Australia’s Premier Manufacturing Event

National Manufacturing Week

NMW is hosted by Reed Exhibitions, widely acknowledged to be the world’s leading events organiser. With more than 500 exhibitions across 39 countries involving seven million participants last year alone, Reed Exhibitions knows how to throw a trade show. The company’s Australian team is dedicated to boosting the manufacturing industry through the unique platform that the dynamic event will offer.

The Importance of National Manufacturing Week

National Manufacturing Week – as with any trade exhibition – is ideally and uniquely suited to meet industry needs. The entire manufacturing sector gravitates toward this massive, all-encompassing event, providing an interactive one stop shop for industry dealings. “Tradeshows provide a platform and an opportunity for buyers and suppliers to come together and do business,” Paul Baker, Reed Exhibition’s Director of NMW, explains. “We provide a place where they can network, they can learn, they can see the latest products and technology, they can engage the five senses. No other marketing medium can provide that sort of interaction.”

Indeed, print, television, radio, telephone and internet simply can’t match the dynamic, face to face sales and marketing opportunities that NMW provides. “It is an opportunity not only to find new clients but to meet with existing clients as well,” Mr Baker points out. “You can strengthen and reinforce that relationship and foster it with new product or new ideas and education. [It creates] a chance to really build on that relationship.”

The large number of industry members that exhibitors and visitors will meet in just three days is particularly remarkable. “There is no other way to interact with so many people in such a short amount of time,” Mr Baker insists. And everyone present is there to interact, which dramatically slashes inefficiency. “The buyers are coming to you,” Mr Baker explains. “If they are making the time to come down, then they are there for a reason. They are there to talk business. It is a perfect opportunity.”

A wide variety of industry members will be present at this year’s show for a wide variety of reasons; generating sales is, of course, high on the list. New product launches are also an important focus for many participants, while others will take advantage of the platform for branding or re-branding exercises. Buyers will flock to the event to see this year’s newest products and innovations. For these attendees, “It is all about boosting productivity, improving safety, improving their competitive edge, becoming more automated, and making sure that they can do things in a much more cost effective manner,” Mr Baker reports.

Obviously, in today’s challenging manufacturing market, “optimisation and cost efficiency is really important,” he points out. “In Australia, our competitive advantage is that we are very innovative in terms of high end manufacturing.” NMW gives industry insiders an opportunity to view the latest in advanced manufacturing and high tech offerings to help them remain viable alongside tough international competition.

This Year’s Show

Reed Exhibitions works hand in hand with the manufacturing sector to develop NMW each year. “It is important that we partner with the industry,” Mr Baker points out. “We do a lot of research into what they want and what they need.” The team recognises that, because they are not industry insiders themselves, such effort is essential. “We are not experts in that industry, so it is important that we work with them to deliver something that is relevant,” Mr Baker explains. “Exhibitions are our expertise,” he adds. “We love what we do. [We want to] provide that platform for people to network and do business together.”

The company conducted extensive research to help determine the details of this year’s event. In December 2012, the team surveyed over 400 industry personnel on both the manufacturing and supply side to understand where the industry is going and what insiders will be looking for in 2013. One of their most significant – and encouraging – findings is that there are substantial plans for capital investments this year. “49.6 per cent of them said that they would make strong or moderate capital expenditure in 2013. So that’s a good sign that pockets of the industry are looking for growth. It is really pleasing.”

All industry members, whether or not they are planning for growth, will find a host of helpful information at NMW. And Reed Exhibitions’ ongoing research has led to several new and exciting offerings this year. One is a Sustainable Manufacturing Zone. Mr Baker points out that this addition is important not only to benefit the environment, but also to help the industry cope with rising energy costs and the carbon tax. “That has a big impact in their manufacturing bills,” he explains. Attendees will have an opportunity to explore ways to reduce their energy bills, improve waste management and recycling efforts, and learn more about sustainable business practices in general. “It definitely is something they need to look at to remain competitive.”

The Metals and Composites Zone is also new for 2013. This area of the exhibition includes a focus on new and emerging composite materials ideal for manufacturing processes. Composites carry significant advantages, including being stronger and lighter weight than many of their predecessors. An increasing number of these material solutions and technologies are being utilised by manufacturers today, Mr Baker explains. “And we will see that more and more in the industry.”

The company is also adding a new educational element to the event. There will be a variety of workshops “to make sure that [attendees] discover ways that they can improve their business practices and their business management,” Mr Baker reports. Once again, Reed Exhibitions has partnered with industry to deliver the most relevant, leading edge content. Experts within each topic field will be sharing crucial information about the newest technologies and industry innovations for 21st Century manufacturers. The benefits of attending cover a broad area. For example, workshop participants “can improve cost efficiency, they can become more automated, and they can provide value-add solutions to their customers.”

Evolving with the Industry

National Manufacturing Week has existed in its current form since the year 2000. The components of the show, however, have been around since the 1970s as part of the Australian International Engineering Exhibition (AIEE). The International Engineering component is still included in the current National Manufacturing Week, “but just branded differently,” Mr Baker explains. The entire event received a complete overhaul just three years ago. “In 2010 we rebranded it and simplified it,” Mr Baker reports. Before this, NMW consisted of ten separate shows. Now, the team has streamlined the event into a single show featuring 12 different product zones. “It is a way for buyers and suppliers to connect a lot easier and to find each other a lot easier,” Mr Baker explains. Under the new model, for example, a buyer looking for automated machinery can go straight to the Automation and Robotics Zone for easy access to all things robotic.

Some important aspects of the show have remained the same. Perhaps most notably, Reed Exhibitions will continue to enjoy a partnership with AusTech for NMW 2013. This advanced manufacturing and machine tool exhibition, which is organised and managed by AMTIL, will be co-located with National Manufacturing Week. The result will be a massive show that attracts all the major industry players around the country and across all manufacturing sectors.

Reed Exhibitions puts forth a tremendous amount of effort to keep NMW relevant, engaging, and advantageous to the industry. “We are pretty passionate,” Mr Baker remarks. The event organisers are dedicated to providing the best experience possible for both exhibitors and visitors. An eagerness to partner with the industry has been key, Mr Baker insists, “to make sure their experiences are beneficial.”

And, with a company as well placed as Reed Exhibitions, creating a winning event is second nature. “We are a global company,” Mr Baker points out. “We are the largest organiser in the world. We connect seven million buyers and suppliers together [each year]. That’s what we do and we love it.”

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