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Trampoline Gelato

Fun and funky, Trampoline Gelato – and its legendary products – is truly one of a kind. While Trampoline Gelato is a double scoop of fun with an irreverent, engaging style, the company is proud to be out making a difference in the world, one gelato at a time. Take it from the CEO of Trampoline Gelato, Amanda Walton, who says, “What we believe we’re in the market of doing is providing people with simple pleasures.”

Absolute Goodness

The first question that springs to mind is, how did Trampoline Gelato get its name? Trampoline Gelato makes “flavours that jump out at you,” with quirky names like Peanut Nutter, Spotty Dog, and Open Caramel Sesame. What makes Trampoline Gelato taste so good is no secret: all the milk and cream Trampoline uses is fresh, direct from Burra Foods in Gippsland. Burra Foods exports to Japan, where customers are very discerning about quality. “Gippsland is one of the best milk producing regions in Australia and even the world, so we know that the milk that comes out of there is the highest quality,” explains Amanda. “It’s also close to Melbourne, so the milk isn’t being transported halfway across the world.” Trampoline proves that there’s nothing better than gelato, made with creamy Gippsland milk, straight out of the churn.

Every Trampoline gelato and sorbet is mouth-watering magic made with love and real ingredients. There are no artificial colours or flavourings; just fruit, nuts, and farm fresh milk. With crushed Italian hazelnuts and praline pieces, Hazelnut Roche gelato is a delectable favourite. The Wildberry sorbet is worth going wild over, made with delicious blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Speaking of berries, it’s impossible to resist the Berry Pav gelato, which is loaded with fresh raspberries and meringue. The award-winning Lamington gelato is another delightful Aussie inspired treat.

If you’re feeling brave, Trampoline has gelatos that take a walk on the wild side, like Salted Caramel, Pistachio, and Banoffee Pie. With a base of real banana gelato swirled with crunchy biscuit crumble and a caramel sauce, Banoffee Pie really gets the tastebuds tingling. If you prefer good old-fashioned vanilla, you’re in luck at Trampoline: exotic Madagascar vanilla beans go into every heavenly Vanilla gelato. Yes readers, Trampoline Gelato blends flavour with style and spunk.

It’s no surprise that, when it comes to flavours, chocolate still reigns supreme. “So as much as we like to do things that are a bit surprisingly different, often it’s the old favourites that sell well,” explains Amanda. Serious chocoholics go mad for wicked Trampoline creations like Chocolate Crackle and Choc Therapy. Choc Therapy is pure bliss: made with famous Callebaut couverture chocolate topped off with smooth chocolate ganache, it is futile to resist.

Some Like it Hot

For those who like it hot, Trampoline has a delicious range of warm options. The saucy Sticky Date and Dark Chocolate Hot Puds are real winners. “We sell a lot of hot puddings. We obviously introduced them to try and reduce some of the seasonality of our business and to put something warm with the gelato.” These self-saucing puddings are quite simply irresistible.

Hot Wraps are another tempting treat: Amanda likens Hot Wraps to a roti wrap, except that they’re designed to be a sweet wrap with fillings like mascarpone, chocolate, coconut, fresh banana, and strawberries. “They’re a little bit like the product that they cook along the streets in Thailand: a sort of slightly savoury casing with sweet contents,” she explains. Again, all are made fresh on-site and served with a scoop of gelato.

Frozen yoghurt was all the rage in Australia back in the 80s, and it is steadily rising to fame again. Amanda reports that operators are flooding into the frozen yoghurt market and it will be interesting to see how it all ends up. How has Trampoline responded to this consumer fad? “Well, we’ve always had frozen yoghurt. We do have a soft serve frozen yoghurt available in the Brighton store, and it’s highly likely with any new store that we open that we’ll put frozen yoghurt with toppings into it just to give our customers a choice.” We also use our yoghurts as a base for our real fruit smoothies.

