Life in the Cloud

Blue Apache

Blue Apache Information Systems is leading the pack with innovative, user friendly IT solutions. “We have been building what is now known as cloud computing for over 10 years,” Blue Apache Managing Director Chris Marshall reports. And, as long time industry insiders, the team understands exactly what clients need.

“Over the last 14 years that we’ve been in business, the trait that we’ve seen is that technology has been continually dictating to businesses what they can do… we are really about flipping the control of IT. Making sure that IT is there to support the business and it’s not dictating what the business can and can’t do.” Blue Apache’s phenomenal growth – 122 per cent over the last 12 months – is evidence of its successful approach to IT delivery. “We are in a very unique position, and that’s because we aren’t just a cloud provider that says, ‘OK, here are the resources,’” Mr Marshal points out. “[With competitors] you can log onto a website, enter your credit card and you’ve got cloud resources available to you. And that’s great, but what do you actually do with them once you’ve got them?” Instead of leaving clients to navigate this rapidly evolving territory alone, “Blue Apache is about taking organizations on the journey from a traditional silo infrastructure into this new, agile world of cloud computing.”

With Blue Apache’s unique emPOWER Services (CeS), the team is not just providing a commodity; it has the consultancy services around it that enable a business to get the most value out of the cloud. The infrastructure convergence that emPOWER provides mitigates the increasingly common challenges around IT sprawl and infrastructure management that businesses face today. Blue Apache explains that “This is achieved by integrating the current silos that exist within your organisation’s servers, storage, networking and security into shared pools of interoperable resources all managed through a common management platform. The net result is a converged service that enables an organisation to transform technology into a business advantage by being able to adapt easily and innovate rapidly to deliver the value the business needs.”

Furthermore, “we own the solution end to end, [unlike] a lot of our competitors,” Mr Marshall adds. “We’re taking a very different approach and that’s why we’ve actually made the investment in the infrastructure. We own our own core network which allows our customers to connect right into our cloud without having to traverse the internet. It is a true private cloud environment.”

In addition, cloud technology negates the need to invest in traditional IT infrastructure, software, and licenses, which Mr Marshall labels “depreciating assets.” The flexibility of cloud computing means that businesses can scale up instantly and, because Blue Apache offers all of the required licensing in a subscriber based model, organizations are able to utilize better platforms without the financial risk. “A subscription model of being able to pay for it on a per user per month basis allows organizations to take advantage of these more sophisticated technologies, which in turn makes them more efficient and a more viable business,” Mr Marshall explains.

With over a decade of experience in cloud computing and a ground breaking approach to service delivery, Blue Apache has created an ideal way to access the latest and most advanced technology. “If you are thinking about cloud, think of us,” Mr Marshall advises. “It is about being a partner for the journey. It is not just a commodity sell. It really is about working with an organization that can help you deliver a technology platform that allows you to respond to your customer’s demands.”

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