Catching the Wind – and the Imagination


Today, a yacht can be a motor powered vessel or a sailboat, and both types are primarily used as leisure craft. Yachts can range in size from 10 metres to over 30 metres in length; craft over 50 metres in length is generally referred to as a super yacht, while vessels under 10 metres in length are typically referred to as cabin cruisers.

Australian company Maritimo Offshore has been setting new benchmarks in yacht construction since 2003. Owner Bill Barry-Cotter had originally been the owner of Riviera which at the time was one the biggest yacht builders in Australia. Bill sold Riviera in 2002 and a year later launched Maritimo Offshore. The company now sells beautiful luxury yachts all over the world, in Europe, Asia, the United States of America and of course Australia, to anyone interested in living the high life aboard a beautiful world class yacht.

The business now maintains two factory locations, one in Coomera, which is the head office, and another at Hope Island. Maritimo utilises a series of dealers located all over the world as well as one location on Hope Island that also offers boat servicing. At the company’s main factory locations are around 100 employees; some have been working alongside Bill for over 30 years. “They are a real sort of good old crew of very good boat builders with a lot of experience,” says Bill. “Not only that, but we all get along great and that helps the work get done more efficiently.”

The company has endured through the GFC and is now thriving while building a brand new range of motor yachts. “These are high end, well finished, and very fuel efficient boats,” Bill explains. “The key is the seaworthiness of the boat and the fuel efficiency of the boat. These boats are better than anything else on the market by a long shot; they have a very innovative layout, with a full beam master cabin that you normally really wouldn’t see in a boat under 80 feet. We went that route because we wanted to establish a real point of difference in the market… we pushed to get some real innovation, to add quality that no one else can offer.”

Bill has been designing boats for 40 years, and enjoys a well-earned reputation as Australia’s most awarded boat builder. Leading the way in engineering excellence, exceptional build integrity and innovative design, Bill’s vision and lifelong passion is realised in Maritimo’s collection of luxury motor yachts without peer.

The company is presently working on a new 50 foot yacht which will be released in time for the Miami Yacht Show in February. “We do a lot of boat racing and one of our boats even one the world championship in the US,” says Bill. In fact, the company has won a number of awards, including Imported Motor Yacht of the Year for its 58 foot Enclosed Fly-Bridge Motor Yacht. The company’s winning history is just one of the reasons Maritimo is so well known within the industry.

All the design work for the boats produced by Maritimo is done in-house by the owner of the company. The boats and components are built right at Maritimo’s factory, everything hand crafted by the experienced staff so no two boats are exactly alike. Bill explains, “It’s all employed labour [rather than sub-contracted] and the thinking behind that is, we can get better quality and we’ve got more control over how the boats are being put together.”

The company’s clientele includes many small business owners and experienced boaters who are looking for a top quality, hand crafted boat. Many of Maritimo’s customers have owned other boats in the past and are looking for something better. Along with high quality craft, Maritimo offers top customer service as well, including financing, insurance, craft management and servicing.

Customer service comes in all shapes and sizes for Maritimo, because its dealers are spread out all over the world. However, if there is ever any kind of serious issue the company will send out one of its factory employees with over 30 years of experience to anywhere in the world to troubleshoot a solution. No matter what the issue, the company is 100 per cent committed to its customers.

Certain elements of government, including the high dollar and increasing bureaucracy, are making it a challenge for Maritimo to remain competitive in the marketplace. Bill finds himself having to compete with a lot of other boat makers, particularly in the Asian market. “My attitude to that is that we really just have to do what we do better; these new designs have to be better than the competition and the quality must be better. We mightn’t be the cheapest, but we are defiantly the best.” Maritimo has every intention of blowing the competition out of the water with its new range of motor yachts.

The company is actually the only boat maker in Australia to have ISO 9001 accreditation. At every step of the way, Maritimo’s products are monitored by a third party marine survey quality control agent. The solid fibreglass bottoms are constructed with hand laid lamination; the engine room liners undergo a patented bonding process; and the engineering and electrical systems are among the cleanest, best organised and most protected in the world.

Every area on a Maritimo yacht is designed to be space efficient, while still allowing for ample storage and maximum comfort. Beautifully crafted internal staircases, wide walk-around decks and easily accessible engine and electrical components round out the package.

Maritimo boasts that its crafts’ seaworthiness is second to none, with quiet, reliable comfort that makes handling in the roughest of seas nothing less than a pleasure. With an advanced variable dead rise hull, engine and fuel tanks over the centre of buoyancy and shaft angle of between 7 and 9 degrees, the perfect weight distribution ensures a dry ride with excellent balance and stability.

Going forward, the company is looking to further worldwide expansion. It has recently established some new dealers in Monaco and a few prospective dealers in Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela. “We are also looking to expand our marketing side a bit more, sort of spread our wings there,” says Bill. Maritimo will continue to compete in races and yacht shows around the world, exhibiting its top quality craft to the industry at large. And of course, it will continue to provide a customer service experience that is second to none.

Look for Maritimo to exhibit its products at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May 2013, the company’s 10th year of operation.

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