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-By Aleisha Parr

The experience of purchasing a new home can be exhilarating. Unfortunately for many buyers, it can also be overwhelming and complicated. It requires not only an intense selection process of personal preferences including location, style and finishes, but also tedious applications, contracts and legal requirement processes. Frequently, more time is spent in the planning process than the actual building process itself, which can lead to headaches and heartaches for homebuyers.

Masterton Homes Pty Limited, NSW’s largest residential building company, offers a range of innovative solutions for its customers to help ease the tensions of purchasing and building a new home. Through its multiple display home villages and personal service programs, Masterton is able to help any customer to attain the home of their dreams without all of the stress.

As a family business in its third generation, Masterton Homes is proud of its rich history of innovation, safety and quality, nurtured from its inception in 1962 by Jim Masterton. Says David Masterton, current Managing Director and Jim’s son: “We have a very good name in the industry. We’re one of the few builders that uses our family name as the company name. We’ve been in business for nearly fifty years, so if anything does go wrong with your home you know we’re there.”

From the very start, Jim Masterton’s unique ability to revolutionise standard construction methods set Masterton Homes apart from the other property developers operating in NSW. In the early 1960s, Jim devised a new foundation method which cut down on costs, material waste and work time. Jim’s method, as opposed to the traditional brickwork and sand foundations then in use, simplified the process by using bent steel instead. This innovation fathered the foundation process now known as ‘raft slab formwork’, a popular method still in use today.

Jim’s early work focused on developing prefabricated building components such as frames and trusses, many of which he single-handedly assembled on his own front lawn.

Recalls David, “In 1972, Jim bought an orchard on Epsom Road in Chipping Norton, NSW. I remember him talking about it at the breakfast table, how much of a gamble it was and [how] he had to mortgage the house and everything he had to make that move, and he built . . . the first home that really kicked him off in the building business.”

Recognising the potential for building display homes on inexpensive industrial land, Jim completed construction of his Warwick Farm Display Village by 1983, covering almost seven acres of land. His actions were bold, requiring him to invest a massive amount of money that would need to be written off, but by this time, Jim was an expert at recognising opportunity and understanding exactly what his customers wanted most. Today, Masterton has a total of ten display centres in addition to the still operational Warwick Farm, where Jim can still be seen at work.

Jim’s dedication carries through to the entire Masterton family and staff, who tirelessly continue to enhance the Masterton reputation. Says David, “We’re fortunate to have a lot of dedicated people – some of them for over 30 years and at long hours. They treat the business as though it’s their own.”

The result of this is an exceptional customer service experience throughout every construction project. Masterton Homes recognises the importance of making that initial process simple, and so has created a variety of options for its customers to choose from, including multiple land and home package options. Additionally, Masterton offers a specialised service for First Time Buyers or Empty Nesters, which provides these clients with more time and access to resources which help to clarify the process, as well as a selection of homes which are more economical. Masterton’s experienced sales staff will guide each client through the entire process, helping to select the exact floorplan, finishes and features that will make the house a home.

Furthermore, Masterton now also offers a program they call Home Direct, whereby a sales representative will visit a customer in the comfort of their own home to assist them in navigating the purchase and design process. This program, using videos, promotional materials and material samples, helps to bring the Display Home to the customer, and is ideal for people with hectic schedules or mobility issues.

Masterton has most recently seen success in its development of a commercial and multi-unit developments arm, operating under the name Masterton Construction. Continuing with its tradition of excellence, Masterton has become a significant player in this arena, its recent $7.5 million Breakfast Point project and its $21 million Pacific Blue Resort project shining examples of the innovation and quality behind every Masterton endeavour. Of the many delightful touches brought into these projects, perhaps the most unique is the wrap-around pool surrounding the entire Pacific Blue Resort, offering guests a personal oasis in every suite.

Masterton offers a plethora of value added services to every design and build it completes, through its numerous innovations in cost-effective building processes, safety standard improvements, and energy efficiency achievements. Explains David, “Lost time turns into money, so if you can come up with more economical materials and then in turn reduce your process time and construction time you have four-fold win.” Safety standards and energy efficiency measures both play a part in the rising costs of home ownership, which is why Masterton strives to advance the state of each area of concern.

David explains the company’s interest in cutting costs: “It’s for our children to be able to afford a home. I think we’re breeding a society of renters – young people that will struggle to own their own home because of the costs these days. It’s not just the cost of materials, it’s the cost of time, the cost of requirements that you need to meet. It might not seem very much, each little part on its own, but if you put it all together it makes a big difference in dollars at the end of the day.” In the end, it all comes down to simply providing each client with the best possible place to call home – something that Masterton excels at.

Jim wouldn’t have it any other way.

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