Thinking Outside the Box

John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

For over half a century, John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd has proudly supplied the highest quality scientific equipment and laboratory supplies to a diverse range of clients in sectors such as chemical processing, laboratory, research, pharmaceutical, mining, environmental, food and beverage, safety, and life science, among many others.

Family-owned and operated, Sydney-based John Morris Scientific (JMS) has branches and representatives across Australia and New Zealand.

In business, there is something to be said for the trust that exists between a bricks and mortar vendor and its customers. Purchasing products over the Internet – sight unseen, from unknown sellers in other countries – can occasionally be cheaper upfront, but may cost buyers a great deal of money, time and frustration in the long run. However, John Morris Scientific, with its knowledgeable, friendly, Australia and New Zealand-wide service, aims to provide scientific equipment and services at competitive prices without compromising quality or safety.

Where many other companies supply only the products, John Morris Scientific also offers extensive sales support, onsite service, onsite operator training, factory-trained technicians and special instrument clinics, all of which can not only extend the lifespan of products, but enable the equipment to be operated more effectively. These features, along with knowledgeable customer service managers and regular technical and science equipment seminars, put John Morris Scientific head and shoulders above others who sell just scientific equipment without training or technical support.

“Customers are beginning to recognise it’s not just about buying the technology,” says the company’s Managing Director, Andre Wyzenbeek. “Today’s savvy purchasing teams are also quite concerned about the function of the product and how their investment can be maximised to increase asset utilisation, results output and ensure a defined cost of ownership through dedicated local support – it’s these added values which cannot be replicated from Internet or international global suppliers.”

Andre, along with his brother Karl and their father Norbert – who serves as Chairman of the Board – is actively honouring the time-tested commitment to quality, service and selection set forth by the company’s founders nearly sixty years ago. With a full-time staff of eighty-five, the Wyzenbeek brothers represent the next generation of John Morris Scientific, making the company the largest and only third generation, privately owned scientific instrument supplier in the South West Pacific region.

“I’ve had a lifetime in the business,” says Andre, who grew up in the scientific equipment and laboratory supplies industry. Following studies in marketing and advertising, he joined the business as a full-time employee seventeen years ago, and remains proud of the company formed by his grandfather, John Lion Wyzenbeek, and Morris Garlick in Sydney back in April of 1956. The company continues the philosophy of its founders and sells only the finest products from over 60 of the best global suppliers from around the world.

Along with providing outstanding services, John Morris Scientific has earned an enviable reputation among customers for its reliability and speedy product turnaround time. Considering its staff, vendors and customers to be an integral part of the John Morris Scientific family, the company remains the perfect single-source choice for all laboratory needs. As a result, clients benefit from the company’s extensive product lists, and the advantages that come from working with an experienced business locally based.

“We’re one of the very few companies left that has a truly national presence in Australia and New Zealand,” says Mr Wyzenbeek. Able to provide extensive coverage and highly efficient service throughout Australia and New Zealand, the company’s fully equipped and computerised facilities and sales centres provide clients with prompt, efficient service at convenient locations. Customers are able to avoid many last-minute delays as the company maintains a significant inventory of over $2 million of lab products – especially high turnover items, such as pipettes, tips, accessories and spare parts.

At John Morris Scientific, the client can choose from a vast assortment of lab equipment and scientific products including accessories, replacement items, pumps of all varieties, balances and scales, cables, probes, calibration materials, chemical property testing products, water quality testing, respiration equipment, constant temperature products, critical environment and digital dispensing drives. Many industry sectors count on John Morris Scientific for their testing needs from environmental testing equipment through to cutting edge scientific research.

“We have a diverse range of customers, and that diversity is a large part of our strength,” comments Mr Wyzenbeek, which regularly supplies products to everybody from government research organisations and universities to environmental organisations, private industry and the nation’s growing petrochemical industry for exploration and product quality testing purposes.

“If you’re in the petroleum industry, I can guarantee that you’ll be working with John Morris for analysis of your petroleum products,” comments Mr Wyzenbeek of the company’s many analytical and automation devices, which are also regularly used in varied areas from drug research to airplane fuel testing.

Whenever customers make a purchase through John Morris Scientific, they receive much more than just the product – for more complex devices, they have the ability to access a wealth of knowledge through the company’s highly trained staff. “Most of our customers are very knowledgeable about their science but not necessarily knowledgeable about new or alternative technology which can assist their testing with more accurate, faster or more economical ways to achieve their results,” says Mr Wyzenbeek.

Through experienced product specialists – many of them university-educated and trained directly by the manufactures themselves – clients benefit from a wealth of information. Depending on the instrument and investment by the customer, product specialists will often fly directly to the customer where they will remain on-site at their facilities to train them on equipment capabilities and how to get the best use out of products. At special instrument clinics, clients are taught how to take routine care of laboratory equipment and how it should be used. “If you adhere to this onsite training, your laboratory equipment will not only have a longer life, it will require much less maintenance.”

Mr Wyzenbeek acknowledges that there is increasing pressure as companies they work with are being made to do more with less, and that “the concept of value has become more complex to understand,” with overseas competitors selling scientific equipment and laboratory supplies. As he says: buying sophisticated scientific products is about more than the product itself.

When an item costs just a few hundred dollars, potential customers will sometimes try to locate items from the cheapest possible suppliers. Many of these suppliers survive on razor-slim margins, without any actual stores, investment in training or infrastructure. Purchasing costly equipment from anonymous sellers is a risk. Some countries will not ship products to Australia or New Zealand, and will not honour product returns, warranties or offer training.

Consulting with clients about solutions, the company prides itself on its in-depth product knowledge, and will assist every step of the way, from training to integrating equipment into production lines. “John Morris Scientific takes care of all those functions,” says Mr Wyzenbeek. “We will help scientists, engineers, physicists, people who run factories and customers looking for ways to design new products. We will get inside their laboratory, their production area – and we’re specialists in instrumentation and solutions – and begin to make suggestions on how they might do things better, with our knowledge of the hardware and the toolbox of solutions that we have at our disposal.” John Morris Scientific is available to serve clients at their premises with specialised technical support and training.

With the motto, “Service Plus Solutions,” the company tests items prior to dispatch, maintains fully-equipped and computerised service facilities, offers fixed price calibration and preventative maintenance / service agreements and has a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) registered laboratory for pipette calibration.

“By focusing on much more than just the product, we are speaking directly to purchasing officers, who not only need to know how much the product will cost, but what the cost of ownership is of a product, and what the total cost of an investment will be,” states Mr Wyzenbeek. “It’s all well and good to buy from an organisation that makes it cheap to buy a product, and then stings you with everything else. With us, customers can actually predict what the cost of the product will be over a defined period of time, which brings safety and security back to the purchase. We want to be a part of our clients’ success, and will be there to offer solutions – not just sell the box. At John Morris Scientific we provide the full package – sales and servicing of instrumentation plus tailored solutions you can rely on.”

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