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Infinity Fire Protection

The New South Wales Fire brigade reports that in Metropolitan East section alone there were 5,179 fires in one year. 1,681 of those were in buildings where 28 persons were rescued from possible death.

When someone is sitting in the waiting room at the Concord Repatriation Hospital in Sydney, the last thing on their mind is the systems that are in place to keep them safe. The fact of the matter is that when a fire sparks in a building that size, the time it takes for the staff and patrons to exit should be very quick; unfortunately, more often than not it can be extensive. In a hospital there are other factors to think about as well; there is a checklist, and someone must make sure that everyone is out before they themselves can exit. There are numerous flammable products in the building which pose their own problem, including plenty of explosive oxygen. In fact, more often than not there is enough oxygen in a hospital to cause an explosion that could level the entire building to the ground. Needless to say, any fire that decides to show its ugly burning face in a building like this should be put out immediately, either by staff using a nearby extinguisher, or an automated system.

We simply cannot overstate the importance of the fire protection systems that are required in all buildings, both residential and commercial, and the company that has been trusted to maintain them, keep them up to code and ensure that disasters don’t happen.

Recently there has been a shortage of work for construction tradespeople and other tradies alike. This shortage of work often prompts these workers to dabble in other types of business, offering a lower price than say, a certified fire maintenance company, in order to make ends meet. The minimal barrier to being able to inspect a fire system for the fire council is a trade certificate, but an operator who truly knows his stuff will go far beyond this, and will have the insurance to back it up. This author has said it before, and will say it again – you almost always get what you pay for. It takes a certified fire protection system maintenance company to get the job done right.

Infinity Fire Protection has around 40 vehicles and over 65 certified tradespeople who specialise in fire protection system maintenance and inspections. With over twenty years of experience, the company started in Dural, New South Wales, supplying pumps to the fire industry. In 1996 the business moved to Castle Hill, and added a specialty – and Sydney Fire Protection was born. The company remained as such until 2009 when it had successfully grown throughout the east coast and had to change its name to Infinity Fire Protection. Infinity’s main office is currently located in Erskineville, New South Wales, and it offers service to just about anyone who needs it anywhere along the east coast of Australia. What’s better, the company has someone on call 24 hours a day so that you can report an issue and get a solution right when you need it.

In the words of George Reboredo, Infinity Fire Protection’s National Sales and Marketing Manager, “We’re big enough to react, small enough to care. Our motto is ‘unparalleled customer service.’”

The company boasts a broad selection of insured and certified tradespeople, trained and specialised to properly inspect and maintain all fire inspection systems. These tradies include plumbers, sprinkler fitters, panel technicians, electricians and carpenters. Infinity doesn’t employ subcontractors, choosing instead to maintain fulltime staff members who receive comprehensive training and are assigned to work regularly on specific sites. Workers become familiar with individual buildings and systems, and know exactly what to look for during the inspection process.

In fact, when interviewing a potential employee, Infinity’s managers don’t just look at credentials (trade certificates); they ask themselves, “Would I have this person over for dinner?” If the answer is no, they move on to the next interviewee. A rocket scientist might apply, but if he doesn’t fit in with the company motto then management will find someone who does. A good tradesman who can also engage with clients in a positive way is a good fit at Infinity.

Why is it so critical that fire systems be inspected properly? “Number one, it’s statutory legal requirement to keep fire services in good working order,” explains Mr Reboredo. “Once a year, similar to a car, fire services need to be assessed and certified and that certification needs to be submitted to your local council. Number two, is life and property safety; we keep things from burning to the ground.”

When calling for a quote on having an installed system maintained by Infinity Fire Protection, one can count on a visit to perform a survey of the installed system. A building might have a sprinkler system, fire detection system, extinguishers, hydrants or hose reels (to name a few options). The initial goal is to identify which systems are in place and then apply a relevant maintenance standard and from there, formulate a plan and cost. An agent will be specially assigned and then the building owner can rest easy knowing that they are in good qualified hands.

Infinity Fire Protection can also offer complete emergency evacuation training services. Depending on the type of building and how many occupants it has, there are a number of different scenarios that Infinity can train people for. Infinity Fire Protection will actually take a survey of the entire building and then tailor a custom training package for that building. “There is no ‘one off’ course that suits everyone,” explains Mr Reboredo. “It’s really a matter of ‘horses for courses,’ depending on the size of the building and what it’s used for. It’s a big and broad beast.” Such training can be challenging, particularly with residential buildings, but it is a requirement that is being enforced more and more each day.

From day to day, it’s not that often that the general public thinks about fire safety. They put their trust in the certified tradespeople who spend their days making sure that the systems are in place to keep them safe. For example, the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Lane Cove Tunnel, Cross City Tunnel, Epping Eastwood Rail Line, the Channel 7 Building, and Australia Square all put their trust in Infinity Fire Protection along with Bennelong Apartments in Sydney, Sydney South West Area Health Service, Transfield Services, Macquarie University, Sydney Ports, Colonial First State Global Asset Management, Dexus Property Group, Investa Property Group, Jones Lang LaSalle, Railcorp, Knight Frank, Brookfield Multiplex, Colliers International and the GTP Group, to name a select few.

Infinity is also planning to further broaden its roster of clients within the next three years by embarking upon nationwide growth. According to Mr Reboredo, the formula is already in place following the company’s move into Brisbane and Canberra. “We are part of a group of three companies,” he explains: “Infinity Fire Protection, Prime Water Australia, and Prime Pumps; the pump company already has a national footprint.” The expansion, then, is the logical next step for this company which prioritises safety and service above all else.

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