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It could be those loose tiles in the shower, that tap that won’t stop dripping, the window the kids broke playing cricket… everyone has a few odd jobs they have been meaning to get to but likely never will. With the frantic pace of everyday life, it’s easy to let the house go. Luckily, there is Hire A Hubby, which has been providing customers with a complete handyman service since 1996.

An Australian born success story, Hire A Hubby is growing rapidly, enjoying increasing demand for its extensive range of services. From unclogging gutters to building a cubby house, Hire A Hubby franchisees are handy with a variety of everyday tasks. “Essentially, we walk through from the front gate to the back fence and there’s nothing that our guys can’t assist a customer with,” says Hire A Hubby CEO Brendan Green.

Great Job

Who would imagine that such a successful company comes from such humble beginnings? Hire A Hubby was born from one man’s ambition, a chance comment and a little luck. The company founder was doing some handyman work in his lounge room one day. His wife was having coffee with one of her friends. “Geez, your husband’s handy,” the friend remarked, “Can I hire him one weekend?”

The man stuck an advertisement in the local trade services section of a Melbourne newspaper, christening the business with the headline-grabbing name. A journalist with the newspaper thought the man had an interesting idea and decided to run a story on it. “That was picked up by a scribe out of the Herald Sun, one of the primary newspapers in Melbourne; they ran a story and before he knew it he was sitting in front of the cameras with Kerri-Anne Kennerley in what was then the Midday Show.”

Hire A Hubby has a grassroots history, a busy present and an exciting future ahead. The Hire A Hubby team has a can do spirit and takes pride in their work, no matter if that is changing a light globe or upgrading a pergola. Hire A Hubby fills the gap between jobs the average Joe can do, like lawn mowing and painting, to those requiring more specialised services. Hire A Hubby does not pitch on price, but on the guarantee of its workmanship. Hubbies can do carpentry, fencing, painting, plastering, roofing and tiling, and can tackle just about anything else that needs looking after. “It might be just painting the kids’ bedrooms, it might be putting together some self-assemble furniture, it might be pulling down a swing set because the kids have outgrown it or putting one up because they’ve grown into it.” Hubbies do each job, no matter how big or small, to 100 per cent customer satisfaction. And services at Hire A Hubby are not just to limited homes and gardens; the team also wows clients in offices and factories.

Inviting someone into the family home to do a job can be daunting. Hire A Hubby customers can relax knowing that there is a solid organisation behind the individual. In fact, many franchisees establish such a high level of trust with customers that after just one visit they have been handed a set of house keys! Since many customers are repeat customers, a franchisee will hand over the ‘Fridge List.’ Customers simply jot down any jobs as they arise and call out their local franchisee when convenient. Hire A Hubby is committed to providing customers with reputable handymen that don’t cut corners. “If one of our guys turns up, he hands over a photo identification card, he’s got a police check, he’s got a workmanship guarantee and we as a franchise will stand behind that,” says Mr Green.

Hubbies Required

Hire A Hubby is doing swift business; the company is currently looking for more people to sign up and get started on building their own successful business. People used to think that running a handyman business as a franchisee meant doing little knick knack jobs here and there to earn enough money for a few beers. But that is definitely not the case anymore, with the top end turnover for Hire A Hubby franchisees exceeding an impressive $700,000 annually.

Hire A Hubby tracks the performance of its franchisees and groups offers into three bands – gold, silver and bronze – based on predictable earnings. “For example within a gold territory, with the marketing initiatives we use to launch a new franchise, we can guarantee a franchisee $2000 in gross profit per week from the activities undertaken in his territory,” explains Mr Green. “So over the course of the year, there’s the $100,000 income guarantee.”

Hubbies come from all backgrounds. “We’ve got guys who have worked in laboratories and been senior vice presidents of merchant banks through to guys that have been machine operators, accountants, teachers, police…” Having middle management experience is a good backbone to becoming a franchisee, because “being a Hubby is not just about getting out there, banging nails in, and putting paint on walls.” Most Hubbies soon arrive at the stage where they are starting to employ or sub contract people on a full time basis, so they handle finance and HR management issues and busy schedules. “There’s a degree of local area marketing that they’ll undertake, so having a background where they understand basic business on top of having handyman skills are the two key ingredients that we’re looking for.”

The selection process for Hubbies is largely a self screening process. “After we’ve gained their initial interest, a majority of our guys who actually invest in a franchise will come along to an information night. I’d say about 85 per cent of the guys will do that,” says Mr Green. “The information night gives a complete overview of the business, plus a question and answer session with a panel of existing franchisees. If the candidates are still interested they receive an application form which includes a skills assessment form broken down into simplistic, intermediate and advanced type skill sets.” After further discussion regarding proficiency with tools, candidates sit down for a one on one interview. Following that, they go through an induction and an accredited training process, and if successful receive a licence. Coming out of the Hire A Hubby selection process as a licensed handyman is a distinct competitive advantage.

Hire A Hubby offers franchisees a tremendous amount of support and benefits. Each franchisee is offered a micro site, similar to a mini website with before and after shots of project work they have completed. The company undertakes email campaigns once a month to Hubbies’ selected customer base, advising what their franchisee is currently offering. Franchisees benefit from a negotiated discount purchasing system, quarterly meetings, local peer to peer learning groups and plenty more to assist them on the road to success.

Genuine Business

“When the business started 15 odd years ago, it was probably, in the scheme of things, a glorified lawn mowing run because that was what home services were back in the early 90s,” recalls Mr Green. The handyman industry has since undergone a tremendous change in image. “Our guys rarely get lawns and gardens these days.” Mr Green believes that in the last five years, the biggest revolution has been that handyman work is no longer perceived as being a shifty “man in a van” type of business. Instead, “We have 300 franchisees here in Australia, and 100 in New Zealand already. At last count, we had up to 25 franchisees in the UK. Our trademark is registered all throughout North America and a key number of Asian ports and certain parts of Europe as well.” Each of the Hire a Hubby franchisees are typically employing a number of people. “So they’ve gone from being the guy who does it all to a guy who now oversees the business.”

The company makes it a point to give back to the broader community as well. Over the last couple of years, the Prostate Cancer Foundation has been the charity of choice for Hire A Hubby. Each year the company gets involved with one large scale promotion to raise awareness and funds. “We’ve literally just spoken with the Marketing Manager this afternoon,” Mr Green shares, “about what plans there are to tie in with Prostate Cancer Awareness month, which is fast approaching in September.” Many franchisees also choose to support their local aged care facilities, schools, sporting clubs and so forth.

Hire A Hubby makes getting the home, office or factory in order a breeze. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for doing not just good, but great work. Customers can trust Hire A Hubby to do the job properly the first time and clean up afterwards. There has never been a better time to join Hire A Hubby and experience all this dynamic organisation has to offer.

Making Sense of Management

Management is the art, or science, of getting things done through people. Sounds fairly straightforward – except for the fact that people are not robots waiting to do our bidding. People have their own minds, motivations, and goals. So how do managers keep operations – and the people behind them – running as planned?

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