Dateline Lake Argyle

Spot of swimming? Bit of barbie? Brunch on the beach? Head for the oval to watch the cricket, armed with an Esky? Or, 50 years from now, will the traditions of an Australian summer have morphed into something altogether different?

When a landscape architecture company proposed last year that Lake Argyle, in Western Australia’s far northeast, might be the ideal spot to plant a new city, the idea came with some exciting and enticing imagery intended to whet the appetite for living in a place developed from the wilderness.

October 25, 2014, 12:34 PM EST

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Sustainable Heating Solutions »

“With the way that power and energy prices are continually climbing, energy efficiency – which 20 years ago was probably a minor issue in the purchase of equipment – is now the major decision factor in purchasing equipment. If you can have a piece of equipment that is 10 per cent more efficient than an alternative product, that means big, big savings. It is a very important decision.”


Sustainable Solutions, Competitively Priced »

Being Australian owned and operated is an important point of pride for the company that has experienced considerable ongoing growth over the years. For more than fifty years, Weathertex has provided employment for more than one hundred local residents of the community in which it produces its products, implementing values based upon the ideals of teamwork, engagement, caring, community and quality

APS Homes Pty Ltd

Building Clients for Life »

With a multistorey license and four separate divisions, the South Australian construction firm is able to take care of its customers through all of life’s major stages. From a young couple’s first home, to a mid-career fit-out for their office during middle age, to property investment advice in their golden years, APS can handle it all.

APS Homes Pty Ltd
North Coast Community Housing Company

Commitment, Respect, and Compassion »

NCCH, from its headquarters in Lismore and branch offices in South Tweed Heads and Grafton, manages over eight hundred properties across the far North Coast of NSW. It works in an alliance with other community organisations to address the issues in providing quality community housing and social outcomes for the less fortunate.

North Coast Community Housing Company
Lodge Construction and Building Pty Ltd

Decades of New Home Expertise »

Working on an average of 80 to 100 projects at any one time, the company prides itself on reassuring customers that they are much more than a number, and that they are treated with the individualised attention and respect that they deserve.

Lodge Construction

Three Generations of Quality Construction »

A privately owned construction company, Onesector is based on the foundations of three generations of construction and business experience and an unwavering commitment to quality workmanship.

J&CG Constructions

Family Business »

Jose and Christine Guerreiro started up J+CG in 1994 and now the company is run by their son Mark. Initially the business mainly carried out renovations but has since grown and can complete projects just about anywhere in Australia.

J+CG Constructions

Connecting Communities »

In 2009, OptiComm was selected by the National Broadband Network (NBN) to roll out the initial stages of the broadband network in Tasmania – and delivered under budget. Today, the company provides network access to over eighty estates across Australia and is contracted to service approximately 180,000 dwellings. This is a fast growing company and has gone from nothing, seven years ago, to an ann

PR Power

Powering the Processes of Industry »

The company provides access to premium, reliable and competitively priced mobile lighting towers, diesel generators, Siltbuster water solutions, and Mobile truck wheel wash and dust control equipment, supplying brands that are internationally recognised. PR Power's range of equipment has been extensively researched and tested to ensure quality, reliable products are available for use in a wide ra

PR Power
Global Pipe Australia

Piping Hot »

Global Pipe's title pretty much tells the whole story. From its base in Victoria this company can supply a pipeline for just about any application you are ever likely to need. Global is essentially a sales and service organisation rather than a manufacturer, offering the ranges of two of the world's top pipe makers in fibre reinforced plastic and another range of HDPE pipe.

Global Pipe
National Polystyrene Systems - Qld

Products of the Imagination »

National Polystyrene Systems makes things out of expanded polystyrene. What it makes is up to you, because the only limits are on the individual customer's imagination than on what the company can manufacture or mould.

National Polystyrene Systems
Motive Traction

Family Fortunes »

The secret of this company is its size – although The Motive Group sounds like a major corporation, it is a family-run business with all the relatives pitching in to provide products and services for the mining industry.

The Motive Group
Peter Cochrane Transport

Delivering On Time »

Peter Cochrane Transport, a proudly South Australian owned and operated company, has provided customers with unmatched, world class distribution and related services since 1974.

Peter Cochrane Transport
Solo Resource Recovery

Smart Waste Solutions »

As Scott Geer, Contracts and Communications Manager at New South Wales based Solo Resource Recovery explains, today waste management is a recognised and respectable science and a management discipline attracting many highly qualified and capable people. However, it does have something of an image problem. “It's not the job for everyone and it's one of the things we like to quiz people about when

Solo Resource Recovery
Worth recycling

The Recyclist »

Worth Recycling's Manager, George Cooper, says the company is also adept at dealing with solid wastes, collecting, recycling and re-using according to the materials involved.

Worth Recycling