds.

SHIFT2014 will feature a remarkable line up of today’s leading minds. “The diversity of the speakers that we have covers every aspect of life,” Mr Browne reports. “It is not just about business; it is not just about personal development. It is across the gamut of the way we live and the way we grow in our community. And that is what makes this so unique.” These speakers will explore how best to adapt to the changes and the challenges of difficult economic times and aggressive digital competition. “They will also question the status quo and the ways we do business now, leaving the audience energised, inspired and ready to take their business, organization or career to the next level,” SHIFT2014’s media release insists. “We have amazing speakers who have a story that will inspire and excite people,” Mr Browne adds.

Speakers were carefully selected based on their proven ability to comprehend future customer needs and behaviours, as well their ability to apply this understanding in a practical way to change the way business is done. Discussion topics are as wide ranging as the speakers’ expertise and include leadership, management, culture, customer service, branding and marketing, diversity and inclusion, the gender debate, current and future consumer trends and expectations, social media, the digital economy, workplace flexibility, sustainability, social consciousness, knowledge capital, innovation and creativity, the power of authenticity, adaptability and change management.

The event’s sixteen speakers have been divided into four key categories: THE FUTURISTS, THE CREATORS, THE INSPIRERS, and THE DOERS. The event will begin with four sessions by FUTURISTS Ross Greenwood, Mark McCrindle, Avril Henry, and Gihan Perera. These forward thinking leaders will cover everything from the future economy and Australia’s shifting demographics to upcoming consumer wants and the next wave of social media.

CREATORS Gary Bertwistle, Christine Holgate, Kieran Flanagan, and Dan Gregory will lead sessions five through eight. These innovative minds will address topics that include the power of a creative culture and how to cultivate it; how to think like an entrepreneur and adapt with the evolving marketplace; effective collaboration; and the power of identity.

Sessions nine through 12 will be led by INSPIRERS Matt Church, Detective Superintendent Deborah Wallace, Glen Gerreyn, and Peter Baines. These optimists will inspire and encourage attendees to become better leaders; unleash their creativity to blaze new trails and think outside the square; harness the power of hope; and create more rewarding and engaging experiences.

The last four sessions feature the DOERS: Marcus Crow, Angela Vithoulkas, Bernie Brookes, and General Peter Cosgrove. They will share their own success stories and experiences to help guide and inspire attendees along the best future path. There will be practical, real world tactics for business operators to learn and apply, as well as advice on leadership, adapting to change, and staying ahead of the game.

Each speaker brings his or her unique angle to the table, and each speaker is a crucial part of SHIFT2014. “The speakers are critical to the makeup of SHIFT,” Mr Browne explains. “They all show how, in their own way, they have been able to shift the thinking of not only themselves, but the people around them.” Although the group is remarkably diverse, Mr Browne insists that each speaker is bound by a common thread. “They all understand that for you to make progress, have success, and deliver great outcomes, you actually have to shift people’s mindset. You have to shift the ground and move it in a direction that is going to deliver the best possible outcomes.”

SHIFT2014 is the first event of its kind, and the organisers hope to make it an annual occurrence. Mr Browne and his fellow sponsors expect that the inaugural event will provide the guidance and inspiration that today’s business operators are seeking. And, as Rotary members, they feel responsible to provide this guidance. “Sometimes [you] have to get out there and make it happen,” Mr Browne explains. “From my perspective, it is all about taking the lead to really get people thinking about how they can make that shift for not only next year, but the years to come.”

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November 21, 2018, 9:46 AM AEDT