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Truckworld Rental

Tony Ives, Director of Truckworld Rental in Western Australia, is excited by the possibilities his work with the company presents him with each and every day. The dynamic company responds to market trends and demands with a speed and fluidity unmatched by other major corporate road transport providers. There is no waiting for a monthly board meeting; when a decision needs to be made to provide a product or service that the market demands, Tony can – and will – make it.

Truckworld Rental provides transportation equipment for Western Australia’s growing mining and infrastructure industry and all sectors of the general road transport industry and has grown to be a major player due to its reliability and willingness to work with clients to provide the equipment and service that will best meet the client’s needs.

A division of Truckworld WA, Truckworld Rental was founded in 2003 to showcase the Mack line of products to the industry and to get bums in the seats of some of the most exciting new products available in the transport marketplace. Shortly after the company’s founding, trailers were added to the line and it soon became apparent that the rentals division of the company offered a distinct service and needed an identity and marketing of its own.

Over the past five years, Truckworld Rental has established itself in the market as a major provider of rental equipment, and a company that can offer the most flexible and all encompassing service available.

Joining the company as Fleet Manager in 2009, Tony Ives saw increasing market demand, and in response he began to grow the company, which at the time offered a fleet of 123 pieces of equipment. Today, the company boasts a fleet of over 400 pieces, with 100 more on order and expected for delivery by this November. “We’ve come from humble roots,” Tony says, “to become a major player in the West Australian market.”

As with many such beginnings in a fickle industry, however, it hasn’t been the long-term plans which have dictated the company’s success. “Its initial conception wasn’t to begin a rental business, but instead to offer a couple of pieces so that customers could try before they buy,” explains Tony. It was the market that demanded Truckworld Rental expand its offering, and this has been the philosophy of the company ever since – to grow in the direction dictated by the market and to work diligently to provide the equipment really needed by customers.

“Our business plan doesn’t dictate a particular mix of products,” says Tony. “We build the business up based on what our customers say they want. It’s a simple business plan because we’re not held back by any corporate bureaucracy.”

The company, being a regional provider in Western Australia with no corporate headquarters or national office, is able to change direction quickly, or to work with clients individually in a way most major corporate providers are not. As an example of this capability, Tony points out that only six months ago the company did not offer any water tankers; today, Truckworld Rental offers ten of them, a decision that was made based on demand and market trends. In the time it took Truckworld Rental to identify the demand and bring the products to the market, a major corporate supplier would only have begun what for them would be a major review process.

“It’s very exciting,” emphasises Tony, “because it’s constant change. I’m the Sales Manager, I’m the Director, but my key role as I see it is as a salesman; I can go into a corporation today and I can make the decision on the spot. If I go into a meeting today and they tell me what they want, if they can give me five minutes I can work it out and I can say yes or no without going back to anybody else for approval.”

It is this responsiveness and flexibility which attracts many of the company’s clients, and which allows Truckworld Rental to maintain close and lasting relationships in the industry. “We’ve forged some good strong relationships by putting modern, presentable, and reliable equipment out there, and major players are now coming to us asking us for quotes and opportunities. Our reputation is now starting to precede us.”

This flexibility and ability to work around client needs also extends to the company’s service contracts. Clients can choose from a package which best suits their own needs and budget. “It’s not only the equipment, it’s the contract itself,” Tony explains. “We can offer anybody whatever they like, whether they want equipment fully maintained, self maintained, self insured – we’re not regimented and it’s not black and white.” Tony recognises that clients may have resources that allow them to service their own equipment and may not need Truckworld to do it for them, though the company does offer a full service solution for clients who desire it.

Part of the full service solution the company offers is by way of its conveniently located Maddington workshop, boasting 1400 square metres including a purpose built wash bay with a water recycling and treatment plant that operates under strict environmentally sustainable guidelines. All of the equipment the company offers is serviced, maintained and repaired in-house, including detailing, a service which all equipment undergoes prior to collection.

Depending on who you speak to, the road transport industry is in a major growth cycle, providing some strong opportunities for growth to Truckworld Rental. Mining and infrastructure has proven to be a major source of growth for the company in recent years, and this area is not expected to slow down any time soon. Truckworld Rental is in turn engendering growth in the general road transport sector as it services the Mining Industry. Truckworld Rental is keen to continue that strong relationship with the road transport industry and not be seen as a defector to the mining giants and forget, Tony says, “who made us who we are today.”

Though market and economic forces do dictate the company’s direction and ability to grow, Tony identifies customer support and solid relationships between provider and client as a major indicator of his company’s continued success. “I think it [our continued growth] goes back to 2009 with the GFC, and it’s about how you support your customers when times are bad. Tony believes that two opportunities to build relationships exist in the industry – creating loyalty when businesses are suffering, and by rewarding that loyalty in times of growth.

Though there is a very real shortage of trailing equipment in the marketplace, Truckworld Rental has not, and will not in the near future, consider a price increase though demand suggests that they could. Tony sees that sort of business model as exploitative and destructive. “We plan to be here for the long term. We don’t want to exploit an opportunity today and then disappear. We want to build a business and without customers we haven’t got anything. Customers are our biggest asset.”

As for the future, Tony anticipates continued measured growth over the next several months, leaving room to allow the market to dictate which direction the growth will take. “It’s hard to predict the future because the world has the ability to change so quickly and so dramatically. You’ve got to give your customers what they want today.” Today, what customers seem to want most is an ever expanding fleet of equipment for hire, and Truckworld Rental is taking the necessary steps to provide it. The company continues to expand its offerings in Western Australia and until that particular market is saturated, has no immediate plans of expanding nationally. The business’ ever evolving regional model continues to be successful, and national growth is something for the long term, with some additional infrastructure needed to support it.

Tony identifies some opportunities for growth in North West, though that sort of growth would require satellite capabilities and new regional agency centres to be built. “That growth is not in our immediate future,” he says, as the company continues to focus on market saturation in Perth and Western Australia generally.

And, as Truckworld Rental continues to grow to offer the service and equipment clients demand, Tony identifies the flexibility of the company, its ability to work with people, as the greatest asset it has to offer clients. “We’ve got 53 product types, over 500 in total, but it’s about the relationship. Talk to us, tell us what you need, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution for you. It doesn’t take long to make a decision… We will continue to put out more equipment and we will continue to provide what our customers need.”

Tony’s excitement at working with such a dynamic group is apparent as he discusses the opportunities for growth and change Truckworld Rental is able to offer. “It’s hard to put into words,” he says, “how exciting it is to work in an environment like this where you’re empowered so much, and have the ability to deliver on any promise you make.”

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