A Rip-Roaring Success

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-By Kristy Attard

“Success to us is domination. We want to dominate every market that we launch in. We are the second largest energy drink company in the world. We’re number 1 in the United States, number 2 in the world,” says Adrian Hunter, the Australasian Manager of Monster Energy. “We’re not settling for second or third, we want to dominate!” Monster Energy has been a rip roaring success since its launch in 2002 by Hansen Natural in Corona, California. Its powerful slogan ‘Unleash the Beast!’ perfectly describes the impact the company has had on the world. With over 12 million Facebook fans and a rapidly growing product range, Monster Energy is a fierce competitor in the global market. “We’re here to stay. Our brand is based on vision.”

Monster Energy embraces extreme action sports, alternative music and having fun to promote its products. “It is a lifestyle in a can. We are not a corporate company. Everything that we’re involved in is very lifestyle oriented; we are obviously a very active company. Everything that we do and the way our presence is felt is lifestyle orientated,” Mr Hunter says.

Making Its Mark

The Monster Energy logo is distinctive; a neon green claw swipe that forms an M. It’s edgy and bold just like the brand and is one of the most recognised symbols in the world. The Monster icon is famous in the extreme sports scene, being emblazoned on everything from snowboards to motorbikes to skateboarding legend Rob Dyrdek’s back! Monster Energy has been a longtime supporter of Dyrdek, funding his projects so that he can make his dreams a reality. He now has a full back tattoo of the Monster logo as a sign of permanent brand dedication. The Rob Dydrek video was one of many of videos created by Monster Energy that went viral, clocking up over half a million views within days. “We have our trophy children that we circle ourselves with,” Mr Hunter says, though he adds, “You don’t have to be a core skater to drink our drink. We’re not exclusive, we’re inclusive and we are for everybody.”

Monster Energy is a proud supporter of the extreme sports scene, funding events and providing sponsorship for upcoming talent and industry superstars. The company is actively involved with its freestyle motocross team, performing on average 200 times a year, thrilling audiences everywhere. It’s a marketing strategy that has worked extremely well, connecting the brand with consumers on a whole new level. “It’s a very grassroots company; right from the beginning with our company we set out not to do any above line media, everything was pretty much back to a grassroots perspective from sampling to sponsoring a lot of events, athletes and getting our message out that way,” Mr Hunter says.

Monster Energy is equally committed to the alternative music scene. “The biggest thing is we are happy to support upcoming bands that are alternatively a little bit different. We continually support and help out and I think people see it from a money perspective to get these bands on the road,” says Mr Hunter. As well as funding new talent, Monster supports successful bands like Amity Affliction, Bullet For My Valentine and Deez Nuts to name a few.

Monster Energy puts a strong focus on sponsoring music festivals and concerts like Soundwave and the River Sessions Festival, making these events a huge success. “We’ve picked up some big concerts; we picked up Soundwave this year and we want to continue our relationship next year.”

Monster Energy events are where the fans can experience the brand, and get up close and personal with sponsored athletes and the infamous Monster Girls. The past 2 years have seen Monster Energy activating its experiential/corporate hospitality Monster Truck at large events across Australia: The Melbourne F1 GP, Moto GP, Monster Energy SuperX, Billabong World Junior Surfing Championships, Billabong City Squared Skate event on Melbourne South Bank, V8 Supercars in Darwin and the upcoming Gymkhana World Tour event hosted by Ken Block at Calder Park in Victoria.

Ken Block is a name you’ve either never heard of, or have tattooed across your forehead. And Monster Energy will be bringing his world famous Gymkhana to Australia for the very 1st time in September 2011. You only have to Google ‘Ken Block Gymkhana’ to see his YouTube videos which have amassed over 100 million views. And that’s no exaggeration.

Taste for Success

Killer flavour is a key element in Monster Energy’s success. The taste of Monster Green, the firm’s original and flagship product, is out of this world. “It’s quite sweet,” says Mr Hunter, “I think it has a relatively unique taste of its own. I wouldn’t compare it to anything else out there really.”

Monster has a whole range of energy drinks to suit different consumers. “I think readers will agree that as far as innovation and the energy drink category we’re the most innovative and we’ll continue to be the most innovative in the country.” Monster Import has a particularly clever innovation consumer’s love; a resealable can. Monster Lo Carb is perfect for dieters counting calories; they can enjoy all the Monster flavour minus the carbohydrates. Coffee lovers can grab an X-presso Monster Hammer for a smooth, creamy buzz on the go.

Besides delivering an amazing flavour hit, Monster gives drinkers a mega shot of energy fast. Mr Hunter has this message from Monster Energy to fans, “We’re here, we’re here to stay and they’ll continually see bigger and better things from Monster Energy as the years go by. We appreciate their support; they keep the flag flying for us as a company. They’ll see good unique events and good sponsorships from us in years to come as we continue to grow.”

In addition to clever marketing and an innovative product range, a strong team is the foundation of any company. Mr Hunter describes the team behind Monster Energy as energetic and dedicated to the success of the brand. “They’re very gung ho. They’re very enthusiastic; they’re willing to go the extra mile all the time.” He adds, “They’re happy to fly the Monster banner at anytime, anyplace.” Mr Hunter is passionate about Monster Energy and believes it’s important that his team is actively involved in the brand. “I live and breathe the brand and I would say every single person that works for me either has an association with some part of what we do as a company or they’re actively involved in something we represent as a company so it’s very important to me that they’re enthusiastic about coming to work everyday.” The team at Monster Energy is always busy creating new promotions, finding new people and events to sponsor and expanding the product range. To maintain Monster Energy’s core fans, the team delivers a unique mix of marketing magic and constant product innovation. Its goal is simple: to make Monster Energy bigger and better than anything else out there – and it looks like it is succeeding.

Monster Energy is distributed under license by Schweppes in Australia. Australia is proving to be a challenging market for the energy drink giant with strong competition for market share. “I would say that Australia is the most competitive arena in the world because we have 3 large players that all hold an equal third out there,” says Mr Hunter, although he thrives on the competition for market share. “For me just to launch in Australasia and to have the continuous drive and struggle to gain market share is an achievement, I guess because if we can be successful in this arena than we can be successful in any country that we launch.”

Monster Energy is a phenomenal force that has launched careers of stardom and helped turn dreams into reality. When ordinary people crack open a can of Monster, they’re helping sports and music stars of today and tomorrow live the dream. In that moment they’re not just enjoying the flavour fusion and energy rush, they’re a part of something bigger… Monster truly is a lifestyle in a can, powering people to do the extraordinary.

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