Design & Construct Superiority


Able to handle all project elements – facilitation, design, construction, and delivery – Spaceframe’s formula for successful on-time and on-budget delivery has earned the company numerous satisfied clients since 1972.

“We take the pain away,” says Peter Raspotnik, Director – Building and Construction. “With design and construct, there is a fair bit of trust between the client and us.” With a staff of 100, Spaceframe Buildings has its own estimators, construction managers, design managers, draftsmen, architects, and civil, structural, and electrical engineers under one roof, saving clients considerable time, energy and expense.

Founded on tradition and based on trust, Spaceframe was founded by Peter’s father, Managing Director Werner Raspotnik, to introduce a new level of service into the Australian design and construct industry. With decades of building experience, the registered engineer and member of the Institute of Engineers Australia has ensured that the Raspotnik name is synonymous with Spaceframe, and with superior quality design and construct solutions. “Execution is everything,” says the senior Mr Raspotnik, “and if you drive the job hard from day one, you’ve got time to focus on quality and still deliver on time with a great result.”

By taking the time to listen to customer needs, understand and appreciate their individual vision, and clarify all requirements with precision, Spaceframe has earned the loyalty of a wide range of clients, some of them working with Spaceframe for more than 20 years. With projects across Australia and internationally, the Spaceframe name is recognised worldwide, and the company has created an impressive portfolio of works throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea, China, Eastern Europe, the South Pacific and South America.

“The commercial reality is, you’re only as good as your last job, so consistency of service delivery is paramount,” says Mr Raspotnik.

Proud Family Business

At Spaceframe Buildings, the company’s many years in the industry and countless satisfied clients speaks volumes about the business, its principles, and its ongoing success. Proudly family-owned and operated, father and son Werner and Peter Raspotnik work alongside sister Jane. As Director – Administration, her background in law and accounting benefits the company and clients, particularly with Spaceframe’s legal and management functions. Helping to foster a culture of continuous improvement, Jane works closely with clients through the entire construction process, from initial approvals to final client handover, ensuring the processes can evolve as the business grows or legislation changes.

As a privately owned, family-run business, Spaceframe focuses on maintaining and fostering loyalty amongst its many clients and staff. “With our background, and the fact that it is a family company, we tend to take it fairly personally, and we tend to build projects as if they were our own,” states Peter Raspotnik. “The key is getting it right, from authorities and design all the way to the end.” With a very low staff turnover, a number of Spaceframe’s construction managers have been with the company between 15 and 25 years, a testament to the respect offered to employees at all levels.

From facilitating purchase of the space, to designing and constructing to the client’s vision, and delivering outstanding service from start to finish, Spaceframe provides an all-encompassing solution. Whether it’s a distinctive design, commercial or industrial construction, project management or a complete solution, whatever the scale, Spaceframe has the expertise and network of resources to quite literally provide it all.

With a countless list of successful projects both locally and internationally, a diverse range of loyal clients, many of whom have been with Spaceframe since its inception, and an increasing recognition amongst industry and peers for its design and construct innovations, Spaceframe represents an industry benchmark in design and construct solutions.

Realising that innovative design is part of the formula for project success, Spaceframe is proud to offer all clients a complete, end-to-end construction management service. Whether building an enormous under-cover warehouse, a purpose-built cold storage facility, or a multi-unit retail development, Spaceframe has the experience, skills, and strengths to expertly manage every project to ensure consistent quality and on-time outcomes.

When the company was formed, it began building kit sheds and larger kit garages, and grew into larger industrial projects. Today, Spaceframe’s average shed measures about 5,000 square metres, but it is not unusual for the company to be called upon to create massive sheds used as distribution centres for chain stores; a shed of 40,000 square metres or more would not be unusual for the company. “The bigger the better,” says Mr Raspotnik of the company, which sometimes combines several small sheds into one larger shed for clients to enhance their productivity.

Spaceframe also has a keen interest in furthering its work with the mining industry. Over the years, the company has successfully completed a number of mining-related projects, including the Roma Logistic Hub. A purpose-built facility for Santos created to maximise and make efficient the GLNG works in the Maranoa region, the Queensland project includes a building of 280 square metres comprising administrative offices, 3,000 square metres of warehouse, and over 10,000 square metres of external hardstand. Fully sprinkled and with hazardous goods storage in the building, Spaceframe also handled external road works upgrades for the client.

The company has earned repeat mining business from Custom Fluidpower, working on a number of projects for the company in Mackay and Banyo in Queensland. These include the design and construct of a 1,200 square metre factory with the capacity to expand to a total of 2,300 square metres, and an office component of 300 square metres, a staged project which permits maximum use of the site and flexibility for the future. The company also created the new headquarters for Custom Fluidpower. With specific machine bases and test pits, the structure is complete with overhead crane and maximum operating efficiencies, and includes 1,800 square metres of factory and 600 square metres of office space, with the capacity to expand to a total office component of 1,000 square metres.

Innovative Designs

Known for its award winning and innovative designs across all areas of civil, industrial and commercial projects, Spaceframe combines the latest technologies – including three-dimensional modelling and Revit technology – along with proven traditional methods, to create designs which are contemporary and to build spaces which are highly functional. Also committed to responsible design, the company incorporates sound sustainability principles into its designs, creating environments which blend sustainable design and relevant environmental factors.

One of the company’s most unique projects remains the Gold Coast City Marina. Located in Coomera, Queensland, the entire park was constructed on marine mud, and the project required the company to create solutions which surpassed traditional construction methods. The solution? A highly economical blend of “tilt-up” panels along with Colourbond sheeting. With unique slab and footing designs, the Coomera site has become an efficient and effective world class operating facility.

“We built the majority of it,” says Mr Raspotnik of the project, which saw Spaceframe design and construct a number of buildings, perform all the concrete hardstand, and take on the huge amount of civil works and earthworks involved.

To ensure all projects run as smoothly as possible, Spaceframe’s expert construction management team bring a great deal of experience to all aspects of the job, and ensures efficient time management of the approvals process across all regulatory authorities. Through meticulous planning and strong, effective communication, the company is able to ensure all trades work effectively in parallel with one another to deliver outstanding results.

From initial contact through to completion, Spaceframe takes care of all aspects of a project to ensure exceptional service delivery, the key to the company’s success. In the business for four decades, Spaceframe has developed and fine-tuned a fully integrated infrastructure and service delivery model, one that enables the company to provide clients with whatever services they require, undertaken with the utmost care and efficiency. The result is a high level of customer satisfaction and repeat business, knowing Spaceframe offers among the finest intelligent design and construct solutions.

With decades of experience, a commitment to complete customer satisfaction, and a team of dedicated and enthusiastic employees, Spaceframe Buildings plans to keep the business family-run. “We’re pretty comfortable in what we do,” says Mr Raspotnik. “I think the key is managing the product that we deliver. The goal is to continue to grow and develop the business on the industrial side.”

In business for 40 years, Mr Raspotnik says the goal is to keep doing what Spaceframe does best: work hard, and serve its customers. “We’re too busy to celebrate the anniversary,” he says, laughing.

Making Sense of Management

Management is the art, or science, of getting things done through people. Sounds fairly straightforward – except for the fact that people are not robots waiting to do our bidding. People have their own minds, motivations, and goals. So how do managers keep operations – and the people behind them – running as planned?

January 18, 2019, 3:30 AM AEDT