SMEs and the Economy

At one time or another, just about every Australian dreams of giving the boss the boot and turning their great idea for a small business into a reality. Often launched by eager entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprises, known as SMEs, maintain a powerful presence in Australia’s business landscape and economy.

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In Focus

Save vs. Spend »

Debt, both public and private, can be used productively to build a credit reputation or can be used to bolster growth strategies. It can even become net productive by resulting in income or profit that can offset the cost of borrowing in the first place. For example, an investment in new equipment or new technology can increase commercial-industrial activity and bring with it return.

How Australians’ Budgets are Adding Up

Leading the Way in Fire Protection »

Spectrum Fire & Security specialises in designing and installing fire and security systems to protect people and property. The company also tests for compliance and provides service and maintenance for existing systems. From its headquarters in Auburn, New South Wales, the company develops cost-effective security solutions with a customer-focussed style.

Spectrum Fire & Security

Caring for Community Safety »

Clearly, those of us who live and work in the major metropolitan areas are less likely to suffer the awful consequences that can follow a bushfire. Even we, however, are by no means immune to their dangers...

Fire & Rescue NSW

After the Boom »

Here is a good example of a company with foresight, able to see the likely end of the boom in Australia's minerals and resources sector...


Innovative Engineering Solutions »

The Fraser Engineering Group is the largest manufacturer of custom-made fire and rescue vehicles in the Southern Hemisphere. When we spoke with General Manager Martin Simpson, he said that, although known for fire engines, this engineering and manufacturing company can, will and has produced anything asked of it. Innovation is its middle name.

Fraser Engineering

Experts in Large-Scale Projects »

In business for 25 years and with hundreds of years of combined experience among its staff, Glascott Landscape & Civil Pty Ltd has earned the respect of countless clients as it continues to deliver high-quality large-scale commercial, residential communities, infrastructure, parks and playgrounds, streetscapes and other projects.

Glascott Landscape & Civil

Asian Centurion »

A couple of years ago, the government in Canberra published a white paper entitled “Australia in the Asian Century” to gasps of astonishment from many in the country's business community, most of whom had not yet grasped the idea of embracing the continent to the north and its attendant advantages...

Greater Group

Local Expertise for its Local Community »

Few building companies have the capacity, skill and experience to take on projects of any size and, working from the ground up, see them through to completion. MPH Carpentry and Construction, a locally owned and operated construction company out of Australia’s Northern Territory, can do just that.

MPH Carpentry and Construction

Optimal Industrial Noise Control Solutions »

In a work environment, reducing noise levels is a priority to prevent distraction and increase safety. For the last decade Flexshield has provided quality noise control and soundproofing products and services as well as a comprehensive range of safety and operational solutions, and has become a market leader in its field.


Improving Collaboration on Construction Projects »

Not so long ago, the construction industry relied on paper documents to get the job done. With some projects requiring truckloads of documents (literally!), locating a single paper within this information overload was like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack – practically impossible.


Balancing Act »

Since 1988, Ramvek has been a leading retail shopfitting and hospitality fit-out company producing quality projects for commercial and retail clients. The company is capable of both high-end and complex work delivered from its five thousand square metre manufacturing facility.


A Fourth Generation Family Company »

In 1934, Herb and Doris Charlesworth opened a small nut and dried fruit stand at the Central Market in Adelaide. Eighty years later, Charlesworth Nuts has earned its place as an iconic South Australian business – and the Charlesworth family is still at the helm.

Charlesworth Nuts

Prime Cut »

For Australians, there is nothing as good as a plump, juicy lamb chop or leg steak to get your teeth into, especially if it has been grown locally. Apparently, the people of the Middle East feel no different.

Frew Group

Quality and Freshness for Three Generations »

Piñata Farms is one of Australia's leading growers of fresh tropical fruit. The company is the largest pineapple grower and ranks third in Australia for the volume of its strawberries and mangoes. Now third generation pineapple growers, the business was started by the father of current Managing Director Gavin Scurr. This industry is rife with challenges, but through extensive research and develop

Thoughts from the Shopfront »

Tú Projects is a true end-to-end shopfitting company – but that description hardly encompasses the thinking that has gone into the business of providing a shopfitting service. It's a whole lot more complex than just nailing things together in a mall...

Tú Projects