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-By Robert Hoshowsky

When Equipment Placement was formed in June of 2002, it was created to provide quality parts and services to Australia’s growing mining and construction industries. Almost 10 years later, brothers Brian and John Bondi and their team continue to serve the nation, offering experience, service, and solutions from everything from filtration systems to dozers, trucks and excavators.

“We get a lot of repeat business,” says Brian Bondi, Company Director at Equipment Placement. “We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, and the quality of our product support. Our back-up and support is where we believe we get the majority of our business.”

Quality Equipment
At Equipment Placement, clients are offered a wide range of equipment to meet their mining and construction needs, including filtration and auto lubrication systems, air precleaners, service trucks, pressure-less fuel shutoff valves, wheel dozer conversions, Buffalo Concrete Mixers, and more. Along with quality rotational molded products and safety items, Equipment Placement also has an extensive number of high quality used equipment for hire and for sale – such as dozers, trucks, and excavators – and maintains a large selection of parts and components in stock for the equipment the company manufactures.

“There are very few customers who have bought one product from us, and never come back again, so we do sell a lot to some of the local contractors and local rental companies,” remarks Mr Bondi. “They buy from us to rent, and put them in their rental fleet.”

Long before Brian and John formed Equipment Placement, the brothers gained a formidable amount of hands-on experience working for other companies. Brian worked with a Perth-based Caterpillar dealership before moving on to the company’s engineering sector, which manufactured buckets, blades, and attachments for the dealership, and built an innovative hybrid machine for the mining industry. Later, he became Australasian Sales and Marketing Manager at Tiger Engineering Pty Ltd, then spent two years as Director of OEM Pty Ltd. His brother John’s experience is no less impressive, and includes a great deal of hands-on mechanical training. John’s many hats include working with large earthmoving equipment, as a mechanic and leading hand, as a workshop foreman responsible for setting up extensive facilities, implementing Environmental Policy and Site Quality Plan (Quality, Safety and Environmental Policies) at Thiess Contractors, and working as a sales representative of OEM Pty Ltd. Today, Brian and John – who is also a Company Director – use their experience in the business to serve the needs of their customers at Equipment Placement.

“My brother and I have been in the same industry now since the late Seventies, so we have a fairly wide network who we also consider friends in the business,” says Brian. “We rely a lot on our reputation, and we have contacts within the industry, and our network grows through word of mouth.”

Over the past year, the company’s sales and rental fleet has increased significantly. Though the firm has operations in Queensland, it was fortunately not affected by the recent flooding and cyclones that have ravaged the area. “Only one machine was briefly out of commission,” says Mr Bondi. “We were more fortunate than some.” Mindful of the plight of their fellow Australians, Mr Bondi says the team at Equipment Placement is donating a portion of the rent it receives from its Queensland machines back to the Premier’s relief fund.

From Ball Bearings to Trucks
Serving as a one-stop shop for the nation’s many mining and construction operations, Equipment Placement offers not only quality products and service, but the supply and hire of equipment. Many products are made by the company, or manufactured specifically for the firm by trusted local contractors. Service trucks’ steel fabrication is contracted to a local company, and when bracketing, pumps, motors and other systems are installed, the result is a high-quality finished product. “We basically manufacture the whole service module,” says Mr Bondi.

From the smallest ball bearing to large trucks, Equipment Placement offers a vast selection of replacement parts and components to its customers. The company designs and manufactures fuel and lube trucks to the highest standards, meeting all Australia-wide mine site regulations and requirements. It offers a range of service trucks, water trucks, and water truck modules for most highway truck cab chassis and articulated off-highway trucks.

Along with new machinery, Equipment Placement has a selection of quality used products like dozers, excavators, loaders, graders and scrapers from well-known manufacturers like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Terex, O&K, Liebherr, Bell, and Volvo. Many of its clients in mining and construction rent equipment and machinery from Equipment Placement, who offer top-notch quality and service across the country.

“We will rent anywhere in Australia,” says Mr Bondi of the company, which maintains equipment in the Pilbara, the Bauxite region down south, Mount Isa, and other areas. The company offers maintenance in both New South Wales and Queensland to ensure that all equipment is in proper working order.

A Range of Products
Along with providing top-quality parts and a number of rental and purchasing options, Equipment Placement is proud to represent products from a number of related companies, including Hydrau-Flo – a valve system that removes the risk of overfilling and spillage during fuel transfer – and Easilube, a made-in-Australia system designed specifically for auto lubrication in rugged conditions. Other fine products carried and installed by Equipment Placement include Turbo II pre-cleaners, durable molded products from FSP International which conform to the requirements Mine Regulation MDG15 (fire-resistant materials), and Hoist Rope Impact Damper (HIRB), which improves safety and productivity in any electric mining shovel by managing control host bounce.

“We support our products to no end,” says Mr Bondi, “and pride ourselves on standing behind them. Our key focus is always to make sure that the customer is the first person looked after in the line, and that if something is an issue, we deal with it then and there. We’re well-prepared to put someone on a plane and go and resolve an issue, if the case may be. Sometimes we do repairs and things like that off our own back, just to be sure the customer is happy. In a lot of cases, we just end up taking it on the chin, and that’s part of the reason I believe we get repeat sales.”

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