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Cablelogic is a privately owned, Western Australian company based in Bayswater. The company has become an industry leader in providing complete communication and technology solutions to Western Australian organisations and industry since its beginning, eighteen years ago.

With offices in Perth, Geraldton and Karratha, in addition to strategic partners in the Eastern States, Cablelogic serves customers throughout Australia.

Managing Director of Cablelogic, Brett Easton, had a dream to one day start his own company which he was able to do back in 1995. Starting as an electrician based out of his garage in Belmont, Western Australia, he slowly expanded by picking up a few government contracts and hiring a few extra guys. Back then, even though the business was still very small, the team had become quite well known for its quality of work.

Mr Easton was able to secure a few offshore contracts to perform work on oil rigs. From there, the company started doing commercial fit outs for Flight Centre, Coles and other stores. Over the next five years, the company grew to about twenty staff and, about nine years ago, Mr Easton bought his business partner out. The subsequent changes over the next six years took it from a two million dollar a year business to a twenty million dollar a year business. “There were a few challenges along the way,” shares Mr Easton, “but it was worth it.”

Today, Cablelogic has about seventy staff and works with approximately thirty subcontractors. The company even has a branch in Tasmania, primarily handling solar energy projects, which employs one full time manager and three subcontractors.

The company took its success to a new level by taking on projects in the mining industry and opening new branches in different areas. In the North West region of Australia today, there are over twenty Cablelogic staff. Indeed, the company has a broad reach across Australia now, delivering electrical services in the construction of multi storey buildings as well as renewable energy through its solar division. If data is what you need, Cablelogic does a great deal of cat 5 and cat 6 installation for Ethernet as well as fibre optics systems for mines and very fast connections and security cabling for airports and government. “We can pretty much connect anything – Ethernet, fibre optic and even wireless,” explains Mr Easton.

Cablelogic has also worked as far out as Mongolia where assistance was needed with some of the local contractors who needed some training as well as quality control. Within that consultancy role, Cablelogic was able to help build a large mine site.

After attending the Sunfair a few years ago, Mr Easton was able to see how solar systems worked. This trip inspired him to go back to school and study renewable energy; he gained an advanced diploma and was qualified to open a new branch of the company. “I had a real passion for it and I could see that it would be the future of the energy world,” he says. This new company, dubbed Renewablelogic, was launched because, as Mr Easton says, “I had a passion for helping the environment. I wanted to do the right thing by the environment, but also help people save on energy costs.”

Renewablelogic grew to become quite a substantial business, and was finally added into the Cablelogic brand as its solar power division. “I employed a manager for the division about seven years ago and today it makes up about thirty per cent of our business and it employs about twenty staff.”

Even though the company hasn’t entered into the realm of manufacturing, it is endorsed by several top level manufacturing companies because of the quality of its work and breadth of experience of its staff. For example, TE Connectivity endorses Cablelogic to warranty its products for up to twenty-five years. The company has also been endorsed by top solar panel manufacturers for similar warranties.

The fact that very large global players are willing to back the company with such high regard is what makes Cablelogic unique when compared to its competitors. But the company is able to stand behind its word, backed as it is by robust quality assurance, health and safety, and environmental management systems. “There aren’t many electrical contractors in Australia that meet those three standards and certification,” says Mr Easton. “We also have a decent footprint across Australia with a number of different branches.”

Indeed, Cablelogic is big enough to take on a hefty project yet small enough to be adaptable, as it can deploy quickly to remote locations if need be. “We’re still privately owned, so we can be flexible as far as changing and moving quickly,” Mr Easton explains. “We don’t have to wait for board meetings or shareholder meetings to approve things; I can approve things on the spot if needed. We have some very good, strong relationships with some large corporate and mining companies such as BHP and Rio Tinto; we work directly for them and we get endorsed by them.”

Not only does the team have the ability to fly out on the spot when needed, but the employees are available on short notice as well – even to remote locations. With many companies, there could be days or weeks between when the tradies are called in and when they actually arrive, and then the quality of work suffers because they are backed up and don’t have the time needed in their schedule to do more than the minimum job. Cablelogic, on the other hand, plans ahead and has systems in place for addressing all client needs, no matter when or where they crop up. The business is presently working on a five year growth strategy which was just put into effect last month. The strategy includes some fairly aggressive plans to quadruple business over the next five years across the service base and across Australia. Even though the economy has of course been a challenge, Cablelogic has plans to push through and continue to grow.

The company has taken on an advisor who has helped other businesses grow in a very short period of time. According to Mr Easton, “He’s done it all before; he knows the steps and strategies to take.” The first year of the plan will be a consolidation year, which will get the foundation of the company fit for the future while building up a little more cash flow and equity. The next phase will be a growth phase, starting in 2014 and 2015.

With such ambitious goals, it’s no wonder the company was featured in the top ten for the Rising Stars Awards in WA in 2009. This ranking is based on growth, sales, net profit and staff number. Cablelogic has also won a small business award in its business area, as well as an environmental award for best environmental company. The business has also been nominated for the National Electrical Contractors Association’s best project under two million dollars, for an old railway station that was converted into a medical centre.

Having strong relationships with leading communication and technology companies, Cablelogic continues to build a solid reputation for quality workmanship, service and commitment to all its customers. Eighteen years after it began, it remains at the forefront of disciplines from electrical and communications cabling through to renewable energy.

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