Refuel The Beast

Monster Energy

Are you ready to tackle anything your day throws at you? Do you have the energy to rip through the urban jungle? Or are you struggling to keep up with the crazy pace of the daily grind? No one knows how to power up people more than the creative geniuses working behind the scenes at Monster Energy, the number 1 energy drink brand in the USA.

With killer drinks that have the whole world talking, Monster Energy is not just a brand; it’s a phenomenon. A truly awesome Monster brew is set to hit the Australian market on September 1st and it’s going to be unstoppable. “So far this product has been a great success for Monster in America and other countries that it’s been launched,” says Australasian Manager Adrian Hunter. So what happens when you combine the incredible taste of Monster Energy – minus the fizz – with the world’s most popular drink and throw in some juice? Australia is all set to find out.

The X-Factor

There is no denying the popularity of energy drinks with Australian consumers; just take a look at how many different brands squeeze onto supermarket shelves. Creating a distinct brand image, one that consumers will instantly recognise, is essential. Monster Energy is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, maintaining a prominent presence at extreme sporting events and music festivals around the country. The brand logo of a savage claw swipe is unmistakeable, and people enjoy wearing Monster gear like hats, shirts and jackets bearing the distinctive emblem. Rather than making people feel like a walking billboard for the brand, Monster merchandise is fashionable, edgy and designed to make a statement.

Monster may live and breathe that hardcore alternative style but the brand remains inclusive, not exclusive, being readily available in stores. The beverages are always on trend but unpretentious with electrifying names like Anti Gravity, Hammer and Ripper. Monster Energy is definitely the cool kid on the block with a huge global fan base. The company has integrated a solid digital platform incorporating social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into a successful grassroots marketing strategy. “We have great feedback from our consumers,” comments Mr Hunter, adding that fans are extremely loyal to the brand. “If you’re not putting the social media aspect at the top of the list in any company, it doesn’t matter who you are, I think it is probably a big mistake.”

While people are used to seeing energy drink commercials on television, Monster has a fresh approach to marketing that sets it apart from the competition. Forget annoying radio jingles and television ads that interrupt your favourite show; Monster doesn’t do any above line marketing. At Monster Energy, marketing is all about celebrating with fans, supporting the extreme sports scene and living life large with drinks that turn up the volume.

So what goes into developing and manufacturing the beverages that make Monster Energy the second most popular energy drink in the world? The R&D team in the USA researches innovative ideas to see what can and can’t be incorporated into new products. Mr Hunter credits Mark Hall as being ‘the innovator’ behind the flavours that have made Monster Energy famous worldwide. Meticulously examining the taste preferences of specific markets means that every Monster product will be right at home wherever in the world it’s launched.

What are Australians looking for in an energy drink? “People are looking for something new; it’s a very innovative category, it’s a very competitive category,” says Mr Hunter. People want to taste fun flavours that are a bit experimental. Australian consumers appreciate fresh, clean flavours; with our British roots, we are largely a nation of tea drinkers. One complaint some consumers have regarding other energy drinks is that some taste a bit medicinal and have an unpleasant aftertaste. Monster Energy, on the other hand, delivers wicked and refreshing taste sensations, and with flavours ranging from creamy coffee to fresh tropical juices, this is no one trick pony… more of a wild beast.

Awesome Flavours

You know the ‘I’ve been partying all night and I have work tomorrow’ feeling? You need something that will kick your weary self into action fast. Monster Energy’s latest creation, Rehab, is specially formulated to revitalise tired bodies and minds. Rehab has already been giving Americans the power to tear through the day ahead. Now it’s time to zap Australians into action with a fully loaded formula cooked up by the whiz kids at Monster Energy. Rehab was inspired by the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas. Every weekend, usually on a Sunday night, the casino holds an amazing pool party called Rehab. The vibe is pure Vegas, making Rehab popular with patrons recovering in style from the previous night’s mayhem.

Rehab is refreshingly different to what’s available on the market today. While Rehab comes in the standard 500ml can consumers expect from Monster, it’s very easy to slam down, perfect for people on the go. Rehab is non-carbonated which means zero fizz. And besides delivering an insane blast of energy, Rehab rehydrates the body with potassium, magnesium and sodium, making it the perfect hangover cure. While Rehab does not contain as much caffeine as the other Monster beverages, it still packs a mighty punch that will have you buzzing.

While the wicked Monster Energy formula lurks inside Rehab, there’s something extra in this crazy brew that’s really unexpected – tea. Don’t expect to unwind with this little ripper though… Rehab is fully loaded and ready to rev you up and get you going. Enjoy the explosive fusion of tea and citrus flavours that will have you coming back for more Rehab the next time you need a boost. With no lingering aftertaste and very little sugar, Rehab is one slick concoction.

If you are a fan of the much-loved original Monster Green or any of the Lo-Carb or Import products, you’re going to love Rehab, and the launch of the drink is going to be celebrated in true Monster style. The exciting news will be announced to fans over Facebook and Twitter. There will also be extensive communication with various points of sale, and then it’s time to ‘Unleash the Beast!’ “We anticipate doing a Rehab party in October in and around the Gold Coast V8 race,” says Mr Hunter. Just imagine fast cars, the sexy Monster girls, loud music and all the Rehab you can drink… it’s going to be wild! Speaking of partying, Monster has double reason to celebrate with this year marking the 10th anniversary of Hansen’s Natural, Monster’s parent company, in the USA.

Power Surge

Developing unbeatable beverages that taste fantastic with knock out looks means empty cans and satisfied consumers who are happy to support the brand. Value for money plays into buying decisions and with giant 500ml cans, Monster has that area sorted. But people want more than just an energy drink; they want to be able to identify with the brand and what it represents. Monster is dedicated to making the dreams of talented musicians and athletes come to life by providing sponsorships and actively supporting the scene. Some of the hottest bands around like Amity Affliction, The Bloody Beetroots and Bullet For My Valentine continue to wow audiences around the world thanks to continued support from Monster Energy. Standing by sporting superstars pushing the limits in their field – like Ken Block, Matt Mingay and Rob Dyrdek – has always been at the heart of the brand as well. Monster is proud to be backing the next generation of legends ready to pursue their dreams and smash the records set by their idols before them.

Monster Energy is one beast of a brand that refuses to be restrained, always aiming to be a powerful market leader. Since September of last year, Monster Energy has grown by 67 per cent, particularly impressive given the fierce nature of the marketplace. Mr Hunter believes that becoming more price specific has been an integral part of fuelling the impressive growth. “Last year we had a bit of a restructure in our pricing. This is a very competitive set we have here in Australia so we need to look outside the box sometimes and continue to push forward.”

In the Australian arena, making an impact as an energy drink brand is more difficult than it is overseas. “It’s a tough competition out there.” Continuing to prioritise product development and innovation has made Monster Energy a strong player in the Australian market. “We do continue to chip away at every market that we’re in and in 70-80 per cent of the markets that we attack over a period of time, we do become number 1.” This year, the brand is expected to grow a further 15-20 per cent, placing Monster hot on the heels of its competitors.

Mr Hunter will pretty much guarantee that once you take just one sip of Rehab, you’re in for “a good, pleasant surprise.” Get set for a unique tea-infused Monster with a spike of citrus that will zing you through whatever life throws at you. Don’t miss out on the latest addition to the Monster Energy family set to rock Australia.

Refuel your tank the Monster Energy way and try something different. Get a can of Rehab in your hand, drink up and become a part of the living legend that is Monster Energy.

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