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Alternative Freight Services

Australia is a very big country. It is, in fact, the sixth largest country in the world at a whopping 7,692,024 square kilometres. With such an enormous area and scattered population, efficient logistics services are critical and Alternative Freight Services (AFS) is able to bring knowledge, experience and expertise to the process of freight management.

Safety may be number one, but there is a great deal more to think about than just safety when transporting goods. This is why consulting a good freight management company before embarking on any type of shipment is imperative. A freight management company knows who to deal with for each client’s particular needs. These companies know who gets the job done efficiently, cheaply, reliably and swiftly. When one must deal with multi-carrier freight handling, Alternative Freight Services can sort through the confusion by offering flexible, independent and quality freight handling solutions.

One of the pioneers of transport management consulting in Australia, Alternative Freight Services continues to be a market leader today. The company secures its place in the ranks by providing the most intelligent transport and supply chain solutions, with a specific aim to minimise the long term impacts brought on by the increasing freight costs, the national economy or rising global oil prices.

Founded by Tony Bates, the company owes its success as an excellent provider of end to end freight management to his ability to realise and fill the need for such a company within the industry. Today, the company boasts genuine industry credibility through deep-rooted knowledge, experience and distinguished careers in the freight carrier and freight management industries.

The company’s reputation for being Australia’s leader in freight management stems from its unique business model which is designed to provide a flexible style of holistic freight management. Every aspect of freight is covered. This model doesn’t only calculate how business is to be done, but is meant to provide the information needed to empower its clients and allow them to maximise their investment returns.

AFS’s system is designed to give the client independent advice; more power when it comes to negotiation leverage; knowledge gained through AFS’s extensive experience; a strong network of carrier relationships and advanced network capabilities. The company also gives its clients a chance to address the issues within the freight management and supply chain by providing a small survey that gives it an idea of what areas can be refined. AFS then continues to develop its model through its commitment to continuous re-evaluation and improvement.

Unrivalled service is what Alternative Freight Services has to offer, made possible by a whole suite of software programs and technologies that have been custom created to take the costly, inefficient and time consuming work out of freight management and supply chain logistics. In the same way that a travel agent may take the headache out of booking an overseas vacation, AFS eliminates freight management issues with fast and easy solutions, leaving clients free to deal with everything else.

This peace of mind is made possible through the use of the company’s resources such as the Alternative Freight Services’ carrier network, a dedicated in-house customer service call centre as well as Alternative Freight Services’ Freight Link – the company’s customisable freight management software system.

Because of its long term relationships with many different types of transportation providers, Alternative Freight Services is able to negotiate the best rates possible for reliable service. This unique position within the market comes from being entrenched as a leader within the freight and logistics industry and allows for buying power that is unmatched by its competitors. As a result of the company’s long standing connections and strategic alliances within the industry, negotiations with regard to freight cost and service are possible.

Alternative Freight Services’ relationships with its service providers allow the company to provide its valuable clients with an informed picture of the entire carrier network, including each carrier’s strengths and weaknesses as learned from the company’s extensive experience within the industry. Not only will the strengths and weaknesses of each carrier be stated, but clients will be educated on the importance and impact of each, in regards to the individual needs of their business.

The company looks to make all of its clients into valuable partners rather than just being a regular client service company. For its clients, Alternative Freight Services provides freight savings, quality management services, meaningful and understandable reports and exemplary customer service which can help to alleviate the day to day complexity that comes with freight management.

Alternative Freight Services has gained a reputation for industry excellence by achieving outstanding results for its many satisfied clients. The company has also won many industry awards and has many nominations and commendations in its past nearly twenty years of business. The awards coupled with many great unsolicited customer testimonials are a tremendous source of pride and satisfaction for the company’s staff and an encouragement to continue to achieve top-notch results.

At the centre of Alternative Freight Services’ ability to quickly respond to the challenges of its clients, is the knowledge and expertise of its employees with their vast industry experience. The company’s employees, with their advanced training, also have a comprehensive knowledge of the company’s internal systems and processes allowing for greater efficiency.

The company is backed by an impressively sophisticated call centre located at the company headquarters in Niddrie, Victoria. The customer service team operates with a sense of urgency at all times to make sure that a client’s every question is answered as soon as possible. The shared knowledge throughout the centre provides the customer with a single point of contact for all of their freight management needs and questions.

Growth in population means increasing economic development which brings with it increasing demands on the freight and logistics industry and Alternative Freight Services strives to meet those demands.

Partnering with Alternative Freight Services is rather like becoming friends with a trustworthy person who knows everyone else in town. He can tell you who is nice and who isn’t and introduce you to everyone you need to know. Suddenly all the doors that weren’t open before have opened and opportunities are limitless.

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