A Cut Above

Brobo Group

Brobo Group Pty Ltd has a long and proud history which began in Australia in 1947. The company has since developed into a household name as a manufacturer of the highest quality machines within the Industrial Machinery sector in this country.

The company’s products – which include ferrous and non ferrous cutting saws, pedestal drills, grinders and special purpose machinery, are used extensively throughout all industry sectors. The Brobo machines are known to be the best of their kind, providing reliability and durability in the harshest conditions. The Brobo machines are the first choice for business professionals; these include customers such as the Department of Defence and the Department of Education, the automotive industry, the mining and resources sectors, the water and gas industries and quality business owners.

Comments David Golic, Sales and Marketing Manager, “It’s good to see that many of the Government departments and large industries still support high quality Australian-made. You don’t get too many Government Departments that will go and buy foreign products if they can buy quality machines locally; with the support of our customers we will continue to manufacture our machines here in Australia for many more years.”

That high quality has earned the company its sterling reputation – and indeed, the company continuously strives to go above and beyond the norm when it comes to developing and sourcing the best quality products for its valued customers. Perhaps the most notable example of this can be seen in Brobo Group’s adherence to its robust OH&S standards, as well as to the practices by which the company ensures its products are fit for its industrial customers. For every machine, the company enlists the services of an independent Assessor, who comes onsite to evaluate and certify the machine for compliance in Australia.

Explains Mr Golic, “It’s something that we don’t have to do – we can just build to general engineering standard – but we make sure that we have an assessor conduct a review and that ensures we’re doing the right thing. We even try to go above and beyond that by adding extra safety features to our range of machines that many importers do not adhere to. Another reason why people prefer to choose our products is because there is huge demand for our machines in the second hand market, therefore many customers who sell a Brobo machine 10 years after they purchased the machine get a similar price as when they bought it new. There are very few examples of where machinery retains its value like the Brobo machines.”

Internally, Brobo operates a quality assurance system that has allowed it to achieve accreditation to ISO 9001; this system has been in place since 2005. The company is committed to maintaining its high quality standards, and Brobo Group also continually upgrades and evaluates its systems to produce components that are in line with the latest world class technologies.

Brobo also offers a range of automatic saws, from basic semi-automatic machines through to large machines that are fitted with bundle loading facilities. “What we’re doing now,” explains Mr Golic, “is we are trying to develop lower production cost options which will allow our customers to reduce their costs to the end user.”

The company is also in the process of developing a new upcut saw for steel cutting. This new machine will enable a wider variety of steel sizes to be accommodated in excess of the current cutting capabilities of the Brobo cold saw. This machine is expected to be available by mid-2015.

Brobo is also very proud of its ability to service the older machines. As Mr Golic says, “There are approximately ninety thousand Brobo machines which have been produced here in Australia, and we are confident that replacement parts are available for all machines made within the past 25 years and parts are often available for machines made 50 years ago. I think that Brobo would be one of the very few Australian companies that could make this claim.”

All Brobo machines are sold with a two year manufacturer’s warranty; again Mr Golic says, “We are proud of our quality record and have a warranty claim percentage of less than .01 per cent. This excellent record is a credit to our Engineering department, and also our dedicated employees who also share in the company’s culture of quality and service.”

Looking to the future, David Golic says the company has been endeavouring to build stronger brand awareness in the international markets. “We’ve been working to grow our brand name internationally,” he says. “We have had a presence in North America for 20 plus years and continue to focus in that large market; more recently, the focus has been within the Middle East where the harsh conditions have been suitable to our high quality machines.

“The challenges in recent times for Brobo and most Australian exporters have been that the high Australian dollar has made exporting difficult and lowered the costs for the local importers.”

Brobo has its machines in stock at a range of Distributors in all Australian Capital cities in the country and in many regional areas. To find your local stockist, please visit www.brobo.com.au or contact Brobo on 03 9794 8751.

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