Happy Faces

Enjoying a nice gelato or sorbet is one of life’s simple pleasures. Trampoline Gelato is in the business of making people happy, creating the best quality gelatos and sorbets on the market. When customers walk into any Trampoline Gelato store, they can expect service with a grin and a welcoming atmosphere where they can sit back, relax, and enjoy. Customers may come to Trampoline because it’s a sunny day and they have some spare time and spare change on their hands, but make no mistake: getting people to feel good is incredibly important to the people at Trampoline Gelato.

Trampoline Gelato works with a range of charities, helping to bring a smile to those who need it most. Working with Challenge to help kids with cancer has been very rewarding for the company. Trampoline takes gelato to sick kids at the Royal Children’s Hospital on a regular basis and has received amazing feedback in terms of the impact it has on the kids. Amanda says that parents write wonderful thank you letters, grateful that their child has eaten their first meal, a Trampoline gelato, in weeks.

Working with the hospital and supporting Challenge has been a fulfilling journey, and now that Trampoline has a store at the hospital, the company has been able to get even more involved. Some people might think gelato is not good for kids who are not otherwise eating; Amanda explain that the company’s gelato contains nutrients from fresh fruit, real nuts, and premium quality milk. Thanks to this, the children are not eating an empty confectionary, and watching a child’s face light up while eating gelato is still one of the best parts of the job for Amanda: “Regardless of whether they’re sick or not, just seeing kids being so thrilled about the brand and about the product, and the joy that it gives them, is really exciting.” And because Trampoline gelato only contains around 6 per cent fat and the sorbets are fat free (unlike ice cream which contains between 10 and 18 per cent fat), it’s not too much of a guilty pleasure.

The company has steadily been increasing its fan base on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, highlighting store-specific offers, competitions, and giveaways to create a buzz. “Last year we had a competition called, ‘How Far Will You Go?’ where consumers had to post pictures of themselves in situations where they’d gone a long way to get their Trampoline,” Amanda shares. While Trampoline has quite a broad target market, ranging from the young to the young at heart, creating a social media platform is essential to connect with today’s tech-savvy teenagers.

Being Australian made and owned, Trampoline doesn’t take itself too seriously. “We like to have a bit of a dig at ourselves in an Aussie kind of a way and use Aussie humour, so hopefully, from a franchise perspective, that then translates into sales and profit.” Trampoline Gelato offers franchisees plenty of support and a high-quality product to sell that consumers love. Being quirky, cool, honest, and always delicious is at the heart of the brand. “That’s the aim: to make it feel fresh, to make it feel interesting, but also to try and educate at the same time.”

More in Store

Australians can expect to see and taste more of Trampoline Gelato in the future. Over the course of the next six years, the company will be opening up six new stores a year. “That’s the plan,” quips Amanda, who says that Trampoline is very particular when choosing store sites, aiming to get the best possible locations for franchisees. Trampoline will be developing the east coast first, before moving over to Western Australia. Queensland will be the first area of focus for Trampoline, with Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast being likely store locations. Amanda believes that the NSW market has plenty of potential for growth. While Perth already has many gelato operators, consumers are urging Trampoline to head over soon.

It is quite literally a company on the move, explains Amanda. “We’ve put our toe in the water in terms of going to a number of events and we’ve had high levels of success and enormous queues,” she says. Flexibility is built into the company’s business model as well; Trampoline food vans create a flexible, low cost option for franchisees, while if customers purchase heaps of Trampoline treats to use at their function, they gain control of the fabulous GoGo cart. It’s fun on wheels and gets the party rolling.

The gelato industry, as is the case with many food industries, has become much more competitive of late. Many high-profile American brands have recently appeared on the Australian market, but having foreign competitors come and go has only strengthened consumer faith in Trampoline Gelato. Customers are happy to support an Australian made and owned product. It’s just a matter of finding smarter ways to do business as the market gets more competitive – enabling mobile payments to speed up queues is just one option the company is exploring.

No matter if you prefer Lamington or Vanilla, Hazelnut Roche or Strawberry gelato, we can all expect to see more from this fantastic company soon. The hardest part will be choosing what to have. Make mine a double!

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