One Track Leads Door To Door

VISA Global Logistics

The company was founded by Director, and major shareholder, Vittorio Tarchi, who was pleased to divulge some key secrets to this sizable company’s success. “VISA Global Logistics got to where it is today thanks to our ability to gel together a partnership between individuals with completely different abilities and personalities but with a common drive to achieve excellence in our field,” he explains.

VISA Global Logistics prides itself on administering a true door to door service, paying very close attention to ensure all aspects of service are covered and taking full responsibility for all details. Mr Tarchi explains, “Many of our competitors claim to offer a true door to door service. The fact is that most of them rely on subcontractors along the supply chain process. As an example, when a customer’s cargo arrives in Australia and it is cleared through Customs, almost the totality of our competitors hand over the cargo control to an outside carrier, who in most cases has little or no ability to update the status of the delivery of a particular container.” The company keeps control of every shipment until the moment of delivery by transporting cargo with its own fleet of trucks.

VISA Global Logistics has an impressive range of services from the traditional air and sea international freight forwarding to Customs brokerage and consultancy, from cross docking to full 3PL (third-party logistics – providing outsourced logistics services for part, or all of a supply chain) management, from wharf container transport to e-commerce solutions. Its Customs Brokerage division, employing licensed Customs Brokers and Quarantine accredited staff, is electronically linked to the Australian Customs Service and all port container terminals. This full integration with the transport division allows delivery to be planned from the moment the clearance process begins. VISA’s air freight services have an international network with nearly 300 locations worldwide while its sea freight service can ship almost any type of cargo to almost any destination in the world.

Customers can feel confident knowing that, with VISA Global Logistics, their shipment will be monitored using an impressive online freight system giving the customer constant information on the status of their goods. “In 2004, the partners at VISA Global Logistics identified the need for an IT management platform that went beyond the usual off-the-shelf tracking systems so VISA Global Logistics’s in-house IT department developed an internet based management system we named “OneTrack,” says Mr Tarchi. “The main feature of this system is the total visibility and transparency of the status of a shipment.” What VISA Global Logistics sees on the screen is what its customers see.

The flexible system can be modified to cater to customers’ particular requirements. “For example, customers can determine who sees what; a warehouse manager does not need to see commercial invoices while a purchasing manager does. The system can also interface with most IT platforms used by importers or exporters. Finally, real-time reporting is how OneTrack sets itself apart from the majority of other systems on the market.”

For a customer to be able to see the progress of a shipment at any given moment is beneficial for more than just peace of mind, Mr Tarchi says. “The main benefit is, of course, better control of the status of a particular shipment. As the delivery status is updated in real time in our system, our customer, whether in Australia, China or an airport in between, can access OneTrack and actually visualise the signature of the person who accepted his goods anywhere in Australia.”

E-Commerce is everywhere and VISA Global is riding high on that wave. Mr Tarchi explains that, “The way the public shops has dramatically changed in the last few years due to ever-increasing offerings of products by online retailers (e-tailers). Several of our existing customers have established their own online outlets and have turned to VISA Global Logistics to assist with their IT platform setup.” With its understanding of the underlying logistics involved, the company has been able to deliver cost effective e-commerce solutions quickly and seamlessly.

“VISA Global Logistics prides itself on high levels of customer service by building and maintaining genuine long lasting partnerships with our customers. This is demonstrated by our growing list of blue chip clients and the length of relationships with our clients.” The company takes its relationships with its corporate clients seriously and strives for on-going improvement in this and all levels of its business. “This is achieved by investing in highly qualified and experienced personnel, quality processes and internal performance improvements, backed by our locally developed and managed online platform, VISA OneTrack. The Directors of VISA Global Logistics are based in different locations (Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand) to better cater to our client base.” As Mr Tarchi asserts, the aim is to be available and accessible to all the company’s clients. “We strongly believe in a hands-on approach.”

The company stresses the importance and development of VISA’s preferred transport partners. “Strategic alliances with key players in world transport have been of paramount importance to the growth of VISA Global Logistics.” Says Mr Tarchi, “VISA Global Logistics’ owners have always paid special attention to the development and maintenance of strong personal relationships, not only with shipping lines but also with port terminals, operators, and government agencies such as Customs and Quarantine.” The company supports this with its high level of communication between its different offices. “Our directors work in a variety of locations around the world and communicate constantly on how to ensure our services are high quality in every market we service.”

“VISA Global Logistics is able to offer potential customers several types of ‘contract logistics’ both in the international freight forwarding domain and in the warehousing and distribution area. Due to our strong relationships with major shipping companies, we are able to offer long term ‘fixed’ ocean freight rates to customers if required. On the 3PL side, we are able to offer either an ‘activity base’ contract, or a ‘cost plus’ or ‘facility management’ arrangement.”

VISA has provided logistics for clients in industry sectors ranging from information technology, mining and chemical to pharmaceutical, valuable cargo, textiles and clothing. The Director adds, “With our ever-increasing global presence, having opened six offices in China just last year alone, we are able to provide a personalised and consistent service from all over the world. We also encompass the entire supply chain involved in freight forwarding through our door-to-door service. Customers increase efficiency by only dealing with one company throughout the entire process.”

Visa Global Logistics was happy to celebrate its 30th anniversary last year. Special events in the past have seen functions with attendance of over 250 employees, strategic partners and customers, flying in from all over the country to celebrate business with VISA Global Logistics for consistently providing sterling service. The company has won several awards for contribution to the goals of the Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia.

“We plan to increase our global coverage, while striving to increase the level of service we provide our customers.” Mr Tarchi discloses, “I’ve walked into VISA Global Logistics every morning for the past thirty years and still love that buzz today as I did in 1982. When we welcome a new customer onboard, when we work at bettering our processes and services using the energy of our diverse team and when an existing customer says ‘job well-done,’ I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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