Labelling the World

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-By Claire Suttles

From juice bottles to pharmaceutical packaging and computer keyboards, labels are on nearly every item with which consumers come in contact. And, wherever and whatever the label, chances are that Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials produced it. Avery Dennison is the worldwide leader in pressure-sensitive technology and self-adhesive base materials for retail, industry, and office. As the company website explains, “Every day, in thousands of places and in millions of moments, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials makes products more engaging, brands more compelling, inventories more productive, information more valuable and our surroundings more understandable.” The fortune 500 company has been leading the market for 75 years and boasts over $6.5 billion in sales annually.

The company is headquartered in Pasadena, California, but has employees, offices, and ISO certified manufacturing plants spread across 60 countries to ensure localized products and services. Label and Packaging Materials Australia & New Zealand, a division of Avery Dennison, operates out of Oakleigh, South Victoria, manufacturing and marketing products under the popular brand name Fasson. The Australian and New Zealand team also manage a wide network of distribution and sales offices throughout the region to ensure cost savings and a fast turnaround.

The Fasson brand includes pressure-sensitive and non-adhesive coated papers, foils and films for use in barcode labelling systems, product identification, and brand identification for a variety of markets. Fasson products cover the full range of labelling needs, and are designed to keep clients ahead in a host of competitive markets. “Innovation is a keyword in our product line up,” the company website reports, and a team of specialised engineers are constantly creating new, cutting-edge labelling solutions to maintain leadership of the industry. Carefully designed extras and add-ons, such as RFID technology and security enhancements, are also available. Fasson labels may utilise traditional printing processes or the latest digital equipment, and feature ground breaking adhesive technologies, or in some cases, no adhesive at all. Whatever the need, Avery Denison has the answer. “We are dedicated to finding solutions to ensure your business success,” the company website reports. “Our relentless pursuit in developing innovative products means that you can count on us to get you the best results.”

Retail stores are clogged with countless home and personal care items, so catching a customer’s eye with an enticing label can make or break a product. This is particularly the case with cosmetics and oral care products, which often attract consumers through a carefully branded, upmarket look. Furthermore, the team believes that shelf impact is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve as more and more products share similar label designs and technologies. Avery Dennison strives to create labels captivate the most jaded consumer, creating true product differentiation. The company also offers important features such as anti-counterfeiting measures, sustainable facestocks and liners. Avery Dennison home and personal care labels are a familiar sight in virtually every retail centre, and can be used on everything from squeezable tubes to bottles, aerosols, and cartons. Chances are, Avery Dennison designed and manufactured the label on the toothpaste you used this morning, on the shampoo you will use tonight, and on almost every other personal care product you will touch throughout the day.

Global MDO, one of Avery Dennison’s newest home and personal care labelling systems, is an industry breakthrough. Leading edge technology gives conformable labelling the ease of conversion that, up until now, was only available in non-conformable films. The new material allows semi-squeezable labels to be printed with greater clarity or opacity, and at higher speeds. A recyclable PET liner eradicates dust contamination and web breaks. In addition, the adhesive is water-resistant, has half the ooze, and enjoys best-in-class wet-out. Perhaps most importantly, the overall number of roll changes and the amount of raw materials needed are reduced. In fact, Fasson Global MDO almost doubles the number of labels produced per roll, creating cost savings and increased productivity for clients.

Pharmaceuticals are another industry with demanding labelling needs. One of Avery Dennison’s greatest concerns in this area is counterfeiting, which has become a serious threat to drug companies and consumers around the world. Oftentimes, a counterfeit-proof label is the only thing standing between a patient’s safety and a black market knock-off made to look like a legitimate drug. Pharmaceutical companies also need labels that stand out to consumers in order to stay on top of a competitive global market. And, these needs must be met at an increasingly lower cost, as generic drugs create greater competition and a need for reduced production costs. Avery Dennison strives to meet all these demands through specially designed labels with multiple options including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), tamper evident containers, hanging labels, and luminescent images.

Avery Dennison reports that the average consumer spends only 2.6 seconds glancing at a product before moving on to the next one. Not surprisingly, the company works hard to provide unique, eye-catching labels to the food and beverage industry so that clients’ products stand out from the crowd. As always, the team balances engineering requirements with cost savings, so that clients benefit from the best possible design at the lowest possible price. Durable goods such as electronics, appliances, and automotive parts have their own special labelling needs as well. In this industry, labels are essential in communicating important warnings and product information, and they must be engineered to stand up to a variety of hostile environments. Decorative, easy to peel labels are also needed to catch the consumer’s attention and boost sales.

Labels used for shipping and tracking take quite a beating. Clients depend on a high quality product that stands up to smudging, scratching and staining to ensure that every package makes it from here to there. Avery Dennison supplies damage-resistant international transit labels, as well as simple postal labels, eco-friendly labels, high quality image labels, and luggage tags. Thermo-sensitive products and laser/inject products give the quality image desired. Advanced options are also available, such as multi-layer and opaque labels for marking over a previous, or incorrect, address.

Avery Dennison also covers industrial labelling needs. The company uses its engineering and technical expertise to keep people safe by marking hazardous materials with reliable labels. Labels for chemical drums, for example, are rigorously tested, and their legibility and adhesion is guaranteed, even after three months of immersion in sea water. In another industrial application, the team utilizes high quality, consumer-facing goods labels to ensure that manufactured items will reach the retail destination in prime condition and with the proper branding.

Avery Dennison’s Australian-made Fasson labels meet virtually every client demand, from captivating fickle consumers to ensuring safety on the factory floor. And, if the company’s standard offerings don’t meet a specific need, the team will specially engineer a product that does. With over seven decades of service, and a presence on the most well-known products and brands world-wide, Avery Dennison is the first name in labelling solutions around the globe.

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