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-By Robert Hoshowsky

Since it was established 30 years ago, Matilda Fuel Supplies has steadily grown to be one of Australia’s most recognised brands, with locations across Queensland and New South Wales. Today, Matilda Fuel Supplies not only offers its customers quality fuels, oils and lubricants to keep vehicles running smoothly, but a wide range of store products, services and other conveniences to make every driving experience more pleasurable.

The company’s name engenders a sense of nostalgia among many Australians, and was named after “Miss Matilda the Kangaroo,” the giant, 13-metre tall cartoon winking kangaroo mascot from the 1982 Commonwealth Games held in Brisbane. In late 2007, Matilda Fuel Supplies was acquired by Neumann Petroleum, the largest privately-owned independent fuel distribution company. In addition to being a major distributor of Shell lubricants and greases and other associated products from leading world manufacturers, Queensland’s Neumann Petroleum sources its petroleum products from both domestic and international refineries, and sells competitively priced fuels and lubricants to service stations, distributors, primary producers and commercial end users. The company maintains a robust agricultural and commercial fuel supply business.

With around 130 service stations from the Victoria border through to Gladstone, Matilda Fuel Supplies remains a branded network with a variety of diverse capabilities. To better serve all customers today and into the future, Neumann Petroleum owns and operates a customs bonded, bulk seaboard fuel terminal at Eagle Farm in Brisbane. This terminal adds an entirely new dimension to the company’s operations, as it enables importing by ship into the Brisbane River and a significant wholesale / commercial side to the business.

Using state of the art computer systems and technology, The Matilda Group is able to handle customer enquiries quickly and accurately. Professionally trained office staff attend to the needs of all customers and remain committed to learning new skills through ongoing staff training. Teams of road tanker drivers work ‘round the clock using modern equipment to transport bulk petroleum products to both retail networks and industrial consumers, while maintenance workers ensure operations run smoothly.

Prior to opening a new Matilda Fuel location or taking over an existing station, the company conducts extensive research, considering factors including traffic count, the nature of the prospective site (be it industrial or high-density retail commercial), and other factors.

“It’s a competitive business, and we’ve got to make sure we have locations in areas where there is high traffic flow and customers nearby we can service,” says Garth Anderson, Managing Director for Matilda Fuel Supplies. Just as important, says Mr Anderson, is consistency in the company’s range of product offerings. While individual stations have some discretion based on demographics and requests from local clientele, the head office works with an extensive range of preferred suppliers. “Some people have particular taste for a particular product, so we allow some latitude there to service the local people a bit better,” comments Mr Anderson.

At Matilda Fuel Supplies, customers can choose from an array of fuels, including regular unleaded, E10 unleaded (10 per cent ethanol blend), premium unleaded, E98 premium unleaded (10 per cent ethanol blend), LPG (auto gas), and diesel. Along with fuels, Matilda offers high quality lubricants and oils to help keep vehicles in peak performance, including compressor oils, diesel oils, super tractor oil, marine grade oil, semi synthetic, monograde, diesel power max, gear lube, multi-gear oil, industrial gear oil, truck and farm grease, bio-tech hydraulic oil, zinc-free hydraulic oil, four-stroke engine oil, brake fluid, transmission oils, and much more.

Along with providing quality fuels, oils and lubricants to the marketplace, Matilda Fuel locations boast a wide selection of retail products and services. Stations also offer a wide variety of confectionary products at their stores, ranging from chocolate bars to soft drinks, along with everyday essentials like bags of ice, a selection of groceries, and hot food like meat pies and other takeaway items perfect for a quick bite while on the road. For a longer rest stop, many Matilda Fuel locations feature restaurants, and the G’day G’Day Café is the perfect place to enjoy a high quality café experience whilst travelling. Customers can indulge in quality espresso coffees, gourmet meals, snacks, sandwiches and more in a comfortable lounge atmosphere.

Many Matilda locations also feature game rooms with video games to keep kids entertained, news agencies with the latest papers, magazines and stationary items, and golden casket gold lotto promotions. Information Kiosks help you get to your destination, and for those who want a longer break, some locations provide truck stop stations and motel services for overnight stays.

When it comes to services, Matilda Fuel is second to none. Along with offering trailer, ute, and car hire, many stations include workshops with trained mechanics who deliver professional, reliable and courteous customer service. Conveniences like dry cleaning are also available, along with gas for all your needs, including BBQ cylinders with the Kwik Gas Exchange system.

“We offer a very competitive value proposition. Our consumers tend to be value-conscious, so we offer a discount fuel program and we offer a very competitive store pricing program inside our stores,” says Mr Anderson. “This carries through with the whole value proposition that the company strives for. We try to take the edge where possible on the major oil companies for delivering more value to our consumer market.”

To make payment simpler and more convenient, Matilda Fuel Supplies also provides ATMs that accept a wide range of cards, and offers the Matilda Motorcharge Card for the utmost in convenience. Accepted at all Matilda Fuel outlets and over 15,000 service stations and automotive specialists throughout Australia, the Matilda Motorcharge Card is a fast and easy way to keep track of auto expenses along with GST compliant invoices, and to make accounting much simpler. Additionally, all purchases are itemised and listed in one clear invoice, and statistics such as odometer readings, litres purchased, and fuel consumption can even be displayed. And when tax time comes, the Matilda Card statement is the only substantiation customers need for their business vehicle expenditure, according to the Commissioner of Taxation, and an Annual Tax Summary lists vehicle expenses on just one report, saving hours at tax time.

At Matilda, customers can also take advantage of regular “Shop and Go” specials, and stock up on their favourite foods, including chips, pop, nachos, candy, chocolates, bottled water, and many other items at terrific prices. In addition to saving money by buying these special items, clients save four per cent on their fuel purchases. It is just another way Matilda Fuel Supplies makes like easier for its many customers, on and off the road.

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