Spoons, Please!

Noggi Frozen Yogurt

From mad foodies to moustachioed hipsters, the frozen yogurt craze is on everybody’s lips. While frozen yogurt was popular back in the 80s, ‘frogurt’ or ‘froyo’ as it is known is once again hot stuff – so to speak – and operators have been flooding into the market.

When it comes to funky flavours and a wide range of toppings, nobody dishes it out quite like Noggi Frozen Yogurt. Every Noggi froyo is made fresh daily and the menu, which differs from store to store, is always changing but always delicious. Noggi has developed some seriously good froyo classics but exciting new flavours are regularly being released.

O-Passion is one of the company’s latest flavours and is made with a delicious blend of mango and passionfruit. And speaking of delicious, the gorgeously pink Watermelon Noggi Froyo tastes as good as it looks. With a fresh, irreverent approach, Noggi serves the coolest froyo in the business plus a range of other yummy treats that have customers coming back for more.

Chill Out

Noggi Frozen Yogurt is an Australian owned company founded in 2009 with the cheeky motto ‘Spoon Me’. While there are many frozen yogurt chains currently operating in Australia, Noggi is focused on flavour and not the competition. Indeed, what could be better on a hot, sweaty day than a Noggi froyo topped with all manner of chewy, crunchy, sweet and sour delights? For a little taste of Italy, try Noggi Cappuccino, Tiramisu and Biscotti, firm favourites with froyo aficionados everywhere. Or take your tastebuds on an exotic flavour trip with Noggi Coconut Pandan. Get fruity with Blood Orange, Cherry, Mango Tango and O-Passion Noggi Froyo. Try something a little bit different with Sesame, Taro and Guava Noggi or just relax with the ever-popular Green Tea flavour.

Customers can create new taste sensations at Noggi Frozen Yogurt with the mind-blowing range of toppings available. High school students who come into any Noggi store wearing their uniform receive free toppings. There are pretty fruit pearls bursting with flavour, crunchy cereals and gelatinous mochi rice cakes. On Australia Day, one Noggi store even offered crushed Anzac biscuits and lamington pieces as toppings. Keep it light with the healthy fruit options cut fresh daily including strawberries, lychees and pomegranate seeds or go whole hog with chocolate chips, gummy bears, marshmallows… the combinations are endless.

The froyo business is a seasonal one but Noggi has diversified its menu to appeal to customers at any time of the year. While froyo is the perfect treat on a hot day, Noggi has cold weather covered with a tempting range of warm options. The freshly made waffles drizzled with melted chocolate and fruit are perfect with a steaming hot coffee. Noggi also stocks a range of macarons in 12 scrumptious flavours and heavenly Papa’s cheesecakes. There are also the curiously named Smooggies; this product is a distinctly Noggi version of smoothies and are available in three delicious flavours – Banola, Mango Passion and Berry Lover.

Cyber Froyo

Social media has and continues to be a key growth driver for Noggi Frozen Yogurt. The stores engage with customers online to find out what products and flavours are hot and what are not, and old favourites are sometimes brought back by popular demand.

Froyo and food in general is a sensory product, however, and customers eat with their eyes first; Froyo needs to look good enough to eat. Instagram, then, is an important part of Noggi’s online marketing strategy. Instagram, being a picture sharing social media site, is the ideal platform for Noggi to promote its products and connect with consumers.

In addition to Instagram, Noggi has also built up a thriving fan base on Facebook. Noggi uses Facebook to highlight limited release flavours, store specific offers, competitions and giveaways. One way that Noggi celebrates the holidays like Australia Day, Halloween and Christmas is by posting photos online of staff getting creative with froyo and toppings. Being a rapidly growing company, Noggi also posts photos of store openings. Facebook has been the ideal social media platform for Noggi to engage with customers – ‘noggians’ – and receive feedback on new flavours, products and instore service. Noggi values customer feedback highly and uses it to innovate.

While Noggi Frozen Yogurt has a broad target market, the brand really appeals to the Asian and the YOLO (you only live once) teen demographics. American celebrity of South Korean descent, Jay Park, visited the Noggi Strathfield, NSW store on his first ever Sydney meet and greet with fans; YouTube sensation Nigahiga came to the same store on 16th August this year, and Noggi held a competition giving 100 lucky customers the opportunity to go and meet him. Besides celebrity meet and greets and thrilling competitions, Noggi stores give high school students discounts and other special offers. Noggi Frozen Yogurt has become very popular indeed, and the glowing reviews posted on personal blogs and consumer review websites speak volumes about the company and its future success in Australia.

Not Melting

The frozen yogurt industry has become highly competitive in recent times. Consumers have a growing appetite for all things froyo and the trend is far from over. Many ice cream and gelato companies that are household names have developed froyo products to get in on the consumer craze. There is speculation that the froyo trend, which was predicted to be one of the global food trends for 2013, has reached its peak, but there are industry figures who disagree. While the frenzy surrounding froyo will likely pass sooner or later, frozen yogurt does have a viable place in the frozen dessert category, and is lower in fat and calories than ice cream. Noggi Frozen Yogurt offers customers a variety of portion sizes and plenty of healthy toppings like muesli, fresh fruit and nuts.

Noggi Frozen Yogurt may be still developing as a brand but it will definitely be one to watch in the years ahead. Spreading sweet happiness around the country one froyo at a time is what Noggi does best. The company is performing exceedingly well in the marketplace and is developing more flavours to excite and entice. Noggians should keep their eyes open for more refreshing and unusual froyo flavours, some with an Asian influence, in the future.

For franchisees, Noggi offers a highly popular product that is easy to sell, a strong support network and terrific store locations. Noggi is currently on the lookout for more franchisees and the best possible store locations. Last year, Noggi went up against 30 frozen yogurt chains to lay claim to 20 metres of prime retail space in George Street, Sydney.

Today’s frozen yogurt stores bear little resemblance to the frozen yogurt and ice cream parlours of the past. Retro décor is out; modern is in. Noggi stores deliver service with a smile in a sleek, contemporary atmosphere where customers can take some time out to enjoy a froyo. Staff are young, enthusiastic and bubbly; they love what they do and are happy to be a part of a vibrant, growing company. Some of Noggi’s past customers have really caused a buzz and staff just never know who is going to walk through the door. Just recently, X-Factor winner Dami Im (who is a big fan of Noggi) was spotted visiting the Tuggerah, NSW store as was ex-Prime Minister John Howard.

No matter if you prefer Biscotti or Cappuccino, Coconut Pandan or Green Tea Noggi Froyo, Australia will be seeing a lot more from this cool company very soon.

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