Heart Of Australia

Uluru, in the Northern Territory, is one of Australia’s most iconic and magnificent natural wonders. From dawn to dusk, the famous monolith appears to change colour from glowing shades of pink to red, deep purple and blue.

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In Focus

Ballarat Health Services

Pursuit of Excellence »

The stated aim of the Ballarat Health Services organisation (BHS) is: “To deliver accessible, integrated and positive health experiences for our people, community and region.” Staff are encouraged to be “fair and caring to all those we come into contact with, even during difficult times. We treat others as we would expect to be treated.”

Ballarat Health Services

End of the Desktop? »

The leading edge of technology is decorated with all manner of weird, wonderful and possibly useful ideas. We have computer watches, intelligent underpants and smart fridges. Now we even have the computer you wear like a pair of glasses (why it's not called 'Goggle' instead of 'Google Glass' is a mystery)…

The PC Plods Toward its Demise
Varley Group

Turnkey Solutions »

Over the course of more than fifty years, Varley Specialised Vehicles has built a name for itself as Australia’s premier provider of specialised vehicles for clients in a number of industries and sectors, including defence, fire rescue, and health services.

Varley Specialised Vehicles
Mission Australia

Support and Services with Dignity »

Mission Australia’s Aged Care Division is a specialised service provider for the aged who are homeless or have financial difficulties. Mission Australia operates nearly four hundred services across Australia that cover people from the cradle to the grave. In essence it looks after every aspect of people who are disadvantaged. We spoke with Jill Bicknell, its Leader Aged Care, to learn more about

Mission Australia
L.Arthur Transport

Comprehensive Logistics Services »

1898 was quite a historic year the world over. New York City established its five boroughs, the Spanish American Civil War began, and the draft of the constitution of Australia was approved. It was also the year that L Arthur Transport Services Pty Ltd was established.

L Arthur Transport Services
Kinder Caring

A Compassionate Approach »

“We do anything and everything to keep someone in their own home,” says the founder and Managing Director of Kinder Caring, Pam Blake. “I’ve even renovated someone’s house once to make it possible to have a particular gentleman home for the rest of his life.”

Kinder Caring

View From the Top »

Two years ago, Business in Focus spoke to Simon Yudelevich about Guala Closures, the world’s leading manufacturer of screw caps for wine, spirits, soft drinks, olive oils and pharmaceuticals. At the time, the company was launching Viiva: a new bottle closure for full pressure sparkling wines. Since then, the awards have been pouring in and new innovations have been released.

Guala Closures

Welcome Home »

Goondee Aged Care is more than an aged care facility; it’s a home. “We deal with very high care people; they aren’t well, they have health issues – but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel homely,” says Managing Director, Michael Doropoulos.

Goondee Aged Care
ForPark Australia

Fit For Life »

Is Australia suffering from digital overload? It is not a good sign, after all, when schoolchildren are more likely to get texting thumbs than scraped knees. To be sure, Australia has changed a lot since Forpark was founded in 1979, but the playground and outdoor fitness equipment manufacturer is still performing exceedingly well.

Forpark Australia
Colbrow Healthcare

A Family Tradition »

For over half a century, Colbrow Healthcare has taken great pride in providing superior quality nursing care and assistance to men, women, and children of all ages.

Colbrow Healthcare
Bee Dee Bags

Branding is in the Bag »

The name Bee Dee Bags is unlikely to ring a bell to even the most dedicated shopaholic. However, every Diva, Lorna Jane, Myer, Noni B and Rodney Clark customer in Australia has walked out of the store carrying one of the millions of bags supplied by this dynamic company. Not too shabby considering that the operation started out as a small family business in the bush.

Bee Dee Bags

Heart Of Australia »

Uluru, in the Northern Territory, is one of Australia’s most iconic and magnificent natural wonders. From dawn to dusk, the famous monolith appears to change colour from glowing shades of pink to red, deep purple and blue.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Free Trade and Globalisation »

Free trade agreements and globalisation mean that today’s business world is moving faster than ever...

Free Trade and Globalisation

The Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce »

When John S Larke landed on the shores of Australia in 1895, the land was still six years away from becoming a federation, when six independent British colonies would band together to become states of a new nation. Although the first fleet of settlers had arrived just over a century prior, in 1788, Australia soon became known for its natural beauty and many resources.

The Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce

Whites Group »

Product, People and Passion Whites GroupBy David Barratt View in E-MagazineView in Brochure For more than thirty-seven years, Whites Group has supplied the rural sector and beyond with innovative fencing products designed to offer better design, safer use and faster set-up. In doing so, the company has built a strong reputation for quality in products and service, and for its ongoing innovative de

Whites Group