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Complete Campsite

Complete Campsite delivers outstanding quality and customer service and its hard floor, soft floor, and hybrid camper trailers offer a lifetime of off-road luxury and adventure. “They will go anywhere that you want them to go,” owner Jodie Joyce says.

Complete Campsite was originally launched in 1991, but underwent a major transformation after Grant and Jodie Joyce bought it in 2004. Over the coming years, employee numbers jumped from four to 40 as the company successfully expanded its product line with several new models designed to accommodate a range of lifestyles.

Complete Campsite designs and manufactures each camper trailer in-house. This means that the final product is Australian-made. The company uses local components wherever possible during the manufacturing process. “We try to use Australian-made products wherever we can to keep local industry alive,” Jodie explains. “I think that is very important. Australian manufacturing is definitely dying. [We are] supporting Australia and trying to keep manufacturing in Australia going.”

By manufacturing each camper in Australia, Complete Campsite guarantees that all of its products comply with top Australian standards. RVs manufactured overseas unfortunately do not have this guarantee. “That’s a bit of an issue going on in Australia at the moment,” Jodie reports. “There are a lot of imported camper trailers coming into the country that aren’t compliant… The buyer should be aware when buying this product.”

By keeping the manufacturing process close to home, the Complete Campsite team has full control over product quality. “And we won’t compromise on quality,” Jodie insists. “We source the best products. We certainly won’t fit any fittings to our trailers that haven’t been tried and tested and of the highest quality.” These high standards do come at a cost, and Complete Campsite trailers are priced at the higher end of the market. “If people say they want to spend less money, the only way that we would do that is to remove items rather than compromise on quality. Quality is definitely our focus.”

Complete Campsite is also committed to customer service. The team works closely with each client through the entire lifecycle of the product – from the initial consultation through to the manufacturing and customisation process, and for years after the sale. “We take our customers on a journey,” Jodie explains.

The company is known for its comprehensive after care service, and every Complete Campsite product comes with a three year warranty. “We’ve got pretty much 24/7 contact with our customers if needed,” with service agents throughout most areas of the country. Even if the customer finds themselves with a malfunction “in the middle of nowhere,” Complete Campsite will still do everything it can to remedy the issue.

Even after a warranty expires, the team is still committed to providing service and support. “Even if their warranty has run out… we would still assist because that not only helps keep them happy, it helps us in our development process,” Jodie explains. “So we have always told our customers that we are not here just for the three years then, ‘see you later.’ We would like to hear any feedback so we can constantly improve our products and make sure things don’t go wrong.”

Jodie also gives her employees ample credit for the company’s success. “We value them very highly,” she says. “If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here.” The feeling is mutual; many employees have been a part of the team for over seven years and most plan to stay with the company long-term. In addition to offering a supportive, family-owned and operated work environment, the company invests in its employees through ongoing training and certificate earning opportunities. The continued learning helps staff members to further their careers, and encourages the team to “think all the time about better ways of doing things.”

Jodie points to customer loyalty as evidence of the company’s outstanding quality, customer service, and employee dedication. Even though each camper trailer is designed to last a lifetime, many customers are so enthused with the product that they choose to upgrade despite the fact that their original trailer is still going strong. “I think that speaks for itself,” she explains. “You wouldn’t get repeat customers if you weren’t offering something worthy.”

Complete Campsite offers several different types of camper trailers to ensure that every customer can find exactly what they need. Soft floor models contain a canvas tent with heavy duty PVC flooring that folds out to form a pliable base. Hard floor models feature a trailer that flips over to lie on the ground, creating a firm bed for the tent to rest upon. Each one has its advantages. Although “they are both very quick and easy to set up,” the hard floor models require slightly less preparation, so many customers find them to be more convenient. The soft floors, on the other hand, offer more floor space and a larger storage capacity than the hard floor models. Therefore, as a general rule, soft floor models appeal to families seeking more room, while couples tend to prefer the convenience of the hard floor trailers.

The hardtop or hybrid camper trailer offers a third option. Two recently introduced models, the Exodus 11 and Exodus 14, are made of a single, moulded fiberglass shell. With no canvass to erect, campers can simply park the trailer and open the door. The ease of use has made the hardtop an instant hit. “The Exodus 11 and 14 have definitely beaten our expectations in terms of interest and sales,” Jodie reports. “It appeals to so many people. There is no manual set up at all [and these campers] can go anywhere anybody wants to take them. They have just blown our expectations out of the water.”

All Complete Campsite models can come fully stocked with every available convenience, from electricity and hot water showers to en suite floor plans. Regardless of which model customers choose, they can count on top-of-the-line luxury. “[Our camper trailer is] really the pinnacle of its market,” Jodie reports. “There is nothing better.”

The team customises every camper trailer to meet each client’s specific needs. “I don’t think we build any two campers quite the same,” Jodie says. Because the company manufactures its own product, she explains: “We can pretty much do anything [customers] want.” Soft floors offer more customisation options, including storage capacity for quad bikes, motorbikes, boats, and kayaks. The team has even outfitted a camper trailer to accommodate a customer’s ultra-light glider so he can enjoy flights right from his campsite. Complete Campsite can also provide a range of customisations for campers with disabilities. Accommodations include wheelchair accessibility and storage space for oxygen machines or other bulky medical equipment.

The Complete Campsite team is also working towards developing an entirely new type of camper that they hope to roll out in the near future. The company refuses to rush the complex process of product development, so the release date is still unknown. “We certainly don’t want to make any mistakes getting product out that hasn’t been through our full testing and development process,” Jodie explains. Instead, the team is “making sure that the products we have stay at the top of the market,” by devoting ample time to R&D.

Whether soft floor, hard floor, or hard top, every Complete Campsite trailer will take customers anywhere that they want to go. With customised, luxury fittings and spacious accommodations, campers leave nothing behind but their cares and worries. In quality, customer service, and off-road ability, Complete Campsite truly goes further.

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