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ORH Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd

At times it can be a challenge to find a vehicle that can fit all of your specifications. A range of vehicles could perform well, but occasionally another function is required or a customisation could make the job easier.

Clients are not always looking for a ‘run of the mill’ vehicle; they are looking for a vehicle that can be tailored to suit a particular job and environment. To fill this important niche, West Australian based company ORH Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd has been servicing the industry in excess of nine years, as a leading manufacturer of customised, high quality mining and industrial vehicles.

Since ORH Engineering was formed in 2006, the company has grown into a diverse manufacturing firm. ORH Engineering’s office staff are always available to assist clients, whilst operations staff maintain its two workshops six days a week, to ensure manufacturing and delivery of vehicles runs to schedule.

“ORH Engineering has the capability to create any industrial solution and mount it to a chosen chassis,” states the managing director, Mr Detata. He also states, “The company designs and manufactures Water Carts and Service Trucks, along with Tipper, Tray Back and Fitter Trucks, Diesel Fuel Tankers and Self Bunded Tanks, Service, Water and Fuel Trailers.” The company’s broad array of plant equipment serves a range of industries such as the Construction and Mining, Civil Works and Quarrying sectors, along with all local ventures.

ORH Engineering continually evolves and the selection of equipment is ever increasing to meet both the needs of clients and the latest developments in safety, parts and technology.

A shift in focus has lead to the closing of previous ORH subsidiaries, Transport and Contracting. This change in direction has allowed ORH Engineering to grow and expand with the focal point being Engineering, now offering a full range of mine specification vehicles.
“Each unit is manufactured with quality and safety in mind. Special care is taken to observe the client’s every specification,” states Mr Detata.

ORH Engineering prides itself on its drafting department, giving clients a clear vision of the product they are requesting. All ORH vehicles are of the highest safety requirements, to provide clients with the best approach, guaranteeing safety and security.

Our Water Carts (Water Tankers) are the pride of ORH fleet vehicles; Standard model 14,000WA is the fastest selling model within Australia. The Water Carts can be built from 14,000L or up to 20,000L, depending on the client’s requirements. The 14,000WA features Certified Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), AS1657 1992 Compliant Hand Rails and Gate and a Titan Water Cannon which is controlled from the cab.

ORH Engineering’s range of Service Trucks comes in various fuel and oil volumes to suit all client requirements. “Our standard 11,600S Service Trucks are capable of carrying seven separate tanks,” explains Mr Detata. “Six tanks hold 600L of different fluids and the seventh holds 8000L of diesel. Each tank comes with its own hose, reel and pump. Every Service Truck holds a 180kg grease pod to grease vital moving parts and equipment. The 11,600S features two fuel dispensing nozzles for both, fast fuel and light vehicle. The tank also provides plenty of storage space and safety equipment such as a Fire Extinguisher and an Emergency Eyewash Station.”

He explains that, “All of our trucks are fitted with state of the art modules and we utilise the best equipment available. All vehicles are built to comply with both Mining Specifications and Environmental requirements.”

In recent times the company has added several series of trailers to its expanding fleet, due to the growing market. These include the Poly Wash Down, Fire Fighting, Self Bunded Fuel and the Service Trailer. All trailers are built to the client’s specifications, the highest quality and are cost effective and reliable.

The popular Poly Wash Down and Fire Fighting trailers are available in 1,200L, 1,500L, 2,000L and 2,500L capacities. ORH Engineering’s Polyethylene tanks include a five year warranty and are designed for mobile water storage for industries such as Earthmoving, Construction, Mining and Agricultural.

The Self Bunded Fuel trailer is available in 1,200L, 2,000L and 3,000L capacities. This trailer is designed and built for storing and the distribution of diesel. The trailer includes a Roll Over Protection Rail, Pressure Vacuum Vent and ADR Compliance Lighting.

The ORH designed and manufactured Service Trailer is suitable for onsite machinery maintenance. The standard model holds four separate tanks, one 500L diesel tank, one 200L oil tank and two 200L water tanks; the trailer also carries a 20kg grease pod and a diesel compressor. Each tank includes a hose, nozzle and pump.

The Service Trailers can be tailored to your specific requirements, with every aspect catered to. “Our full range of heavy duty trailers is suitable for registration Australia wide. Every trailer is designed to mine specifications and for on and off road projects,” states Mr Detata.

“ORH Engineering provides only the best after service care for your purchase. We can source any further products requested from our range of backup suppliers and associates,” states the ORH Purchasing Officer.

Due to an increased demand, ORH Engineering has opened a Parts Department located next to the Belmont workshop, which stocks a full range of accessories and parts, utilised on all of the company’s products.

ORH Engineering is now a proud sponsor of the Perth Glory Football Club, for the next two Hyundai A-League Seasons 2013-2015. “By supporting a major West Australian Football Team, I feel we are contributing to the development of our community, which is extremely rewarding,” states Mr Detata.

ORH Engineering has grown into a successful company with a fleet of modern Industrial and Mining vehicles, which strive to deliver complete customer satisfaction and protection.
For further information on featured high quality products, please do not hesitate to contact ORH Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd on 08 9477 1788 or visit the company’s showroom at 225 Great Eastern Highway, Belmont WA 6104 – ORH publishes and sends out monthly part specials; should you wish to be included in the company’s mail out, please do not hesitate to contact the team.

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