A Fully Managed Logistics Solution

CEO Global Logistics

CEO Global Logistics partners with clients to manage every detail of their exports and imports. The 100 per cent Australian owned company can handle virtually any job, no matter the size or challenges.

From clothing, machinery, building supplies, vehicles, and furniture to liquor, perishables, hazardous materials, extremely delicate items, and more, CEO Global logistics can get it from here to there by land, sea, or air. The company offers bonded warehousing, customs services, container freight stations, 3PL unloading, distribution services, and complete tracking services. Headquartered in Melbourne, the team also operates out of Sydney and Brisbane and utilises a network of warehouses and container freight stations strategically located throughout Australia.

Vince Curro and Ken O’Brian founded GEO Global Logistics in 2004. The two industry insiders had been working at a major logistics firm together when they realised that they should strike out on their own. “We took the business [that we worked for] from a $3 million business to a $46 million business in six years,” Mr Curro recalls. “So we thought, ‘let’s do it ourselves.’ And that is what we did; we took the risk and hit the ground running.”

Four years after founding CEO Global Logistics, Mr Curro and Mr O’Brian acquired the Queensland business Associated Customs. The business partners renamed the forty year old company Associated Customs Logistics and merged it into CEO. “And it’s been great because all our brokerage, all our customs clearance has gone into that business,” says Mr Curro.

Three years ago, CEO Global Logistics earned one of its most impressive awards: the Lloyd’s List Australia – 2011 Freight Forwarder of the Year Award. “This significant achievement to us was major – as were nominated alongside companies that had been trading for 20+ years, much more established and had offices internationally – and we just closed on our 7th birthday. It was a real credit to all the staff and management at the time. We are so proud of this major recognition.” This award is only one of many that CEO Global Logistics has won in its decade of existence. “These awards continue to remind us what we can achieve and that nothing is impossible,” the company states.

Today, Mr Curro estimates that CEO Global Logistics (in combination with Associated Customs Logistics) is an $85 million business. What is the number one secret to this phenomenal success? “The personalised service we offer our customers,” Mr Curro insists. “They are not just a number.” Indeed, customer service is the cornerstone on which the entire business rests. “When the business was founded in 2004, our Directors were determined that the CEO brand would come to mean ‘outstanding service’ to our clients.”

This service goal has been met – and officially recognised by the Australian Achievers Award, which acknowledges and rewards the success of a company’s customer service delivery, as measured by the company’s current-client feedback. CEO Global Logistics has received the Highly Recommended Award for Excellence in Customer Relations under the Transport, Delivery and Service category five years in a row. Last year, the company was recognised as the overall winner within the category.

Customer service is particularly important within the logistics industry, Mr Curro explains, so it is crucial that the company excel at it. “In this business, it’s all about service,” he says. “If you give clients that personal service, if you pay attention to what they want, what they need, they become reliant on you.” Earning that trust and reliance takes plenty of one on one time, and CEO Global Logistics is committed to giving each client the individual attention that they deserve. “We take time out and go and sit with them and discuss how they want to do things,” Mr Curro says.

In fact, the company has recently employed a team in the Philippines to handle back office work so that the Australian team is freed up to focus all of their attention on customer service. “What we have here [in Australia] is an office full of customer service people that just manage the process and look after the client,” Mr Curro shares. “They are spending more time with the client. Giving them that extra five minutes just to see how their day has gone. Having a conversation rather than just picking up the phone and saying ‘thank you, gotta go.’”

The team also assigns one consultant coordinator to each client, rather than bouncing that client from one department to the next. Having a single point of contact within a company is a rare occurrence these days, and it certainly sets CEO Global Logistics apart. “In the multinationals of the world, someone will place the order, someone else will do the customs clearance, and someone else will do the cartage,” Mr Curro points out. “But clients don’t want to do that. Clients want to speak with one person.” At CEO Global Logistics, clients can do just that. In fact, clients can even get in touch with their contact after hours, if an urgent issue arises.

Furthermore, CEO Global logistics matches clients with a consultant coordinator that understands that client’s specific business. “Customer service people will come out with me and actually sit with the client and understand what their business is about,” Mr Curro reports. “They’re not just shuffling paperwork – they understand what the cargo is all about, and who [the client] is selling it to. They understand the importance of the cargo being on that ship, and why it is important that it is delivered on time.”

This in-depth partnership is essential because CEO Global Logistics isn’t just moving freight from here to there – the company is carefully coordinating and overseeing the entire process. “We are not freight forwarders anymore,” Mr Curro explains. “We are freight managers. We manage our customer’s freight from the time the order is placed all the way through to delivery.”

CEO Global Logistics relies on leading edge technology in addition to its experienced and dedicated team. Online visibility is essential to the management of any supply chain, and the company utilises Pangaea and EDI Track & Trace software to keep close tabs on every shipment. The integrated software allows everyone involved in the movement of a client’s cargo to work together for the greatest efficiency and reliability. The system also keeps clients informed regarding projected delivery dates, or any delays in manufacturing or shipping. “They can track their shipments from the time their order is placed all the way through to delivery,” Mr Curro reports. Clients can also have automatic updates delivered to their inbox at predetermined intervals. CEO Global Logistics’ software can even be used to review the performance of a client’s suppliers.

CEO Global Logistics’ stellar customer service and next generation tracking capabilities have earned a long list of loyal clients, many of whom have stayed with the company since it was first founded. In fact, Mr Curro and Mr O’Brian brought a good many clients along with them when they founded the company. “We’ve had clients that had been with us for 20 years, and when we started [CEO] they followed along,” Mr Curro explains. The company is earning new clients as well, as word spreads of CEO Global’s personalised and fully managed solutions.

And the company continues to grow along with its list of clients. One recent major development has been the addition of a 6,000 square metre yard in Far North Queensland. The facility handles all of the pipe being shipped from northern Asia into Queensland by Toyota, and has been responsible for supplying the region’s oil and gas projects for the past 12 months.

International expansion is next on the list. “We are looking at joint ventures in China, Hong Kong, and possibly Germany and the UK,” Mr Curro shares. The team also has their sights set on the United States, although that expansion will probably come somewhat later. In the meantime, CEO Global Logistics will continue to focus on maintaining its high levels of customer satisfaction. “We have a total commitment to the work.”

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